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Pixel Perfect 2D

June 19, 201516

11/2018 Update: We now have a Pixel Perfect package that solves this issue! Learn more & get it here. How do I make a pixel art game th... Read more

WebGL: WebAssembly and Feature Roadmap

June 18, 201523

Yesterday, engineers from Google, Microsoft and Mozilla (makers of Chrome, Edge and Firefox) announced that they are working on a new cross-... Read more

Making of The Blacksmith: Scene setup, Shading, Lighting

June 17, 201525

In the previous blog posts in this series we have looked at the team that created The Blacksmith, and the art production process that establ... Read more

IL2CPP Internals: Generic sharing implementation

June 16, 201512

This is the fifth post in the IL2CPP Internals series. In the last post, we looked at how methods are called in the C++ code generated for t... Read more

Making of The Blacksmith: Concept and Art Production

June 15, 201511

For our second blog post in this series, the team reveals some sources of inspiration behind The Blacksmith, share key concept work, and off... Read more

The Blacksmith FAQ & Unity’s Demo Team

June 11, 201516

Since showing our short film The Blacksmith at GDC 2015 in March, we've received many questions from our community. Here we introduce the te... Read more

Unity 5.1 is here!

June 9, 201584

Drumroll please! Unity 5.1 is ready for you to download, thereby extending Unity 5’s power, efficiency and multiplatform support. At Unity,... Read more

Security Update Coming for Web Player

June 6, 201516

Following the discovery of a security issue in the Unity Web Player plugin that can allow an attacker to use a victim’s credentials to read ... Read more

IL2CPP Internals: Method calls

June 3, 201514

This is the fourth blog post in the IL2CPP Internals series. In this post, we will look at how il2cpp.exe generates C++ code for method call... Read more

How we do fast and efficient yaml merging

June 2, 201510

In Unity 5.0, we shipped the scene and prefab merge tool, and It's been positively received by the Unity Community. However, we’ve since rea... Read more

Web Publishing Following Chrome NPAPI Deprecation

May 28, 201542

With Google about to complete the deprecation of NPAPI support in their Chrome browser, we’ve been receiving some questions about what the b... Read more

Atmospheric Scattering in The Blacksmith

May 28, 201510

Early in the planning phase of The Blacksmith, we knew we wanted an atmospheric scattering solution that would give us a little bit more det... Read more

Wrinkle Maps in The Blacksmith

May 28, 20151

When planning The Blacksmith short film, we never really prioritized a custom skin shader high enough for it to have any realistic chance of... Read more