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Unique Character Shadows in The Blacksmith

May 28, 20153

It was bright and sunny morning. It must have been some time last fall, when we finally got the message we had all been waiting for: a Chall... Read more

Bringing DirectX 11 features to mobile in Unity 5.1

May 26, 201532

One of the new features in Unity 5.1 is a new unified OpenGL rendering backend. ... A unified what now? Until now, we had a separate rende... Read more

Agnostic Cloud Management

May 25, 20156

Hi I am Karsten, I have been working behind the scenes of Unity since 2011, as an IT Manager, to support our IT infrastructure. Backgroun... Read more

IL2CPP Internals – Debugging tips for generated code

May 20, 20157

This is the third blog post in the IL2CPP Internals series. In this post, we will explore some tips which make debugging C++ code generated ... Read more

IL2CPP Internals: A Tour of Generated Code

May 13, 201524

This is the second blog post in the IL2CPP Internals series. In this post, we will investigate the C++ code generated by il2cpp.exe. Along t... Read more

Case Study: Usability Testing the Audio Mixer

May 11, 2015

In a previous blog post, “Testing the Audio Mixer”, the Audio Mixer was discussed from a Software Test Engineering point of view. In this bl... Read more

Mike Capps Joins Unity as Internal Advisor

May 7, 201517

I’m very excited to announce that Dr. Mike Capps will be joining Unity Technologies as an advisor to me, our exec team and to our core R&... Read more

An introduction to IL2CPP internals

May 6, 201566

Almost a year ago now, we started to talk about the future of scripting in Unity. The new IL2CPP scripting backend promised to bring a highl... Read more

Announcing Support for Microsoft HoloLens

April 29, 201533

Holograms for all! We’ve expanded our strategic collaboration with Microsoft to include full support for Microsoft HoloLens holographic comp... Read more

Early access to new 2D tools

April 24, 2015105

Hello 2D developers! First of all, I want to thank you for continuing to support Unity, and especially our 2D features. The 2D Team love wo... Read more

iOS 64-bit and Metal update

April 17, 20154

Welcome to round two of our weekly blog update covering progress with stabilization and optimization of iOS 64-bit support in Unity 4.6 and ... Read more

The Republique Remastered in Unity 5 Learn Project is here!

April 17, 20157

Greeting Unity developers! A couple months ago we at Camouflaj published Remastering Republique: The Journey to Unity 5, a series of videos,... Read more

Unity Multiplayer in Super Dungeon Bros

April 14, 201514

The first phase of our plan to create a networking solution that allows Unity developers to build multiplayer games for any type of game wit... Read more