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In our tireless march towards world domination (okay, perhaps merely game industry domination), we’re proud to announce that we’ve just entered into a strategic partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment to bring out tools for development for every single of SCE’s PlayStation platforms! Of course, we already offer PS3 support and will continue to do so through Unity’s updates. But now we’ll be working with SCE to build out tools for PS4, PS Vita, PSM, and SCE’s upcoming cloud gaming service.

Work is still in early stages so it will be more than a couple of months before we have something for you all to play with, but we’re hitting the ground running in the efforts to give you all more options to publish your awesome games. We’re looking to begin rolling these tools out this fall, though it’s good to keep in mind that the different tools will have different schedules.

Sony Computer Entertainment is really committed to making their platforms approachable to all kinds of developers, so this partnership is going to make a lot of sense for both companies… and a lot of sense for the Unity community! They’re really focused on bringing the most creative studios, with an emphasis on independent developers, on board their platforms and we are leading the charge to make development awesome for studios of all sizes.

Game Developer’s Conference is starting Monday, and we’re all dug in planning our huge presence there, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. But expect more communications about this along the way (this, and all the other stuff we got in the works!)

Lots of love,

David Helgason

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  3. why waste time and resources on this? has there ever even been a unity ps3 game? if you had the talent/money/time to make a ps4 game wouldn’t you use something like unreal or cryengine?

  4. This is wonderful news, so that means my team can start working to a higher standard to aim for release on the ps4.

  5. Even if it seems awesome this kinds of feature is never released to the ordinary developer, those who already develop for sony will get another engine, and we, ordinary devs will be looking from far away.

    Anyway, congrats Unity Tech, you guys are awesome.

  6. This is awesome awesome news! not sure what this means for indie developers though :/ (I hope the plugin to port Unity games to Sony platforms would be affordable)

  7. Sounds great! Will the new cloud gaming service include a browser deployment option, so that it will be playable without being referred to a portal and without additional plugins (except Flash or Google Native Client)?

  8. New Sony research will take the PS4 to the next level. Congrats David!

  9. Woohoo!!! Been wishing for an announcement like this for a while now. Can’t wait to get my hands on ’em and start building!

  10. This is great, especially the PSVita needs great games to show how much potential it really has :D

  11. Thank you all, it’s such a proud moment to be able to announce this. As for how the licensing will work, what Sony’s approval process will be, and all that jazz, the only answer we can currently give is to contact Sony or to wait for them to announce. We intend to make these platforms as accessible as is possible, but in the end we are just the tools provider.

    @Marc Shaerer: while it’s a lot of work to support these platforms we also gain extra resources from doing so. You’ll see many interesting releases soon :)

    @Keavon: no, there’s no sensibly way for us to support PS1 and PS2 (or PSP 1 or the Amiga). We already support PS3 and with this partnership we are going to support all recent or upcoming platforms from Sony that have been announced.

  12. this is a good news

  13. This is pushing me to learn Unity right now. I’m putting together some resources on it right now. Let me know if there are links I should add to this. Thanks for your help.

  14. Awesome stuff, David, congratulations!!! So, while Unity seemingly doesn’t get that shiny new Make-MMO button for now – at least it has a couple of buttons for “make available for awesome platforms!”

    And the nice thing is: Once you’re going multiplatform for a few platforms, adding a few more really isn’t such a big deal :-)

  15. I can’t wait. This is sooo awesome!

  16. OMG!!!
    I did say that once…
    One day I will be able to say:
    I am using Unity3D for my game, same tool that have been used to create Block Buster on Playstation4.
    Seems like my dream will soon become a reality…
    Awesome Platform for an Awesome Crew.

  17. Good job :) keep up the good work :)

  18. Any word on how much Sony will charge for license/permission to develop on their platforms?

  19. any game engine already support PS4 upcoming cloud gameing service > Gaikai technology

    “There’s a very big difference between the way we’re doing it and the way OnLive is doing it,” Perry told GamesIndustry International in January. “They have to modify the game, they have to get the source code to the game. Gaikai doesn’t.
    Perry said. “Gaikai doesn’t require modification of the game.”

    just make any indie pc game and you already have a PS4 game for Sony’s upcoming cloud gaming service

  20. Yannick Van Broeck

    三月 22, 2013 6:51 上午

    This is great news!

    Gives me one more reason to start working with the Unity engine.

  21. Absolutely awesome!!! Thank you David, and everyone at Unity!

  22. Great! now all what I need is a pixel engine for the PS4 .. The Witch House was a fun experience

  23. Meltdown Interactive Media

    三月 22, 2013 3:07 上午

    Great news Dave, will the Sony platform publishing pricing be in line with the rest of the additional platforms such as iOS and Android, or will it be more expensive?

  24. I did some research just now online and found that for us millions of indie game developers porting to Sony console will not be affordable as licenses will be too expensive as usual :(

  25. Michael Thompson

    三月 22, 2013 1:31 上午

    Handheld console development?!?! (I don’t consider mobiles as handheld consoles)
    Please allow me to try to contain my excitement.
    Which won’t be easy.

  26. COST >> that is going to be the main issue in this >>

    What is the total COST including all fees to be able to publish a game to the Sony PlayStation then ??

  27. Very cool =)
    (second line in post made me laugh, too =D )
    I hope Sony is commited enough to invest the sum needed for having those license options be built into and part of the core Unity Pro package instead of being a separate license content creators have to buy.

    Any platform holder serious about getting developers on board nowadays and more and more in the future should really pay UT enough so that deploy support for that platform can be added to Unity Pro without content creators having to pay additionally for it.
    At the end of the day that’s what they want, no? As many people as possible making stuff for their platform(s).

  28. Great! We are so happy for you – and proud!

  29. I just want to know exactly what the specifications are for this, how much money will it take, how much extra work will be required if we already have our game running? It seems like most of the time with indies these big companines go out of their way to make things difficult. Not sure how that helps their big pile of money grow. Easy functionality and more games=more cash them. I hope they understant that by allowing us to get in the store cheaply allows us all to make money. Anything over $500 is probably not worth my time if I have to risk coders redoing a bunch of things, I’d rather just focus on PC in that case.

  30. I have a few questions about that strategic partnership that you are talking about.

    1. Will we have to acquire a playstation development kit first before we can publish for the playstation 4 or can we just hit the publish button and then burn the published data on disk to play it on the playstation 4 ?

    2. To publish for the playstation 4,is it required to have a linux system per se or can we also publish from a windows operating system (windows 7,windows 8).

  31. “Sony Computer Entertainment is really committed to making their platforms approachable to all kinds of developers”

    Does this mean to developers who do NOT have the $250,000 you quoted me last time or is this still a case of “Now everyone can publish to the Sony platforms for only $51,500 for the Unity license and another $200,000 for Sony to even consider letting you buy the dev kit for another $2,000. Yes, indeed, all of you!” ?

  32. I am curious about the place of the current psm sdk here, if I consider that actual license to dev on vita + certified mobile device do not cost more than an apple dev / year cost..

    How unity will insert here ..would it be just a kind of Unity like editor stuff on top of current psm sdk provided…or a complete “unity solution” for those device skipping away what currently provided by sony for indy..?

  33. I very much hope that it’s as simple as a) you buy e.g a PS4 license from the Unity store for an *affordable* price ($400?).. b) you load up your game in the normal Unity editor, c) you build it to the PS4 target (and maybe use a simple/free sdk to deal with the controllers etc like for ouya), d) you upload the build in one step to some kind of PS4 admin area …. question is, what games will be accepted and what the requirements will be and what is the cost involved for submission and how much does Sony and Unity take from sales.

  34. This is really great news !

  35. This is great news :)
    But a little worrysome on the other hand. Windows 8 / Win RT / Windows Phone support is pending, WiiU support is pending, BlackBerry 10 / PB is pending and now 3 completely different Sony platforms are added on top of this mix (with PSMobile not even being native code, more like WP7 / XNA), thats a pretty massive amount of new platforms that are landing this year.

  36. Awesome news indeed! Very excited about this. Rock on!

  37. My own commentary on this is here:

    Congrats Unity. Keep kicking another U-named engine in the rear end. (no, not Unigine, the OTHER U-named engine)

  38. Will they still require us to buy a dev-kit or pay some sort of fee for publishing?

    Also will we get published to the actual PSN store or that shitty “minis” section of the store no-one goes to?

  39. Although Latency is sometimes a concern with Cloud gaming, the possibilities for incredibly realistic simulation and games makes me quite excited about this announcement.
    Just having the ability to prototype using cloud capability would be Amazing.

  40. Been waiting for this for a while now. Fantastic news.

  41. Awesome news! Thanks for sharing David! :)

  42. Does this include the PS1 and PS2?

  43. YESSSS!!!! This is good news indeed!!!

  44. Just one word: Amazing!

  45. This is a much better post than the Sony press release. Less registered trademark symbols, and more honesty about intentions to take over the world. Plus, some information on how long it’ll be until we can try it.

  46. “Sony’s upcoming cloud gaming service.” If this means console free PS4 games (+ mods (i can wish)) i will be very happy.

  47. Fantastic news! :0)

  48. This is outstanding news! Looking forward to more info. Exciting times ahead.