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Our headline 2D feature is one we’ve really been itching to give you. It’s been in development for over a year now, and the team have done a great job creating a 2D workflow that really makes sense in Unity and turns a single spritesheet into an extremely powerful resource. To get a feel for how easily you can create stuff with the new tools, we’ve put together this walkthrough video.

At Unity, we decide together amongst ourselves which parts of the engine to update, or which new tools to work on, and the teams responsible for each specific area have a lot of independence – it’s largely up to them to set their own priorities based on their knowledge of our users wants and needs. This keeps us passionate, as we’re all working on stuff that we personally feel is very important.

Of course, we also like to bluesky think and come up with weird and wonderful ideas. This week we hold our regular hackweek event – hacking away in small teams on innovative new projects. They provide a fertile seedbed from which outstanding new features can grow for inclusion in the Unity engine.

You guys’ input is also incredibly important to us. Both the alpha and beta testers who help us identify bugs so we can ensure new Unity releases are stable, and the ideas we get from our feedback site help us to make Unity the best product possible.

In this release, for example, we’ve been able to supply users of our Mecanim animation tools with their most eagerly requested new feature: animation events for animator-driven characters.

So, big thanks are due to everyone who’s helped make this a really feature-packed release. Thanks to everyone in the community who’s taken the time to submit bug reports or suggestions, and thanks to our hard-working QA teams and our creative and committed engineers.

The tools in Unity 4.3 may be completely new, but they’re already out there in the wild in use. For example, our 2D tools have already been used in delicious-looking and over-funded Kickstarter project Night in the Woods.

It’s a tremendous satisfaction to know we’ve put tech in the hands of such inventive people – keep the great games coming!

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  1. The Gaming Ground

    十一月 21, 2013 7:34 下午

    I really hope that I can work with Unity some day =)

  2. I’m very sad to don’t have the new GUI :(. Hope you guys release it SOON! when it’s done.

  3. please make unity for ubuntu!! xD


  5. Native 2D animation support, at last! And whoa, momma–blendshapes finally supported! It’s both the big things and the little things that make me happy about this release! Thank you, developers!

  6. Does it include some features for handling different screen sizes and densities? Different layouts?

  7. Thanks you so much. Keep working Unity team.

  8. Thanks! We have already waited for a long time!

  9. 설치하는데.. 잘 되야된데..
    큰 버그는 없겠죠..
    기도하는 마음으로 .. ( 새 버전 릴리즈 축하드립니다. )

  10. Monodevelop updated but still no full support for c# 4.0 ( still fails covariance/contravariance test)

  11. Wow. There’s so much in unity 4.3. I’m so happy since morning.
    Thank you guys. You’re awesome.

  12. Yay, Congrats and thank you Unity!

  13. Great… since now, i will not visit unity website twice a day to check if there is new version… :D

  14. FINALLY! It’s here, I am waiting for last 1.5 year for this kind of 2d and 3d engine tool for mobile game development .
    Thanks ………….


  16. Wow! Release notes are longer than in Unity 4.0!

  17. When will I be able to play with New GUI?
    I could not wait for New GUI

  18. Maksim Shamihulau

    十一月 12, 2013 4:23 下午

    I could not wait for release ! Thank you very much!

  19. This is a wonderful and unexpected birthday present!

  20. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  21. Wow! Thanks so much for the release! Extremely grateful for this!

  22. finally….its a beautifull day.

  23. FINALLY! It’s here, Thank you Unity ..