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In early April a discussion started about possibly getting some folks from the Unity community together during or just after WWDC. The thread started nicely but then sort of fell off the radar for a bit, but in early May it was given a new breath of life and we pulled it all together and had a great meetup last night (Monday, June 15th). The net result was that we had something like half a dozen people drop by our new San Francisco office around 4pm to hang out for a bit before heading to Mars Bar for an evening of food, drinks and socializing with fellow Unity users. I think that all told we had something close to 20 people stop by over the course of the evening and it seemed that the good times were flowing nicely. The conversations I heard around the table ran the gamut, of course there’s was a lot of game talk and demo giving (laptops and iPhones were out, naturally!), but there was plenty of other chatter as well. All in all I had a fantastic time and I want to thank Paris (that’s both his real name and his forum name) from Secret Lab for kick starting this whole thing back in April (funny that it took a guy from Tasmania to get a San Francisco meetup arranged). I of course want to thank everyone that showed up to make it a fun night, good times people! Let’s do that again.

And now how about some pictures? Real names first, forum handles in parenthesis/quotes, enjoy!

Disclaimer: the names were flying at me fast and furious yesterday and honestly, I just didn’t hold on to enough of them so my apologies for those not or mis-identified in the photos below. Let me know if any corrections are needed!

Amir (“aebrahimi”, Unity Demo Team) chats with two of the guys from Secret Lab

Andy (“Andy”), Daniel (“Daniel”), Aaron (“aaronparr”) and Jeff (“Jeff Aydelotte”, UT Demo Team)

A crowd of folks, Mary (far left facing away from camera), Aaron (“aaronparr”), Andy (“Andy”), crew of three from GeoSherpa in the foreground, Aaron (“amcclay”, in blue), two Secret Lab types in back…

The entire Secret Lab crew, with Paris (“Paris”) being the second from the right. Cool cats!

Thomas (“lion-gv”), Aaron (“amcclay”) and Amir (“aebrahimi”, Unity Demo Team) grab a bite to eat

img_2756It’s getting later but we’re all going strong…

img_2757Me (“HiggyB”, Product Evangelist) finally getting one photo with me included…

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The guy in the middle of picture 2 is Aaron “Aaronparr”, and it looks like the other person in the left side of picture 3 is half of Mary from Autodesk.

This was so much fun! It was great to match faces to forum avatars, and we all had a great chat about what we’re all doing with Unity. I can’t wait for the next meetup!

Thanks for getting this going! It was great to meet you, and everyone else. Some seriously smart people in this community! Thanks all!

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