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Hooray! Today, we’re pleased to announce the public preview of Unity 4.5 for Samsung Smart TV, adding another platform to Unity’s already extensive multiplatform capabilities. Unity for Samsung Smart TV is completely free for all Unity developers!

Start now, it’s free

The Unity for Samsung Smart TV public preview is available right now as a separate 4.5 editor installation. It will ship officially with Unity 5.0, and will be free for everyone to use. If you already own Unity Pro, you get all the Unity Pro features for Samsung Smart TV with no need for an additional license. It’s also available and completely free for users of the free version of Unity!

Easy porting and development

Adapting your game for Samsung Smart TV is much like porting your game to any other platform with Unity. If your game already runs on mobile devices you’re halfway there! The hardware in the TV is very similar to a mid-range mobile device, so you can expect similar performance metrics.

All the input devices

Samsung Smart TVs come with a range of different input mechanisms for your gamers to enjoy, and we’ve provided the full complement of input modes that make handling dpads, joysticks, wired and wireless game pads and mouse pointers really easy. Each remote model maps to these modes in an intuitive way, and your game can switch between the modes as needed to get the best experience for the user. You can even make a mobile controller app!

Super-fast setup

Getting your game from Unity to Samsung Smart TV is simple – just one click after initial setup and you’re done – no dev kit needed! We’ve developed an application called Unity Launcher for Smart TV. Install it on your TV via the Samsung App Hub, and, once it is running, Unity can deploy your game to the TV just like that so you can spend more time on making a great game.

Why port my game to Samsung Smart TV?

Smart TVs are becoming more powerful and more prevalent in the living rooms of families worldwide. With more than 20 million devices sold globally, this is an opportunity for you to reach millions of new customers! Samsung expects the Smart TV game market to continue to grow dramatically year on year, and you will be able to monetize your games via an in-app purchase plugin provided by Samsung.

Great Unity Games already available on Samsung Smart TV

During the beta period, several developers tested the platform by porting their games. Here are some Unity games that you can play on your Samsung Smart TV today:

Abyss Attack

edited abyss

CapsuleHunter by Wicket Studio

CapsuleHunter01 edited


CandyCoaster by Nfun

ScreenShot Image 1


Tales Runner by RHAON ENT

screen shot_image_4

What our developers are saying

“Bringing Abyss Attack to Samsung TV was a very easy process. We worked closely with our publishing partner, Chillingo to ensure that players received a phenomenal gaming experience from mobile to a larger screen. The Unity team also did an amazing job at answering any questions along the way. We can’t wait to introduce Abyss Attack to newer audiences.”

–Cristian Tota (Abyss Attack,

What hardware do you need?

Any of the Smart TV models listed below.

panel 2014 lineup
UHD HU9000
FHD H8000


panel 2013 lineup
UHD F9000
FHD F8000


Get started now

Download Unity for Samsung Smart TV here:

Help is at hand

For app registration visit the Seller Office:

For SDK information and Q&A for developers visit the Samsung Developer Forum   (

For Samsung Smart TV questions, please email:

For Unity-related questions, please post to the forum here:

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[…] Beginning with Unity 4.5, you can target Samsung Smart TVs. […]

@koblavi These sets are generally android based so I doubt it’s that much of a task to get basic functionality working on them. The issues will come if say Samsung decide all their TVs will run Tizen or something insane like that.

Great work! but What I’d be more interested in seeing something more standardised in terms of an execution environment on the side of the TV vendors. What if LG smart TV’s get popular too? does unity go and support that too? and then ,say, Vizio and then Hi-sense and then, Panasonic. True, Unity will do all the work so we don’t have to. But I worry unity’s spreading itself too thin because of all these new platform additions and I fear that affects how fast we’ll get bug fixes and needed features (case in point GUI).

Of course this isn’t exactly Unity’s fault so I rest my case.

I think you’ve just added a new source of pain for me as my company is already creating Samsung builds of all our games. Imagine what they will ask for if they know we can do builds to TV too….

Logitech K400 x Samsung H6300 x Abyss Attack and Capsule Hunter –> Packed remote functionality a joke, ignored K400 (bluetooth keyboard that works fine in the Smart TV shell. It’s not an H6400, granted, but what sort of midmarket faceplant does this represent?

Wow! this is a really wonderful news! Both for Unity Developers and for Samsung I think – since now there’ll be far more great games avaliable for Samsung Smart TV.

[…] Untuk penjelasan topik di atas tadi, biarlah video tersebut menggambarkan alasan kenapa kita tidak boleh memandang sebelah mata engine grafis sejuta umat yang satu ini. Mengenai penjelasan mengenai game Unity 4.5 yang kini bisa dimainkan di Samsung Smart TV, kalian bisa membaca press release lengkapnya di sini […]

Unity’s next platform will be a potatoXLR5. next gen potato gameplay!

jokes aside what i cant wait for if the 3DS port. keep up the awesome Unity!

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