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Windows 10 Universal apps in Unity 5.2

We are proud to announce support for Windows 10 Universal Apps in Unity 5.2. Now you can have a single Unity app running on Windows 10 phone... Read more

September 9, 201519

Unity 4.6.3: Metal rendering support and update of IL2CPP for iOS

Today we shipped the public release of Unity 4.6.3. You can get it on our download page. With this release, we’re bringing iOS Metal renderi... Read more

February 19, 201542

R&D Christmas update

The end of 2014 is coming, and so we thought that it would be good to let our users know about the progress we are making in adding iOS 64-b... Read more

December 23, 201441

Apple iOS 64-bit support in Unity

Technology and hardware moves fast these days! Many of you will have seen by now the announcement that Apple made to developers on October 2... Read more

November 20, 201450

The future of Web publishing in Unity – an update

Recently we’ve had a lot of inquiries from game developers who are concerned about the future of gaming on the Web in general and the Unity ... Read more

October 28, 201435

Unity 4 beta for Windows Phone 8.1 apps

Unity is proud to announce the Unity 4 beta program for Windows Phone 8.1 apps. We have been working on Windows Phone 8.1 support for Unity ... Read more

April 2, 201429

Unity 4.2 has arrived

After months of development and testing, Unity 4.2 is here and ready for you to use. As well as a host of new and exciting features, the ... Read more

July 22, 2013100

Unity 4 Beta program for Windows Phone 8 apps

Three weeks ago I had the opportunity to present to you our Unity 4 open beta program for Windows Store apps. At that time, many developers ... Read more

March 27, 201325

Unity 4 Early Access for Windows Store apps

It is an honor for me to announce the Windows Store apps early access program. Starting with Unity 4.2 you will be able to develop games for... Read more

March 7, 201333