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Light Probe Proxy Volume: 5.4 Feature Showcase

Unity 5.4 has entered beta and a stand out feature is the Light Probe Proxy Volume (LPPV). I just wanted to share with you all what it is, t... Read more

February 3, 201620

Pollen VR: Developing high-end visuals with Unity 5

More stories from the adventures of an EMEA field engineer! Today, I wanted to share with you the development of Pollen VR. Mindfield Games ... Read more

February 16, 201510

Porting to Unity 5 – The Untold Rust Journey

Facepunch Studio's founder Garry Newman and his team have been porting Rust over to Unity 5. How did it go? This blog post tells the yet unt... Read more

November 19, 201423

Introducing the Inside Sales Team

At Unity we strive to provide the best Unity experience possible, there’s lot’s of avenues we pursue this in and one of them is through eval... Read more

June 5, 201311

Experimenting with TreePad in Unity

Today I have been having a lot of fun experimenting with the TreePad app for the iPad, with this app you can easily create an awesome lookin... Read more

April 27, 20116