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Currently we have a team of 10 dedicated Account Executives, 4 of which are located in Europe, 3 in our UK, Brighton office and 1 in our Lithuania, Vilnius office. The rest are located in our US, San Francisco office. The team is managed by our Director of Inside Sales Chris Migleo and Technical Support by me (Christopher Pope),

We look to interact will all different types of developers, new or veteran Unity users, small indie studio’s or full-on studio’s and it’s not just game developers we target, we also want to hear from any studio looking to utilize Unity for whatever project you have planned, it could be Sim / Visualization, Architecture, Educational or anything.

There’s a simple contact form here. It’s quick to fill out and we’ll respond in no time to say hello back.

Here are some of the ways your Account Executive can be there for you and your team:

  • Acting as a primary point of contact and expert about your account
  • Assisting with licensing questions and helping you find exactly the products you need
  • Ensuring that purchases are processed promptly, with new and upgraded keys set up properly
  • Verifying eligibility for upgrade, volume, and other types of available discounts
  • Answering general technical and support questions, and liaising as needed
  • Facilitating on-site meetings, including at various trade shows, where appropriate
  • Offering special offline-only educational discounting for schools, faculty, and students

Each Account Executive has various territories assigned, an illustration below shows areas our Account Executives manage:


Our US team is responsible for specific US States as shown:

Displays who's responsible for each US state

In addition to the quick contact form, we also have a “Find a Salesperson” link, this allows you to specify which Country / Region you are from then filters out the specific Salesperson you can contact, it’s possible to use telephone number or an email address. You can find this link located at the bottom left corner on this page:

Find a sales person

Thanks for reading, we look forward to working with you.

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Many thanks to Unity for providing powerful tools for game developers. You guys have developed high end tools to cater the need of producing excellent games and apps. Keep up the good work Unity!

[…] Unity we love to help and our inside sales team are no exception. Amongst other things, they can provide information if you’re evaluating or purchasing Unity and ensure you receive any […]

Am a proud user of Unity. It is extremely helpful for Indie developers, Thanks a lot. Between, Got any business plan to expand Unity centers in China?

That would be Sara Cannon – Try using the “Find a Salesperson” link, you can select which country you’re from and it will show which salesperson you need to contact. :)

When finally comes a WebGL support?
CopperCube it can get and Epic (Unreal) makes it already. When you make it last?

When finally comes a German version? and when there is an option on the homepage for German language?

I have been in contact with Madelaine for a while. She has answered all my questions right away, in a professional manner. I think to have a dedicated sales service rep is an excellent idea, and makes me as a Unity user more secure in my investment, and as a customer welcome.

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