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Helloes! We are in the finishing stages of Unity 4.0 release.

So here’s the third beta build:

A change from previous beta builds: now you can test the free version of 4.0. If you haven’t preordered Unity 4 yet, or are using the free version of Unity 3 now — go ahead, give Unity 4 free a spin from the link above. I guess that makes it the first public beta build.

Enjoy the new features: Mecanim, Flash, Linux, DirectX 11, shadows on mobile, sweet editor improvements, new Image Effects and a metric ton of other improvements. We are pretty proud of how this release is shaping up!

We want some good testing of this build, so please test your project folders and your existing web player games with Unity 4 plugin installed. File bug reports (Help -> Report a problem menu) for anything that is a ship-stopper issue; otherwise we’ll only do some finishing touches and Unity 4.0 will be out for real. We aren’t calling this build a “release candidate 3” for nothing.

Here are the release notes for Unity 4, including changes from the previous beta builds: (that page doesn’t have full notes right now; we’re fixing it…)


Stop whatever you are doing and get the Unity 4 public beta now!

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  1. I installed unity 3.5.6 pro and try to install unity 4.
    But license error window shows.
    Can’t I use unity 4 free version?

  2. > Quick question: is the new UI system already integrated in the beta?

    The new UI system is not part of Unity 4.0. It will be part of the 4.x release cycle.

  3. My unity editor titlebar said “DX11 on DX10 GPU” :-o
    I mean my GPU sux badly and it’s time to give my old nettop to my litlle sis.

  4. Any plans for retina support in editor?

  5. Sweet guys :) Can’t wait for the full release!
    Quick question: is the new UI system already integrated in the beta?

  6. @Oliver I have the same dilemmas as you. I am working on the project that has to be Windows 8 (with new Windows 8 features) /Windows Phone 8 ready by new year. I would love to use Unity but if W8/WP8 support wont come by then I will have to (unfortunately) choose something other than Unity.

    What are the odds of Unity being ready by then?

  7. “How can I enable DirectX 11 mode ?”
    DX11 mode is enabled on a per project basis. It is set in the Player settings.

  8. Unity Preferences > General > … there’s no more “Graphics Device” parameter.

    How can I enable DirectX 11 mode ?

  9. @Aras Pranckevičius : are you planning to develop linux editor version?

  10. Aras Pranckevičius

    十一月 2, 2012 11:13 上午

    @Adnrey: there’s no Linux version of the editor, correct. Unity 4.0 has a preview version of ability to build standalone games for Linux. But not the editor on Linux.

    @Oliver: not in initial 4.0 release, but Win RT / WP8 support will come as soon as it’s ready. We’re hard at work on it. That said, of course you can create “desktop” games for Windows 8 just fine, just like for previous Windows versions.

  11. Thanks Great News. Now if we could finally get some basic information on Windows 8 support, that would Even better. Some Folks Need to plan and choose the Technology accordingly. :)

  12. been waiting for so long, DOWNLOADING !

  13. There is no linux version of Unity 4 Beta?

  14. It will be fine when Unity 4 installer would create shortcut “Unity 4”. Now it overwrites shortcuts to Unity 3 (which has the same name).

  15. I downloaded free beta and when I started the set up an error popped up:
    “Unity requires Windows XP or later” and the set up closed, even though I have Windows 7 64bit.
    However when I tried running it with Administrator privileges everything went smoothly.

  16. @Aras
    Thanks a lot for the clarification :)

  17. Aras Pranckevičius

    十一月 2, 2012 6:28 上午

    @Macedonian: you can use multiple Unity versions just fine (just like always). By default it will install in the same folder, but you can choose another one in the installer, or just rename your existing Unity installation folder.

  18. I am a Windows user here

    Do we have to uninstall existing Unity 3 Free installation to install Unity 4 or can both be installed side by side?

  19. Aras!
    Great stuff guys! Thanks for the hard work and great company that you are

  20. Gavalakis Vaggelis

    十一月 1, 2012 11:49 上午

    fianly? nice

  21. Ohhhh
    Good News :D