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A while ago, I was talking to a customer who was trying to figure out how to best make a customizable character in their game. After explaining how I’d do it, I figured it would make good material for a more extensive demo project. Bas Smit (who wrote it) and myself just gave a presentation on the project during the Unite conference.

Let’s start with a demo: (click it to start)

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You’re looking at the DressingRoomExample from the project. It shows how to use the system to make an avatar creator, where you can choose different types of clothing, accessories, etc.

This demo project serves two purposes:

  • A drop in solution for people who want to add customizable characters to their games.
    It’s quite easy to just add your own characters, as long as you follow the naming conventions by the example characters included (feel free to use the included example characters as well!) 

    If you’d like to get started with this, download this screencast (Quicktime, avi) giving you a headstart on how to use the system.

  • A reference project that shows how to use AssetBundles. The project uses asset bundles extensively, and is a great example for people who are looking for a more real world AssetBundle project to look at for inspiration.

The project also contains a second example usage of the customizable character system. It’s an example of a solution to a problem virtual worlds often run into: A wizard with a magic red cape logs in, and runs towards you. But you don’t have the red cape downloaded yet.
The demo solves this problem by displaying a white particle cloud, indicating the presence of a character. When all the different assets that are required to properly display the character are downloaded, we spawn the character in the particle cloud, and make the particle cloud dissapear.

The customizable character system is written in C#, and can be used from JavaScript and C#.

Please feel free to use all assets and code in the demo for your own projects. We hope you like it.

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thank you lucas
i think i am the customer that you talked about. i asked you this but i don’t know if i was the first one or not.
i can not use it now because i use unity (free) but i am sue that i can learn good techniques now and i’ll buy unity pro soon.

thank you again. if you add a good backedn for unity 3 then all $500k MMO midlewares should make their products open source and free :D
none of them is not as fast and good as unity in game development.


Speaking for all users, we really apreciate the example projects. The more high-quality resources available for us to tear apart and learn from, the more valuable Unity is to us.

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