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What is Unity Cloud? Unity Cloud is a suite of cloud services that empowers game developers to build, market and operate compelling multiplatform games without an extensive investment in cloud infrastructure. Unity Cloud is built to work with Unity from day one and is focused on the needs of our game developers, enabling them to deliver world-class, multiplatform, online gaming experiences. Our goal is to make Unity Cloud available on an a la carte basis – developers are able to use as many or as few services as they desire.

The first Unity Cloud service helps Unity developers acquire players, promote games and monetize on mobile platforms. With the Unity Cloud ads service, you can use full screen ads to cross promote your own games and exchange installs with other Unity developers for free. If you are looking to monetize your own games, you will be able to trade or sell advertisement space to other game developers. If you need to acquire more players, the service is completely transparent, enabling you to optimize exactly where to advertise your games. In short, we are working to unlock the reach of over half a billion Unity mobile game installs to create the largest game promotion network on the planet.

In the past, it’s been painful to add this type of service to your game. Our goal with all Unity Cloud services is to integrate them directly into Unity, avoiding the multiple signups and native SDK integrations that have become the bane of a mobile developers’ existence. The Unity Cloud ads service requires two lines of code in your game to get up and running, and we are continuing to streamline that further, in order to maximize your productivity.

We are working with many of the world’s largest publishers and well-known indie developers to adopt Unity Cloud for user acquisition. This represents millions of dollars of advertising revenue flowing to Unity developers, which is something that makes everyone at Unity very happy.

If you are a mobile game developer, please join the Unity Cloud beta today, and give us your thoughts on the cloud services you need to ship great games. This is just the beginning for Unity Cloud, and we have many more exciting developments in store for you. We look forward to your feedback.


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Hi Unity Team i play DeadZone and i was rank 41 pay money for this premium account… i want to play and now im rank 1 and my premium account (Money) is gone how i can get it back ? maybe somebody can help me that whould be nice

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[…] Cloud is a suite of cloud services which helps  mobile-game developers  acquire new players, promote their games and monetise their products.  It’s easy to implement and assists developers […]

This is actually very exciting for me, and I am sure for a lot of other people as well. Unity continues to amaze me every year, and I wonder if they will ever stop.

Thanks alot Unity, thats why you are the best. PS: if one day i have milions i will right away donate them to Unity team to continio wich good work

Many tools already support WebGL.

CopperCube, Unreal Engine 3, Maya, and even the Internet Explorer 11 will support WebGL.

When it finally makes Unity?

Unity3D must support WebGL should quickly before you user go to another Company maybe CopperCube.

If we join the beta, can we buy ad space from others without having to provide ad space in our apps?
Still thinking of the effect of having e.g. Dead Trigger ads appear in our education-targeted apps. =)

Will we be able to choose our own provider in the future? Being a WP dev I use Microsoft’s ads and at the moment it would be extremely hard to get those adverts onto my games, it would also be great to be able to use the same ad provider on Android and iOS as well, keep all of my ad revenue in one place :)

I look forward to use it when I’m finishing my first mobile game. It should be great if it also can store high scores, achievements etc. and easy sharing (with Google+ and Facebook for example).

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