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Change is constant in such a fast-paced industry and we’re working hard to keep up to meet your needs (hopefully in some cases, even predicting needs). While Unity will be moving in new directions and trying new things as a technology provider, all of our decisions stem from the same mission: democratize game development. To us, it’s summarized as two questions: How will I create my game? How will I connect with an audience? We’re endeavoring to answer those questions and while it’s nearly impossible to fill every need a developer might have, we’re aiming to build the most stable and impressive environment we can for you guys to find success, however you might define it.

In that spirit, David, Joachim, Lucas, Todd, and Jussi kicked the show with a keynote giving the rundown on the industry, Unity and the Unity community’s place in it, and how we’re building Unity as an end to end development platform to address the massive new challenges faced every day by developers.

Check out the full keynote here:

The big takeaways from this year’s Unite keynote were:

  • Unity Cloud Build was announced! It’s a powerful continuous integration service helps you build, test, and share new game projects more quickly. We acquired Austin-based Tsugi to make this happen and created Unity Austin at the same time (they’re hiring)! Better yet, the beta is up and available! Sign up at
  • Unity 4.6 entered public beta! You can now go test out the new UI system for yourself (download here). Tutorials for the Unity 4.6 beta can be found here.
  • Select Unity components will be open source giving you more control to customize components and extend Unity under an unrestrictive MIT/x11 license. The first open source components are the Unity Test Tools and will be followed soon by the new UI system.
  • Unity Everyplay is now integrated in over 700 games with 15M registered users and 6M shared replays. Additionally, new community features are on their way, including social hubs for individual games where developers can take a more active role in discussions.
  • We entered a strategic collaboration with Intel to ensure that mobile developers will be able to bring their games and apps to the new crop of Intel-based Android devices with total ease.
  • We’re collaborating with Google to provide full support in Unity for Google’s Android TV set top box, which is available in the Unity 4.5.3p2 update as part of the Unity Android build.

After the keynote, the event kicked into full gear with an incredible complement of sessions dedicated to helping you all learn about upcoming features in Unity 4.6 and Unity 5 like those talked about in the keynote, best practices from your peers in the development scene that are using Unity, and even more about what we have in store for you down the line. All of the 60 sessions from Unite have been posted online at this point and you can find them here!

We also saw an incredible line-up of games and projects honored at the 2014 Unity Awards.

Each year the bar of quality raises and we couldn’t be in more awe of your abilities and creativity. These amazing finalists and winners along with the hundreds of excellent (and there were many excellent projects not in the finals) projects submitted for the awards this year are what keep us inspired to create the best possible tools for you guys to bend to your creative will.

While Unite 2014 in Seattle was something of a headliner for us as a company this year, Unite isn’t a singular event. We’ve already seen incredible events in China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan attended by thousands more of our awesome community in Asia. And we’re not done yet! There are two more Unite events taking place this year in October in São Paulo, Brazil and Melbourne, Australia.

brazilaustralia 2014 has, so far, been an amazing year for developers and the games industry in general. Unity is growing and evolving and we hope you’ll all play a big part in what’s ahead! dh2 crowdexhibit roadmap motionleap

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@MUHAMMAD THE MUSLIM: not really, the most impressive stuff shown is either already available in UE4, especially (My favorite) the cut-scene editor this was long ago in UE4 and getting better and better, also UE4 has a pretty good UI system in beta but its evolving pretty fast like everything else in UE4.
Unity needs to speed things up a bit, open sourcing some stuff is a good idea but still …

It was really amazing! The news are great, but the atmosphere itself and the posiibility to meet so many interesting people is wonderful!

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Good Job Unity finally UE4 has destroyed
unity3d best engine for any PC and also AAA now thanks unity :))

but UE4 is bad and explode our PC`s for nothing.;;


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