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We here at Unity Tech draw inspiration from a variety of sources, some come from within, others from outside, this one definitely came from an external source. We’ve long wanted to offer some sort of venue for the student and/or indie developer that would allow noobies to the industry a chance to learn and develop their skills, to gain professional experience, and to do so in a way that benefits them while also offering something useful to the Unity Community at large. Our (not so original) solution? The Unity Summer of Code! From our main website:

Unity’s Summer of Code is a program through which we offer indie & student developers the chance to get paid for doing something cool in Unity. You will suggest a project to work on, and if the project is accepted you will be paired up with a core Unity developer who will guide you in the implementation.

The goal of USC is make sure we have some great assets for other people to learn from — we’ve seen the amazing talent in our user community, so we invite you to join us and help us push the limits of what can be done in Unity.

We encourage all up-and-coming Unity developers to give this program a look and if interested, to toss your hat in the ring for consideration.  Everyone that’s even mildly interested in this program should check out the Unity Summer of Code page on our site. From there you can feel free to post questions here as part of follow-up comments, or you can post them in the Unity Community Forums as we have an announcement thread with Q&A already underway. Either way, give it all a look and let us know if you’re up to the task!