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It was really hard, but we have finally settled on the 15 winners of our Windows Store and Windows Phone 8 contest. Here’s a brief overview of the delightful and entertaining projects that have captured the jury’s imagination. The winners will share a total of  $100,000 in cash and prizes. Many thanks to all the participants!

Get more details on the winners on our contest site.

Windows Phone

Windows Store

  • First Prize, $30,000 USD: Freddy by Mobitouch Games
  • Second Prize, $10,000 USD: Shiny The Firefly by Stage Clear Studios & Headup Games
  • Third Prize, $5,000 USD: Pylon by Quantum Squid Interactive

Honorable mentions

For each, the prize is a Unity Pro license (which includes a Windows Store/Windows Phone Pro publishing add-on).

  • Edge of the World by Central Core Studies for Best Tile on Windows Phone
  • Simpulls by Ironshod Limited for Best Gameplay on Windows Phone
  • Crazy Horses: Unstabled by Nice Touch Games Ltd for Best Windows Integration on Windows Phone
  • panIt! by Ed Venture Studios for Best New Game Content on Windows Phone
  • Charlie Hop by Madarina for Best Port to Windows Phone
  • Fling Theory by Coding Jar Studios Inc. for Best Gameplay on Windows Store
  • Einstein™ Brain Trainer by BBG Entertainment GmbH for Best Windows Integration on Windows Store
  • Meltdown by Phenomenon Games for Best New Game on Windows Store
  • Dr. Jolt by SidekickBest Port for Best Port of an Existing Game to Windows Store

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We are so proud with winning the Windows Phone 3th prize!
Did you know I spend a week of my vacation from 7-11am getting it done in time for the competition? ;)

As a coincident / to celebrate An Alien with a Magnet is on sale in the Microsoft Red Stripe Deals!

Our next goal is to get the game thru Steam Greenlight. (you can vote for it here)

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