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APM Music – A whole new world of music on the Asset Store

, 十二月 2, 2014

Introducing APM Music! For over a decade, APM Music have been the go-to music resource for AAA game publishers and developers, providing a comprehensive, high quality, easy-to-license catalog. Starting today, vast numbers of these tracks will be available to download from a completely new section of the Asset Store. We couldn’t be more stoked!

“Recently, there have been high-profile games scored largely (even entirely) with hundreds of APM cues. Proudly, I can say that those games have received excellent soundtrack reviews. Additionally, we work with many high profile game composers whose tracks are available in the APM Music Store.”

Rob Cairns, APM Music Director of Business Development, New Media & Digital

All your musical needs catered for

The range of music available from APM Music is huge. There’s everything from well-known classical pieces, vintage/archival/period tracks and world music, to a plethora of pop, indie, electronic music, rock and metal.

Use it for in-game scenarios such as source music (coming from radios, restaurants, etc.), boss battles, cut-scenes/cinematics, themes and more. Plus, you can use Hollywood-caliber music to enhance your trailer for maximum impact!

Simple licensing

Search. Listen. License.  It’s that easy!

After you hear a track you want, click the shopping cart icon to review and select your license type (based on the size of your business or organization), add the track to your cart, continue shopping or checkout!

APM is a joint venture between EMI Music Publishing and Universal Music Publishing, it’s probably the world’s leading production music library & music services company! Check out their catalog by having a listen on the Asset Store!

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[…] link 作者:CAITLYN 原文網址 首先讓我們來了解一下APM音樂!近十多年來,APM […]

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Nice. There are plenty of alternatives out there, but APM’s seems to be a huge step in the same direction. I can imagine it must have been troublesome to get APM to understand the concept and needs of indie devs.

I don’t understand why trailer rights are more expensive than in-game rights, but then again, I’ve never understood a single syllable uttered by any music license owner I have ever talked to: Those guys make absolutely no sense what so ever.

The trailer rights are broken: It doesn’t work to not be able to do variants of a trailer, unless you buy the license again. There needs to be a license option that lets you launch as many variants of the trailer for a given project as you want. Keep it to a pr-project thing, then it works, but for gods sake, it isn’t reasonable that I should pay 100$ to change the subtitles on my trailer to French…. come on…

That one point is what is keeping me from buying. I found the track I wanted for my project, and I’m cool with paying the asking price for it, but I can’t get the licensing terms I need to have, so unfortunately, no buy.

But great, great initiative, and as I said, I appreciate the difficulties that must have gone into getting a deal like this to fall in place.

Though I do relish the prospect of having quality music tracks available on the asset store, from what I have read of the licencing terms they seem a little bit over the top for Unity. I for one will need to see the prices drop and terms altered for the use of a track to make these appealing to me. I guess others will not be so reluctant though so, it’s not all bad.

But, for me, I will look elsewhere for now, thanks :)

I was super excited to read about this, but then my excitement turned into frustration and resentment.

How is this any different than going to one of the plethora of music sites available and licensing tracks that way? to me this seems kind of like a fast grab to try and make the asset store a “catch all source for game content” without thinking it through entirely.. the license terms are a joke.. lumping developers into different license buckets? seriously? What’s wrong with just selling content like everything else on the asset store? If I sell a pack of models on the asset store, can I have a custom license that says “you can only use this in one game, and only if you make less than $X per year, if you make more than $Y you have to contact me for a custom arrangement? Give me a break.. i’ll pass, thanks.

As others have noted, trying to find/purchase tracks is a hugely inconvenient process. If it’s part of the asset store make it part of the asset store, don’t serve us another company’s website inside an iframe. Want to add a track to your cart? You first have to select a license and then AGREE to the terms before you can even add it. If I’m shopping around trying to get an idea for a project’s cost, why am I agreeing to terms if I have no intention of completing the transaction? At least with other music licensing sites I can put together a preview playlist to show to my colleagues and ratify opinions and whatnot. With this implementation I can’t “browse”, I’m forced to search- then *write down* the names of tracks so I can find them again.

Sorry, but this whole thing smells a bit like a half baked idea to me. If you’re going to do it, do it right- look at the asset store and how successful it is. Partnerships like mixamo were very well thought out and executed, not like this. Why not just add a useful method to the asset store for content creators to add music and SFX using the Asset Store terms of use, not partnering with a dime-a-dozen music shop with prohibitive license fees?


The pricing and terms are a bit ridiculous. $99 for the same track, regardless of length/quality? And the terms say if you edit your game trailer (if that’s what you’re using it for) then you to buy the music a second time.

$49 is too much per track, not even exclusive or recognizable hit music and the over emphasis on rap is lame. One can buy Reason, a Yamaha or Casio electronic keyboard and with primary school level training create original music of their own or use PD music, e.g., by feeding public domain classical music in midi form and remixing it, Pachelbel’s Canon for instance.

There are plenty of old recordings in the US with no legal copyright holder prior to 1940, however researching the desired recordings to be sure they are PD is not worth the effort so better to obtain midi notation of classical music and remix on a digital keyboard or in Reason. One has to say the variety of music was much better in a good way before 1950; now it’s a flood of boring hag rap, ‘new’ country (70s rock), or Disney.

While some whine that 49$ is a huge price for a 3 min song, I cannot but disagree, buy the Music software (500-1000$), learn to make Music, spend hundreds of hours getting what you can get for 49$, it´s a nobrainer. However to the point given here by imaginaryhuman, to pay the same price 49$ for a 3 second sample is also a nobrainer, don´t buy.

Can you give more information about licensing terms and price? Is it 49$ per music? Or I can pay 49$ and get as much download as I can?

If you click on a track and “select”, you will get licence terms. 49 Dollar per track per project. If you have 2 games, you have to buy the track 2 times.

This is awesome, great work! Just one suggestion to consider:

Allow scrubbing through the track. If I’m going to be wading through possibly hundreds of tracks to find the perfect one for my next game/trailer, it would really help if I could skip through intros/skip to the end/etc.


Surprising development, and a really nice collection – but yeah, we need a way to favourite tracks (and favourite collections or with tags would be even better).

Really cool news, although there should be a way to see lists of tracks without searching, and an ability to link to ones you like so you can show other team members and let them have a listen. Also the ones Ive seen don’t let you release on consoles, so I would say half of the devs will steer clear because of the pain of swapping in new tunes once you get around to consoles. Very promising move though, as usual Unity is AWESOME!

I’m a bit scared this will boost the okay-price on the asset store higher, which makes our indie life much harder :( for me, the current price of APM Music is too expensive …

I dont’ think we will raise the price too much to compete with this library.
Quality of unity music assets is awesome and it is not inferior to this, and you can get it at much lower price, usually…
Only real problem for indie music producer like me is that a new BIG player is around and our music will have a though competitor! :)

I think as always this is the market condition the is last decision maker on prices. It means if there are some lower prices out there then customers will obtain their needs from others and there is no obligation to buy from a specific seller. So I think it is always good that Unity expands its available resources however I think the business partners of Unity should differentiate between indie game developers and big companies. There is a huge financial gap that needs to be addressed.

I was just browsing around and found that you cannot add a track, album, nor artist as a favorite to come back to it later. With that large of a selection, I’ll never find something again without having to write it down.

I feel that a “Favorites” collection is an essential feature that needs to be added. Thanks!

I don’t quite get the license thing… why does it seem to cost $49 for example, for a 2 second sample, whereas it is also $49 for a 3 minute piece of music? Do you pay once and then download as much as you like, or something? This is unclear.

Their songs are way more expensive than the standard music found on the asset store… that usualy have an amazing quality.
as a musician with music asset available i am wondering if my music is way too low priced! :)

Very cool!

The search white-out is a bit disorienting, but aside from that, this really opens up an area of the business which always seemed way too much like a strange, dark neighbourhood for me.

Here’s hoping more companies jump on the train later on – expanding the catalog even further :)

About excluding consoles for the first license fee, could you consider adding PSM since it’s a platform mainly oriented to hobbyists and freelances ?

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