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It was another record breaking year for the Global Game Jam this year with a mind blowing total of 2292 games created using Unity.  This is pretty impressive considering that last year, there were 1131 Unity games created.  When you factor in that the total of games produced in 2014 was 4291, this means more than 50% of all Global Game Jam 2014 games were built using Unity!

All very cool numbers, but now we are left with a problem, 2292 games is a huge amount to even think about playing. It’s just about doable if you play 6.3 games every day for the next year .

I’ve decided to pick a few that got my attention to showcase here, so please feel free to post a link to your own Unity GGJ project in the comments below.

Ego Monsters

A nice little concept with a cool art style where you have to use the negative space of your character to quickly determine which of the monsters you are.

Ego Monsters


Other Goal

Other Goal is a local multiplayer game with a really cool art and animation style. Players have differing goals which lead to interesting tactics.



We Of The Forest

A really nice art style, I’d love to see the direction this game would go with further development.




This one looks incredibly cool. Its an augmented reality board game Unity for AR along with an Arduino and a tin foil sensing matrix for the board. I’m sure the Unity staff that attend the bi-weekly boardgame nights at Unity’s Copenhagen HQ would love to get their hands on this.


So, there we are, 4 of the 2292 Unity games produced this year.  Only 2288 to go!

I’m looking forward to finding out which of the prototypes end up evolving into something more.





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  1. Reminds me of the old games, when minigames where the bomb (they still are)

  2. We had a game with nice graphics and abstract design called Bias and might continue developing as a windows store app.

  3. Enjoy our explorative game, Womb Room. You will lead many lives in this game.

  4. RoboCoop
    Two robots must escape destruction… with their heads on each other’s bodies.
    2 player. Requires Xbox 360 controller, and keyboard and mouse.

  5. Bretton Hamilton

    二月 11, 2014 12:23 下午

    Hey everyone, I’m Bretton from the team behind We of the Forest. We are absolutely continuing the development of our game. By the end of the game jam it was a pretty art piece, but it lacked a lot of the gameplay and mechanics we initially wanted to explore. We’ll be pushing development pretty hard over the next month or two to bring things to a polished, more robust state.

    Thanks everyone for the support, and special thanks to Joe Robins. It made our day hearing about your shout out. We’ll be sure to make mention as things get closer to completion in mid-March.

    In the meantime here’s a shameless plug to our Facebook page where you can follow the development and get your hands on weekly builds of the game!

  6. We made our game in Unity too. Wanted to test the new 2D tools (we had been making a 2.5D platformer with Unity’s 3D tools) so we went for it. You can try it in webplayer right here.

  7. I love Unity i heard for Unity from first Bosnian Game Developers. There is first Bosnian Game Developers :

  8. Thanks for the feature! We are indeed developing We of the Forest further! Please follow the development on Facebook.

  9. ^^ P.S
    Play with a xbox360 controller for best results

  10. Two-man team developed a game named “Voices”
    I was Tech Artist

    Check it out here

  11. Hey Guys,
    Here is out game – Battlefield Saga
    A multiplayer game played on mobile and displayed on TV.

    GGJ site:
    Youtube Demo:

  12. Hey! I’m from the Ego Monsters team and i’m humbled by the inclusion of our game in this short list :) Thanks!
    There were a lot of amazing games these years and I think I should really write a post about them

  13. It was our first Game Jam in Mar del Plata, Argentina, and we made two games using unity:

    They need some polishing but hope you like the ideas.

  14. Awesome games, some really lovely art styles I’m there too.
    Our game is Unity 2D and we’re continuing development :)

  15. These are very original games !
    My team and me developed a virtual reality game using the Oculus Rift and the Razor Hydra :

  16. Marco Madarco D'Alia

    二月 8, 2014 10:53 上午

    @TYLO: The idea is a mash-up of different solutions, I don’t know if that was tried before (but it’s likely, the idea is really simple). I’ve used just some MUX/DEMUX chips and some resistors, we are setting up a website for the game and I’ll try to do a post regarding the board!

    @CIRO thanks :)

  17. Manuel Kugelmann

    二月 8, 2014 8:38 上午

    BTW: Thanks to Werk1, SAE, Cipsoft for sponsoring the location, drinks and food at Munich!

  18. Manuel Kugelmann

    二月 8, 2014 8:37 上午

    Nice, OtherGoal is here, too!
    GGJ14 was great and Unity is such an amazing rapid game development platform…

  19. Ciro Continisio

    二月 8, 2014 1:11 上午

    Awesome to see Monolith here as well! It’s a very cool game and puts together many different technologies.

  20. @MARCO MADARCO D’ALIA Can you tell us where you found out how to make that tinfoil sensing matrix board? Or write a blog post about it yourselves? I’d love to hear that part of the project.

  21. Daniel J Lezama

    二月 7, 2014 11:28 下午

    Nice games, and amazing achievement for the guys at Unity. I love Unity 3D because let you make a prototype in just hours of work, here is my team entry for the GGJ2014

  22. Take a look to our project : Dreamlens

    “Switch Lenses” and “Shoot” to pass the stages

  23. Marco Madarco D'Alia

    二月 7, 2014 8:06 下午

    Wow wonderful to see our game here!

    I’m from the Monolith team and we decided to continue the development :)

    stay tuned!