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The London Unity Usergroup had its fifth and sixth events within the last 6 weeks (due to the former being delayed after the london riots), and I was there as always to capture the talks and show you what goes on at the meetups.

At MeetUp 5, Russ Morris and his colleague George showed off their fantastic game Super Springbreak Speedboat Hero SD. The game, designed in a retro 3D style is a passion project for the duo, who along with one other member go by pseudonym PLA. Piloting a speedboat around a custom course you design, avoiding sharks and dinosaurs, you can pit your time for the course against others online by sending a link that the game generates. Your opponent then races against a ghost of your run.

PLA – Making Super Springbreak Speedboat Hero SD

Update: In LUUG 9, Russ talked about how this game was ported to iOS, watch the talk here.

The second talk at Meetup 5 was by Beatnik studios – apologies to both them and you but the audio for this talk was lost due to a technical problem I won’t bore you with!

At Meetup 6, Mike Bithell gave a talk about how he is learning Unity to better realise his game Thomas Was Alone. This was a great talk as it highlights how quickly someone new to Unity can take the tool and start making very slick looking games – plus the concept is awesome! See the talk below.

Mike Bithell – Making Thomas Was Alone

Meetup 6 also featured an open mic talk by Benedetta Frida Baldi, a neuroscience PhD student who is making a game in Unity to teach how parts of the brain work, I’ll let the video speak for itself. A quick aside to ignore Russ’s comment that this was the first ever open mic we’d had – the first was actually Tom Jackson, discussing his game AWOL at LUUG 4! Hope to see more Open Mic projects shown at LUUG 7!

Open Mic – Benedetta Frida Baldi – Virtual biology

As usual, keep an eye on the meetup group for the scheduling of the next meetup, look forward to seeing you there! –

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Great videos… although the video player seems to have some issues. When the video is playing, the pause button is not available to me. Does anyone else see this? (I’m on Google Chrome, Windows 7).

Love the Thomas Was Alone demo level / presentation.

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