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Dear developers, customers, friends.

As you can see, we released Unity 3 to the world today. It’s a an incredibly awesome release: both in and by itself, but also in what it means in terms of our broad vision of bringing the best game technology to everyone. And you are part of that group… well, we all are!

There’s loads more to say, but today I’ll make it short: as the release came out of the blue this morning at 8.30am California time (GMT+8), we are extending the “pre order” rebate for 24 hours. So it’ll expire at 9am California time tomorrow.

So if you were planning to make use of the pre order rebate then hurry on over and order Unity 3 now:

Lots of love!

33 replies on “Unity 3 “pre order” rebate extended by 24 hours!”

@Manon: Libraries and executables that are needed to build for console platforms are under NDA. Thus can not be distributed in a public build. If you want to use Unity for consoles, you usually contact We verify that you are authorized developer for that console platform. Then we give you an evaluation license to the console versions of Unity.

@Manon: We do this on all platforms where we are legally allowed to do it. For console platforms we can not distribute the files with a publicly available build of unity.

the comments that you see are not from regular commenters of the blog. most of them are nubies that they don’t know unity. the RC 1 had bugs and surely the final version have too but totally it’s awesome.
can you find any software without bugs. unity changed many of the product parts (mono, physx and …) and use many new add ons so integration might have problems but at the worst case 3.0.1 will solve most produced bug in first 2 months.
remember 2.6.1

I am reading this post, I nearly all them is full of Complains,
mean and unhelpfull comments.
I do not believe this.
These guys make the dream of everyone newbies and expert come true by offering the best ever created Engine at a very affordable price including free for Commercial usage!!! and all they have is Unhappy forks.
I am amazed and I am not easily amazed.

Long life to Unity3 and all his Crew.


Only $1499?
Well then I just wait a bit till the Dollar rate falls again. ;-)
This is enough time to get used to Unity 3.

I wonder what Unity Pro license costs normally because I just don’t remember. But anyway, *if* I’m really willing to upgrading in any time future, the discounted price will be not available anymore so I have to wait for preorder discounts when Unity 4 gets released. ;-)

So U3 is out but the whining hasn’t stopped! Strange.

Well I think the one feature that is desperately needed in Unity is a Time Machine that all whiners can use. Here is the code…a friend of mine showed this to me today :)

//Time machine
void open_wormhole_to_tomorrow(struct timeval *date )
sleep( 86400 ); // 60 * 60 * 24

It’s just great! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. I want to thank the guys for their work. You’re the best! Thank you!

Finally, my persistence paid off. I managed to get the trial to activate. I’ll just replace it with the free license later! I’m so excited!

Big release,
Next thing to add to Unity, a powerfull and official pathfindinggg! ^^
And a visual state machine editor too. :P
Keep the nice work, and dont drink too much tonight! :D


Android is currently in pre-release. When we will release the final version, we will introduce the basic license just like we do for Unity iPhone.

Well done UT, well done…

It is all satisfying, but we’ll be expecting more and more from you guys, so, don’t let us down ;)

Thank you ALL

I do not believe this,
I have been waiting for this my entire life!
Finally…I am going to give it a go right now!

There were some initial scalability issues with our license servers dying under the load. This has been fixed now.

If the automatic internet activation fails for anyone you can also use the manual activation page to activate your copy:

When you select Enter Serial number, pick Manual Activation. Then Save the ILR file and upload it to the page. When you entered everything it will automatically download an ILF file which you can then load in the activation page.

In some browsers the downloaded ILF file gets an xml extension. Please remove the xml extension in order to load it into Unity.

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