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Starting the Ukrainian Unity User Group

On Saturday December 6, the first meetup of the Ukrainian Unity User Group took place in Kyiv with 50 attendees in a very cozy, homely atmos... Read more

January 9, 20155

Unit testing at the speed of light with Unity Test Tools

It’s time to tell a little bit more about NSubstitute library that ships with our Unity Test Tools and patterns of it’s effective usage. ... Read more

July 28, 201421

Dependency injection and abstractions

Testability is an important feature of any software product - game development is not an exception. To enable testability, all the component... Read more

May 7, 201429

Testing by gaming, ACCU and Ukraine

For several weeks I’ve been preparing a playtesting blank solution that contains integration tests based on Unity Test Tools and stubs for g... Read more

April 24, 20147