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Boost your game’s ROI by avoiding hidden costs

February 11, 2021

This new, free e-book points to the hidden pitfalls of games’ development, launch, and operation – and shows you how to avoid them. Hidde... Read more

Dive into the fantastical world of Little Orpheus

December 3, 20202

The Chinese Room goes behind the scenes of their exceptional game and gives a hint of what the future may hold for Ivan Ivanovich.  In the ... Read more

Get a sneak peek at the new salvage class in Hardspace: Shipbreaker – revealed in our Creator Spotlight!

November 24, 20201

Blackbird Interactive follows up on their successful Steam Early Access release with a major content update and an upcoming all-new ship cla... Read more

Battletoads hits 1 million players – check out our all-new Creator Spotlight with the dev team

November 12, 2020

Hear the exclusive interview with Dlala, the developers of Battletoads, as they reach a major milestone. Hop into the action with Dlala Stu... Read more

Xbox Series X launch title The Falconeer lands today. Get all the details in our Creator Spotlight!

November 10, 20201

Hear the exclusive interview with solo developer Tomas Sala as he discusses the journey in bringing The Falconeer to Xbox Series X - launchi... Read more

Fruit Ninja 2 out today! Check out our exclusive interviews with the creators

November 6, 20201

Tune in as Halfbrick Studios talks about the making of Fruit Ninja 2 and discusses a decade of slice-and-dice success, including how they cu... Read more

The creators of Humankind announce pre-order details in an all-new trailer going live today!

October 21, 20205

Amplitude Studios breaks down how they managed 100,000 individual game assets while keeping build times down and frame rates high. Unity’... Read more

The makers of Skeleton Crew reveal details of upcoming beta in exclusive Creator Spotlight session

October 13, 2020

Watch the behind-the-scenes interview with Cinder Cone, creators of Skeleton Crew. Beta kicking off October 29 and we have keys for you!  T... Read more