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Making phenomenal games and supporting talented developers–that’s what Unity Games is about. Unity has empowered game creators like never before, providing an intuitive set of development tools that anyone can use to build imaginative games. In an increasingly competitive games market, supportive partners are crucial to making great games and getting them the attention they deserve. That’s why we’re offering a range of production and publishing services including technical support, project financing, testing, and monetization expertise, among others.  We’ve been working closely with our developers on all of these areas.

With an initial focus on mobile, we’re keen to partner with developers eager to innovate and entertain. We’re interested in exploring a broad array of genres, art styles, and monetization models; what defines us as a publisher is the quality of our games and our developer-centric mantra. The spellbinding action of Archangel differs from the free-to-play races of Freeride Ski Cross, yet both embody the commitment to quality and forward-thinking game design that is at the heart of what we do.

It’s worth noting that our new work in mobile games publishing comes as a direct result of our work through Union with LG smart TVs, Roku, BlackBerry, and other platforms. As such, we are honoring our existing commitments to bring games to these platforms as we transition into also being a publisher of mobile games. We want to focus on helping showcasing our developers’ talents, where they can enjoy success and recognition.

We also want to point out that we are going to start this slowly and grow it over time.  This means we will work with a small number of developers at first.  So, we won’t be able to work with all of you right away, but we’ll be adding more developers as we grow.

Enabling opportunities for talented developers drives the Unity Games team. It’s why we started Union and this work continues through Unity Games.

Visit UnityGames to learn more about our work with developers and get a closer look at our first two games, Archangel and FRS Ski Cross. This is just the beginning– we have exciting partnerships with Spark Plug Games, Mimimi Productions, Electric Eggplant, and N-Fusion Interactive. For up to date information follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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10 replies on “Announcing Unity Games Publishing”

Can you please name some games from Unity Games studios? I love games in which some kind of ancient fort is involved like that one in second screenshot.

Yes I think this is good approach for developer and as well as other. But unity also provide some more help for mobile developer specially in game control.

very powerful engine – ( for the first time as an game creator i see this easy and powerful engine with allot of platform to Export to it with one simple click ) there some issue inside it but not very important . as this project it will be success in a little time if the world discover that engine – i will have the honor of use it – and thanks for every one who help to create this miracle engine – i hope the best Luck for it – and i will tell every one to try it .


Thanks for all the questions and comments.

Yes, you do need Unity Pro, as the games we will publish will take advantage of the full feature set of the engine.

In terms of Indie developers, this program is absolutely meant for Indies. But, all the Indies we are working with more established developers, too. Simply put, we’re keen to work with developers making great games.

We very much want your direct feedback to help make this a success. Keep the questions/comments coming.

WoW, the program is grea both for developers and for users who will play these wonderful games. i wish oyur program grows quickly enabling cooperation with more developers, using Unity

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