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Submissions for the 2009 Unity Awards are now open! Our goal is to honor the very best content being made in Unity. If you’ve been working hard on a project, now is you chance to earn some recognition–and some prize money–for your efforts!

Check out the official contest information and rules page for all of the details you need to know. We look forward to your entries!

*update: We’re putting information about each of the entries that we receive in this forum post.

2 replies on “Unity Awards 2009 Now Accepting Submissions!”

Heh heh. The awards are always very fun. I really don’t have any catagorie for my games…
Maybe “Attempted Money-Bringers for Free?”

Super! And such heavy money prices this year. Wow, I’m really surprised. Will be great to see the range of games beeing submitted. Can’t wait to see/play them all and get to Unite hearing who has won. Great! :-)

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