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Just had to share this: It’s a screenshot from our 3.0 launch demo, lovingly done by the super-talented chaps at Aquiris.

Unity 3.0 Launch Demo

(No image effects were applied here – just a Unity-lightmapped scene with crossfade to deferred rendering up close for max performance)

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[…] Legal ver uma empresa brasileira fazendo demonstração de uma nova tecnologia, principalmente quando a notícia é dada com tanto orgulho pelo pessoal da própria criadora da engine em seu blog oficial. […]

Is the new 2D sprite engine still on target to be released with Unity 3.0? Haven’t heard much mention of it lately. Thanks!

Just to be clear, my comment about ray tracing was meant to be a joke. (It was a spoof of a previous post that I disagreed with.) I realized too late that I’d forgotten to add a smiley. Later still I decided that maybe I shouldn’t have posted in the first place. :-)

The image looks great; thanks for whetting our appetites.

Unity3D have a high amount of nerd sex appeal.

I am this close to preferring it over sex. Maybe not yet, maybe 3.1 will do that.

The screenshot looks cool. Will Unity 3 have hardware instanced Geometry like the so called Static Meshs in Unreal Engine, what about level streaming and a visual shader editor?

Sweet!!! I stand in awe of you guys!
this is amazing,
whats the ip of one of your beta clients :P yeee, heh
Cant wait for the release :D

Mohammad ! said on June 4th, 2010 at 8:47 pm:
it’s not a high quality render !
UDK can create better from it , you now at a challenge .
plz make it better or share a high quality & high effect from unity ..

Matt Diamond said on June 4th, 2010 at 10:27 pm:
it’s not a high quality render ! ray tracer can make better from it, you now at challenge to make better!

Looks like we have a spammer troll on these blog comments…

Anyways, this is a fantastic example of what can be done with Unity 3! It’s generic sure, but that’s because it’s a demo to show off what the engine can do with high quality assets, not a new fancy game concept. I love it!

this should be a pro feature. there should be reasons to upgrade to pro and if you can make money out of your game, why should not you buy it. if more people buy the engine, more progress will be seen in future in engine itself.
there are 2 situations.
1 you make money out of your unity creations so you will buy it.
2 you don’t use it for any commercial project and don’t want to earn money from it, you have the money to buy or just use the free version. it still can explode your creativity. world of goo has no lightmap or even 3d graphics.
sorry UT guys if i answer others questions instead of you. i just want to help when i know the answer.

@baha: In Unity, Beast will be fully integrated and included in the Unity Pro price. In other engines you have to pay $90k to get access to it.

I’m very unhappy with you guys for two reasons
1.) You don’t blog enough and 2.) You continue to wet our appetites but you won’t give us a launch date! I guess you want to settle issues with the demon with the pitch fork at aqqle whose name begins and ends with an S!!

That notwithstanding, I am simply humbled by the power of our new Engine. Game Development does not get any better than this. If it does then you can be sure that unity has something to do with it. Good Work guys!!

@Mohammad: this is a high quality rendering (as i see it) and by the way UDK is not better because it uses the same lightmapper (Beast)
and you might want to argue the light-mapper not unity :) because unity is far flexible and usable than UDK and with much much better pricing, wait to see unity 3 and the progress they are doing and plus all that it is cross platform and support more platforms than UDK

most of us want to sell our games and mkaing living out of it. UDK license says that if the game makes more than $5000 you should pay them. the UDK’s documentation is a good one and has enough descriptions but the problem is that engine made for big teams in MInd and sometimes you have to type commands in consoles and write config files wich slow you down. UDK has great features like navmeshes and AI in itself with a great rendering engine but it’s not as iterative and usable as our lovely unity. i tested many engines (most of them other than cry engine) and unity is the best in overall.

The UDK is actually free to use, with royalties if you choose to sell your game.
I will, however, agree that the UDK is impossibly complex, and is practically undocumented. Essentially, if you don’t already know Unreal, you won’t be able to use UDK.

That looks great!! This is truely an amazing engine, speaking as some who has purchesed C4, Torque, the now defunct Blade3D, and others. I cannot wait for 3.0 to be released. On that note, 1 question, is 3 scheduled for release this year?

This looks fantastic.

Hey Mohammad, please compare prices on game engines? Unity $0 Unreal $200,000+

And regardless I think this looks every bit as good as any of the AAA games I’ve been playing lately.

@imaginaryHuman theres no “MakeMMO” button I’m afraid, you actually have to do the work yourself. This is not an artwork, its a tool. You get out, what you put in.
And then some.

Awesome stuff you guys

It’s just getting better and better. I share the feeling of anticipation to finally get to play with the new version of Unity. And the light mapping looks great !! :)

Ohooo my God.
You have got to be kidding me.
I cannot wait to put my Hand on Unity3
and to do some serious Damage.

Now is would be nice to have some date for
the release of Unity 3.

oh i just saw that Microsoft licensed unity. can you tell us why? for what projects.
can it lead us to MSN games site or can it help us for having a windows phone 7 unity? i mean, they might prove unity easier when they have it and take you the native sdk to port unity.

you are progressing great and your engine and staff are great but hey man why don’t you blog more.
hey unigine has a rendering quality greater than unigine using dx9/10/11 and openGL2,3,4 but hey it’s not all the story. the best engine is the engine that boost up your creativity and productivity. try to make a game in UDK and then in unity. compare the time ellapsed during the project.

[…] Mohammad ! said on June 4th, 2010 at 8:47 pm […]

Is raytracing involved in the lightmapping, or is it pseudo-raytracing? Regardless, it looks pretty incredible.

So will the project files be released as well? Or will it be like Avert Fate, just a lovely tease, but fairly useless as a learning tool?

Holy s**t, that there is Crysis quality graphics, i can’t wait to get my grubby hands on that demo.

Tom will the demo be released before 3.0, s?

Will you be including lightmapping in the free version of Unity 3? It would be a nice feature since we can’t get dynamic shadows. Or I’d be happy with dynamic shadows as a sort of hand-me-down feature. :)

That is amazing, especially so when considering that the tool is intended mostly for independent developers. Good job guys & girls of both Unity and Aquiris.

@Tom: Yes, I know.. I was joking because we are really impatient to see it “in action”.. every day is getting better than ever! thank you guys for all your work! Unity rocks :)

@Paradoks: yes, that’s using the built-in lightmapping tools that will be present in Unity 3.0.

@Francesco: perhaps there’s confusion, you didn’t buy a “pre-paid beta”, you pre-purchased a Unity 3.0 license and you will be offered pre-release beta build access later on. That does not mean you will receive all internal builds or all builds that go to our closed beta program. So hang tight and we will share a pre-release beta build a bit later on in the cycle.

@Mohammad: Huh? You might want to argue/debate the quality of the render compared to UDK but regardless, it’s a huge step forward for Unity and we’re not done yet.

@Mauricio: you guys are rock stars in my book!

Thanks Nicholas! We all rocked during the production of this Demo, great work from Aquiris + Unity team. Congrats! The demo is very nice guys, I hope you all like it.

it’s not a high quality render !
UDK can create better from it , you now at a challenge .
plz make it better or share a high quality & high effect from unity ..
i like unity . :x

[…] faz algum tempo, a Aquiris Game Experience foi contatada pelo pessoal da Unity, para desenvolver em perceria, o novo Demo Técnico da Unity3D Engine versão 3.0. Hoje foi […]

Thx for sharing that screenshot, cant wait to see the demo, great work from Aquiris team too.

btw, is that the unity builtin lightmapper ? It looks awesome !


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