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I’m happy to report that Unity 2.5.1 has finished baking in the oven and is now ready for download! As with all minor updates (anything 2.x) this is a free update for all existing Unity 2.x license holders, you just download the new build, install it and get back to work! From the news item on our website:

We’re very excited to share that Unity 2.5.1 has been completed and is now available for all Unity developers! 2.5.1 is all about stability of the Editor and Web Player, along with some other improvements that somehow snuck in. This hotfix release is recommended for all Unity developers. Due to one particular bug fix, we also recommend that all developers using the Web Player as a deployment target read through the Tech Note inside the 2.5.1 release notes.

And here are two relevant links:

Unity 2.5.1 Release Notes
Download Page

Existing license holders can simply download the new installer from the download page above (there is only one installer for Unity Indie, Pro, trial, etc.) and run it to update to the latest build. Have fun!

Note: this release does not contain updates to Unity iPhone, that update (Unity iPhone 1.1) is being handled separately and in parallel, more news on that will be shared later as appropriate.

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Hooray to SSL in WWW!

Guys, is the web player IE8 ready? There are few differences in javascript handling that recently we ran into with our other non-Unity related project, so I just wanted to give a heads-up. The IE8 user base is rapidly increasing, so it’s a increasing concern :)

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