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Your Questions: Cloud Content Delivery and Addressables

January 5, 20211

The Addressable Asset System is a vital feature for many Unity users – particularly those with lots of content to manage. We’ve noticed some... Read more

Mobile Studios Go Agile with Cloud Content Delivery

December 4, 20206

Concrete Software and Nifty Games use CCD to deliver content efficiently with maximum impact With Cloud Content Delivery (CCD), we are ma... Read more

How to get the most out of GameTune

December 2, 2020

Maximize your machine learning results with these best practices GameTune optimizes your players’ gameplay experiences in real-time. Leve... Read more

Learn effective strategies for keeping your players engaged

November 23, 20203

Operating a live game is a delicate process, but data can guide you to the right messaging and mechanics to help your players get the most o... Read more

How A/B testing can help you optimize your mobile game

July 13, 20206

A/B testing takes away the guesswork from the process of improving games. In games, at any one time, countless variables have an impact o... Read more

A better way to track events in your game

July 3, 20208

Widespread best practices for analytics don’t necessarily apply to gaming. Set your live games up for success with effective event tracking.... Read more

Player-first engagement: Learnings from deltaDNA

May 15, 2020

To establish and maintain player engagement, you need to operate on both the macro and the micro levels: adhere to best practices game-wide ... Read more