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Unity is excited to announce the public preview of Unity 4.3 for Xbox One. Unity has partnered with Microsoft to offer Unity for Xbox One completely free to all registered ID@Xbox developers with development kits!

How can my team get Unity for Xbox One?

Unity for Xbox One is available to anyone with an Xbox One development kit. To learn more about the ID@Xbox program for independent developers, head over to to sign up for Microsoft’s independent developer publishing program for Xbox One.

Once you’ve received your dev kit, a Microsoft representative will contact you to set up your access to the software and tools, and you will receive an e-mail from Unity directing you to a page where you can download the Xbox One add-on free of charge!

Xbox One features and plugins

The list of Xbox One features and API’s is extensive. While we have wrapped some core features directly inside of Unity, the vast majority of the platform specific functionality we are distributing with full source as an independent package of plugins. We believe this is the best way to empower you to extend these systems to fit your games’ needs while providing a core out of the box experience that will work for many games.

Writing native plugins and marshalling data from managed to native is not always straightforward and Xbox One has a high degree of asynchronous APIs. The native Plugins make it easier for developers to integrate the Microsoft APIs with Unity, providing constructs like the EventQueue to help with calling into Unity systems from asynchronous callbacks.

Can I publish games now using Unity for Xbox One?

Of course! Unity for Xbox One is constantly growing. The first round of titles are preparing for release and are paving the way for all the games in production. Some up and coming titles include:

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime by Asteroid Base

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a hectic 1- or 2-player couch co-op action game for Xbox One and Steam (PC + Mac). Defending the highlighter pink spaceship through procedurally generated star systems will be a teamwork-heavy relationship tester.


Ori and the Blind Forest by Moon Studios

Moon Studios are working hard to give every lush scene in their story-driven open-world platformer a unique hand-drawn feel. The much anticipated game combines deep exploratory gameplay with emotional storytelling. It is published by Microsoft Studios.ori1

Roundabout by No Goblin

In Roundabout, players drive passengers in a constantly revolving limousine. This motion sickness inducing tribute to the 1970’s chauffeur legend Georgio Manos is part open world, part puzzle game, and all of it twisted.


Cuphead by Studio MDHR

Check the 1930s cartoon stylein Cuphead, a hand-drawn, boss-battling game created by a team of just five.


Here’s what beta tester Seon Rozenblum of 3 Sprockets had to say about porting the studio’s project to Xbox One:

“We were able to get the game up and running in less than 4 hours from having no Xbox Development Kit installed on our PC, to actually playing Fight The Dragon on the Xbox One.

It was an incredible result, made entirely possible by how well the Unity Xbox One team have managed the Unity engine port, and by how thorough they have been in implementing features and ensuring we could leverage the speed and power of the console immediately.

Four days later, and we are at 100% feature parity between our Steam version and Xbox One version. We couldn’t be more delighted!”

What’s next?

We still have a lot to do. Unity for Xbox One is constantly improving to make your development experience the best it can be. In the near term we are working hard to continue wrapping Xbox One features and maturing the engine. The current release of Unity for Xbox One is based off Unity 4.3.

As with some of the other new platforms, Xbox One will not support Unity 4.5 but instead will jump directly to Unity 5.0. Unity 5.0 will eventually be our recommended version for all Xbox One development, however, we will continue to make updates for the Unity 4.3 version of the product including XDK upgrades into 2015 to ensure teams that have already built to this version of the product can ship.

We are excited to see how you use Unity to power the next generation of consoles with new and as yet to be seen experiences.

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  1. Yeah same broken promises on this one as well. Microsoft ID has really dropped the ball on this and left the indie developers again.

  2. Registered at ID@xbox to get into dev program 2 weeks ago. 2 days later I received a mail “We received your application. You hear from us.” (something like this). I never uploaded an application. I just want to register me an get the dev tools. What a mess.

  3. Hi,

    can we know if the unity 5 Xbox one version will be released when the unity 5 get released

    1. Yes, support for Xbox One will be available in Unity 5.0.

  4. please open this

  5. Just got my reply from Microsoft yesterday saying they’ll contact me within 10 days. I’m guessing that means I’m in. Looking forward to working on this. Guess I need to pick up an Xbox One … for research. :-)

  6. Andrea Franchini

    八月 13, 2014 9:27 下午


  7. Lame. So many promises from Microsoft. Nothing delivered.

    My team has been waiting so long to develop on the Xbox One on this ridiculous promise that we could use our retail box as a dev kit, that we had time to start and establish a new business in a completely different industry.

    And of course, whenever I question Microsoft… I wait a month for the typical, “Sorry, we can’t talk about it.” response. How sad is that?

  8. yup… this is fantastic news that means nothing. it’s only available to devs with a kit.. oh wait… they already had access to it. I’m not sure why there are so many words in this article… it could just read.. “everything is exactly as it was yesterday, carry on.”

  9. ok ie fuarte bine

  10. @Gearhead

    Yea it’s just one of those announcements that is pretty much a non-event sadly. If you had a dev kit you’d actually already have had a beta version of this version of Unity and if, like everyone checking out this news, you’ve pretty much been ignored by microsoft, then this news just kind of highlights that wel…you’ve been ignored by microsoft because the announcement is for people with dev kits and ergo already with this version of unity….um

  11. Well dress me up pretty and call me… a fanboy.
    I too have been totally ignored by id@xbox. But they did warn us that only a chosen few would be accepted for starters.
    They also announced that the program will expand over time, until eventually everyone with a retail xbox one will be able to enter…
    Now did they really have to ignore us mere mortal indies like that? No – but I guess with MS being MS that’s what to be expected?
    Will we gain access to unity for xbox one with a retail xbox? Well I hope so! If not for free, then with the pro version as indicated above.
    In any case, xbox development just got a whole lot easier, and kudos to UT for that.

  12. Thank you! Wonderful news for all game developers! Will certainly try it out

  13. Just reading the comments and it sounds like a lot of you have had the same experience of ID as i have. I’m a registered developer though you wouldn’t know it from the lack of communications from Microsoft and the amazing non-interest they have shown.
    It looks to me like they are simply going after the highly visible titles and have zero interest in anyone else. ID pretty much feels like a sham at this stage. While I comment Unity on this I don’t see there being many takers for the XBox one version. Not through lack of interest but, purely because I doubt there are more than a dozen indies out there who have even been given any kit to run it on.

  14. @SPACEFROG – The Unity PS Vita license (native builds) is not free, The Sony PS Mobile license (android builds) is. Two very different things.

  15. Awesome ^_^…

    But it seems you can get the Unity xbox one until you received the xbox one kit….

  16. @DAVID:
    PS Vita Unity license is free, the Developer license from Sony is still free too ( currently )

  17. Why is it that Xbox One and Wii U developers get a free license like that but PS4,PS3 and PS Vita developers don’t? Come on Unity/Sony, it is only fair. Indie developers cannot afford paying a big license fee Per Title as it currently stands.

  18. I have several successful titles on iOS and Android with over 6 million downloads and MS hasn’t approved my application in 6 months. While it’s nice to have Unity on XBox, there is no way MS won’t screw this up.

  19. No chance of getting a indie dev license with xbox. They poo-poo on new indie devs.

  20. But you need to be in the id@xbox program. If you are a new indie developer you have no chance, yet. :(

  21. Awesome! +2

  22. Aww yeah. :) too bad id@xbox stopped mailing me about news and all of that