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Unity Comes to Linux: Experimental Build Now Available

, 八月 26, 2015

Hello again, lovely people!

Last month, I wrote a blog post detailing our plans for Unity on Linux.  Well, I’m back again to tell you the big day has come; today we’re releasing an experimental build of Unity for Linux!

An Experimental Build

Today’s build is what we call an experimental build; future support is not yet guaranteed.  Your adoption and feedback will help us determine if this is something we can sustain alongside our Mac and Windows builds.

Today’s build is based off Unity 5.1.0f3 and comes with the ability to export to the following runtimes:

  • Linux, Mac, Windows Standalone
  • WebGL
  • WebPlayer
  • Android
  • Tizen
  • SamsungTV

System Requirements

  • 64-bit Ubuntu 12.04 or newer (just like our player, the editor will run on most ‘modern’ 64-bit Linux distributions, but official support is only provided for 64-bit Ubuntu 12.04 or newer)
  • Modern Nvidia, AMD, or Intel graphics card with vendor-supported graphics drivers

Feedback and Issues

We’ve created a new section of the forums for you to provide feedback and report issues.  That’s the primary place where we’ll be communicating with our users who are using the Linux build, so be sure to check it out.  Crashes of the editor will pop up the bug reporter, which we encourage you to use in that case (because we’ll get the stacktrace).

That’s all for now. You can find the downloads here:

Read more about the release notes and known issues in our forum post.

Much love from Unity


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  1. Guys do not forget that the very Unity 5 is a beta version and so errors in reporting as stated above phenomenon is understandable (see in google). It does not depend on whether you are running on Linux or in Windows.(broken English from google translate, sorry)

  2. Is there a place to express interest in future unity versions for Linux? Unfortunately I won’t be making use of this version as it’s not up-to-date. But I’m very interested in Unity for Linux overall, having the editor is a deal maker (or breaker) for me.

  3. “future support is not yet guaranteed”. Well ok, this is great and all but if you guys really can’t be bothered to guarantee support, why on earth should I use Unity instead of Unreal. You say you want people to adopt Unity, but why should I spend energy with broken builds on my chosen platform if at the end of they you turn around and just say it’s all too difficult and pull support.

    Thanks but no thanks at the moment.

    1. I Read this as I compile UE4 on my [K]Ubuntu box

  4. Background is pink and all objects are black.The errors shown are “Shader compiler: internal error initializing platforms: Error reading external process – read 0 bytes
    ” ,”Shader error in ‘Skybox/Procedural’: Internal error communicating with the shader compiler process
    ” and Shader compiler: internal error compiling shader snippet type=0 platform=0: Trying to read from process that is not running

    1. I solved this problem installing the lib32stdc ++ 6 (“sudo apt-get install lib32stdc ++ 6 -y”). I hope that solves your problem.

      1. Thank you for your interest but lib32stdc++6 is not available in fedora 22 x64.

  5. Lights do not seem to work in this build. Tried changing pixel count and ambience but it still doesn’t work.

  6. Hello,

    I downloaded Unity for Ubuntu andso far it’s been great. However, I just into a little problem, wondering if any of you know anything about it: when I’m in an animator controller (state machines), I simply cannot create state transitions. Right clicking on the state will pop up the menu that you get when you click on the background, and I do not have the “Make transition” option.

    Not sure whether call it a bug or not…?

  7. <3 thank goodness i won't need to write code on my windows box for much longer

  8. Awesome news. Please support the linux version. I am developing Android apps and use Ubuntu as the only os. I have now a 3d App and moved from Rajawali to Unity because of this update.
    Thank you so much.

  9. Downloading! Remember linux is small, but we do great stuffs.

  10. It’s not going so well. Lots and lots and lots of OpenGL shader bugs that cause frequent crashes in Ubuntu. Unreal 4 for Ubuntu is much more stable, but it doesn’t have near the assets I want and need.

    1. One of the important things in the works is the rewritten OpenGL support. So you probably only need to wait a bit more. Also, there is a dedicated forum section for the Editor and bugs. You should look there.

  11. I thought i was going to have VM or duel-boot windows to be able to do my College game design club. Great to have this on Linux!

  12. Michael J. Acosta

    九月 30, 2015 7:47 上午

    Switching back to Linux. Thank you Unity. Been waiting for this moment.

  13. OMG I am so excited!! It’s finally out!!!!

  14. I should add to my post below: I’ve tried Unity for Linux on Xubuntu 15.04 and Fedora 22 using identical hardware. For Xubuntu, I used the Official Debian package. For Fedora, I used the platform-agnostic build, which I’ve found to be the most stable thus far.

    1. Ricardo Sansores

      九月 29, 2015 6:42 下午

      That’s right, the official package blows my cpu machine all the time while the platform agnostic work terrific.

      Tested in Chakra linux and work flawlessly.

      For KDE users don’t forget to install gconf in order to lauch unity or you will face an error: cannot open shared object file

  15. Wow. This is great. For the record, I’ve found the unofficial, platform-agnostic build to be much more robust and stable than the Official Debian build. The Debian build crashed just about every session, but no crashes so far on the platform-agnostic build.

    Very impressed with Unity’s Experimental Linux build. Thank you, Unity Technologies, for supporting GNU/Linux!

  16. Ricardo Sansores

    九月 29, 2015 5:29 上午

    Just, thanks.

  17. finally !!!! my god !! …

  18. FINALLY!!! I have been waiting for this so I can completely dump Windows for good. I have tried VM’s and wine and nothing was perfect. I really hope this works! THANK YOU!!!

  19. Awesome!! thnx for porting it to linux..Keep up the awesome work!! Many developers use windows only because of unity.


  21. As a Linux user, I had given up on the possibility of using Unity after several years of countless people requesting a version able to natively run in Linux (without Wine or similar Windows emulators). Just by chance somebody had asked if I had ever used it or tried it and I came to get an update on any changes since I had stopped even checking up on Unity’s developments. I am impressed that Linux users are no longer dismissed as a trivial and easily-ignored demographic anymore, though to be honest, not impressed with how long it has taken thus far.

    However, now there seems to be a few other issues which I feel should be addressed. Particularly that it is only available for 64bit Linux installations, which tend to have significant stability issues with some applications I use on a daily basis. All potential “fixes” to those issues require 32bit dependencies, which most often fix one thing while breaking another.

    The only truly stable and reliable method is to only use one or the other, 32 bit or 64 bit, and avoid anything requiring dependencies to combine the two on a single system. So while my issue is that I stick with 32bit so as to have no issues with the applications I need most, I also agree with those who run strictly 64bit systems in not wanting subordinate elements designed as 32 bit components.

    Would it ever be possible to get something as stable and straight-forward as separate 32 bit and 64 bit versions? I can only run 32 bit on my system, so Unity is still a “no go”, and if history is any example, it will likely be several more years before the option is even considered. MEanwhile, if in those years, more applications get their 32 bit -vs- 64 bit stability and dependency issues sorted out and I do switch to a 64 bit system, I would not want to dedicate the additional space and other system resources to dependencies or libraries just so 32 bit components can be used with 64 bit components.

  22. I’m facing an problem:
    Today I tried to run the Unity Editor in Command Line In Ubuntu:

    /opt/Unity/Editor/Unity/ -nographics -batchmode -quit

    It worked in Graphics interface but Crushed in Pure Command line interface and throw that:

    Aborted(core dumped)

    Can I get more help to fix that.

    Thanks for sight.

  23. When is this going to appear on the download page right beside Windows and Mac? It’s annoying everyone has to go to this still rather obscure blog post to get the Linux version of Unity 3D.

    1. Tomasz Gałkowski

      九月 30, 2015 5:17 下午

      It’s still in experimental stage. I guess when it’ll be released as stable version they will put it in download section.

  24. Amazing!!! I was waiting for this like for-ether :) Now testing with my projects and writing windows a good bye letter :)) Unity was the only one keeping my primary development on windows. Amazing job Na’Tosha & Unity Team!!!

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    Thanks a very good post (Finlay) million and please carry on the
    gratifying work.

  26. I have problem on Fedora 22 i alwes get stuck on pls do surwey page ;) it newer shows surwey and when i duble enter it asks me to fill crash report, anywey so heppy Unity3d supports linux worst case scenario will install ubuntu

  27. What about Standard Assets?
    None for Linux yet?

  28. demented hedgehog

    九月 19, 2015 12:02 下午


  29. Great! All works, but Unity crashes if i enable “Maximize on play” option.

  30. What are the bugs found so far?

  31. I have been waiting to try unity until it came out on Linux. very happy

  32. Incredible. I’ve never considered using Unity before, but now that there’s a Linux build I’m hooked. You’re bringing in a looooot of excellent programmers with this port :)

    1. thats actually true

  33. It has not been updated for a long time, and many bug fixes needed.

  34. Wavvvv ! :)) bu muhteşem oldu. Bundan sonra, Linux’ün yanına sadece unity kullanmak için Windows kurmayacağım. Oleyyyy oley oley oleyyy

    1. Öyle ama henüz fazla bugları var. Çözülünce mükemmel olacak :D

  35. Can’t wait to try this out. I’m trying Unity for the first time now that there’s a Linux version. Please keep working on supporting Mac and Linux dev tools; it opens up Unity to a whole new audience.

  36. I sent an e-mail to the support team on 3rd December 2014 asking how hard it would be to create a port of Unity for Linux, given that there is an Mac version, once Mac is based on Unix. It didn’t sound hard to port for me. However, Ben has answered me it would be impossible. Although I may have planted a seed that now is growing stronger now. I am glad of you Na’Tosha, congratulations.

  37. Indeed, a dream come true …

  38. Installing …

  39. This is fantastic. Drag’n’drop seems to be a problem, otherwise it seems to work quite well on my Arch/Manjaro… looking forward to play around with it more soon…

    Thanks a lot for the effort.

    Linux + Unity. I cannot believe it… :D

  40. Wow! Finally! On the one hand I’m super excited about that because I always loved making games in Unity, on the other I would maybe never have learned low-level programming by trying to make my own game engine if not for the lack of Unity on Linux.

    Hopefully in 2-3 years we won’t need to keep a Windows partition for anything ever.

  41. At the moment I can’t seem to import any assets when I right click and click import assets. Is this a bug or not? Also, could anyone gimme the file for the vehicle pack (inbuilt) so I can use it? Thanks

  42. This is awesome news! Thanks for this! :)

  43. But then I never liked Monodevelop much anyways and have always used simple code editors. I ve heard from other people on here that Visual Studio is great with Unity and I might try it with my windows partition, but if I m looking to move to Linux it s a no go anyways.

  44. Thanks so much for this!
    With Windows 10 being horrible I think I will be ditching Windows completely in the not too distant future and knowing one more thing I use is available for Linux helps a lot.

  45. Awesome & kudos to you, now to make some free disk space :P.


    You made my day with this!

    I hope Oculus Rift gives linux support also.

  47. Congrats guys! I’ve been using this non-stop for the past four days!

    I made a ball pit with it:

    I wrote a blog article about it:

    I made a game for 1GAM with it:

    Congrats guys, great job! Now focus on cleaning up the bugs!

  48. Have you given any thought to creating a PPA, so that we can get automatic updates and further integration into the (K)ubuntu ecosystem


  49. Does anyone have a problem with signing in? I’m getting “Service not available, please try again later”.

    1. That’s a known issue on some systems – see for potential workarounds.

  50. wow awesome!! this is great news

  51. Woohoo! Now I can create the multiverse on my laptop!

  52. Although I have already moved my current project to Unreal, I am very happy to hear that you finally listened to us Linux users. I guess people starting to leave was the needed push afterall.

  53. Jonathan Espinal

    八月 30, 2015 7:17 上午

    Unity 3D is the only reason why i keep using Microsoft Windows, this is like a dream. Thank you, realy thank you…

  54. Thanks you very much! I hope you’ll continue to continue to develop this IDE.

  55. This is awesome guys… I have long been waiting for this!

  56. This is a GREAT start, but please, stop limiting it to Ubuntu users,,, as you can tell by a lot of the comments in this thread- a LOT of Ubuntu users don’t know what to do if “point-clicky” doesn’t work in Linux.
    Please build an rpm, I will try with the .sh I downloaded.


    八月 29, 2015 8:17 下午

    Thank you Na’Tosha and the Unity3d Linux team! Fantastic news!

  58. Does anyone know if blockblusters like call of duty or battlefield will be ported to linux ?
    Does anyone have a rpm package fort redhat ?

    1. Those games aren’t made in Unity and it would probably be a fairly major undertaking to develop Linux versions of them. It’s entirely possible of course, but the publishers are unlikely to consider it until Linux becomes a larger market opportunity.

  59. It Works !

    Had to clean a load o’ disk-space, but finally have Unity Editor running on Ubuntu :D

  60. Thank you so much!!

  61. This is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for taking it upon yourselves to do this. The Linux support was what was pushing to UE4, but this is making me seriously consider buying Unity Pro.

  62. No words to say THANK YOU!!! The Future is brighter!!!

  63. sasitha wathmal

    八月 29, 2015 9:57 上午

    cheers!!! unity
    waited for a long time :)

  64. Tested in debian 8. i was expecting less stability. works amazing!

  65. Nice, I’ve been waiting for the day when I can finally use Unity in GNU/Linux. One big step forward for linux gaming.

  66. This is the best thing that happened this week by far!

  67. Thank you so much for bringing the Unity editor to Linux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Finally! Props to the unity team

  69. Such exciting news!!!!

  70. Will installing this on Linux count towards my maximum number of activations as a Unity Pro user?

  71. Awesome :) Thank you for bringing Unity to Linux

    I want to give information about a bug but I can’t open unity forums, my IP is banned. (and I hadn’t done anything :( !!! )

    Unity crashes when I add a 3D object

  72. Awesome news, guys. Thanks.

  73. Unity makes me horny. Going to update my system from windows to linux as soon as you guys publish official release! Loyal to unity community 4ever!

  74. So many linux hippies

  75. Mauricio Marinho

    八月 28, 2015 3:18 下午

    GREAT! That was fast! At least faster than the competition (:

  76. My respect for Unity is growing. With Linux build of the Editor, and Open Sourcing of the Unity Components, my loyalty is growing strong!

  77. Thank you so much Unity Team ! You are awesome !

  78. Awesome!!
    Blender + Unity do a great work together!!

  79. This is so exciting. I’ve been waiting for this for years. Its been nice to build for Linux, but so disappointing that I always had to use Windows to do it. Thanks for all the hard work, guys, and I hope the Linux port eventually becomes official!

  80. If anyone is interested in running Unity3d inside a Docker container there are some notes here :

  81. 非常感谢提供linux版本,这样我也不用经常的切换系统来运行unity3d了。

  82. Awesome! Now, Unity3D gets my attention!

  83. I`ve been waiting for it for very long. Great job!

  84. Thanks guys! I’ve already sent you one bug report but this is promising.

  85. Thank you for a great job!

  86. Hell yeah!! Its a dream come true!! Way to exited for these!! now game developers could say goodbye to windows!!

  87. I’M SO EXCITED! Thanks, Unity team!

  88. Thank you for the release of this great product for the best OS! I’ll try it ASAP. Thanks again.

  89. YES! Thank you for all your work on this!

  90. Francesco Miglietta

    八月 27, 2015 3:45 下午

    Great News!
    Downloaded straight away ;)

    Just 2 questions..

    1. When 5.2 will be released, is that very hard to foresee you will be able to compile Unity for linux again?
    2. In case of future updates, will them happen through “check for updates” menu or via a new *.deb file (manual update)?

    Can’t wait for the official support!

    Thank you

    1. Regarding your second question, we’ll announce new linux builds via the forum thread. So you’ll have to check there and download and install new .deb manually.

      The ‘check for updates’ feature will not be used for linux build as long as they are in ‘experimental’ stage.

  91. Dream Come True

  92. I already used Blender and Gimp alongside Unity. I used windows only for Unity. THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!

  93. syed zainul abedin

    八月 27, 2015 1:30 下午

    Thank you soooo much…It’s the perfect time for the release as I am working on the project.BTW I HATE MICROSOFT.

  94. 2015 is a great year so far for Linux.

    I had a checklist of 6 more things that I needed on Linux to be finally rid of Windows forever, this news has made that list to only 3 others remaining!

    With Microsoft release of Visual Studio, Netflix, and Apple making Swift available on Linux ASAP also – all i need is HBO Now and Google Drive client.

    I was hung up on Fiddler, Skala, and Sketch but i found alternatives that i like just as much so they weren’t on my list.

    3 to go! Half way there! Go Linux! Thank you Unity!

    1. Try InSync for a Drive client. I find it superior to Google’s own on Windows as well. Sure, it’s non-free, but it’s well worth it.

  95. Awesome news, thanks guys! Been waiting for a really great game editor to arrive for so long! ^_^

  96. Working perfect on GNU/Debian , and installing on Ubuntu 14.04 right now (and finally Deleting Windows partition) , thankyou developers I love Unity5 :)

  97. Studio Junkyard

    八月 27, 2015 1:07 下午

    I’m so excited about Unity3D on Linux, that I added the Unity3D icon to a web font project that I maintain.

  98. Awesome ! Thank you very much for sharing this…

  99. This is fantastic news! Thanks so much for doing this!

  100. Harald H Gundersen

    八月 27, 2015 10:30 上午

    Just exactly what are the advantages of running on Linux instead of using windows???

    (Just asking, being not too familiar with Linux)

    1. If you haven’t used Linux distros at all, then nothing. If you made friendship with one of them, you just can’t let it go and are happy to leave Windows behind.

  101. Thank you very much! I was waiting for a long time ago. Testing and porting my project to linux!

  102. Great stuff :D Thanks you so much!

  103. Peter Willemsen

    八月 27, 2015 9:56 上午

    Yes! Finally released from that virus os! I kept running windows as a dual boot on my ubuntu laptop just for unity3d. If this works well I’ll remove windows with no grief at all. Thanks!

  104. Finally !!!!!!!

  105. I just started using Unity at work about a month ago and have become fond of it, and wanted to start a personal project at home. To think, I was considering installing windows… phew that was a close one. I hope this makes its way out of the experimental phase into full blown supported!

  106. Finally! yes!

  107. That’s awesome news!

  108. Finally its come. Now I like unity .

  109. An excellent news! I use it on my kubuntu since yesterday, it’s a bit unstable but I can work on my projects on Linux! No needs to reboot on Windows to do that.

  110. Any plans on Raspberry Pi 2 Linux?

    1. TheDiamondGames

      八月 27, 2015 2:09 下午

      It should be compatible if, you build everything for arm. But I would say don’t expect an editor for arm if there’s no linux player for arm

  111. Thank you so much. I’ve been running Unity in a VM and in Wine (less effectively) for years. I really appreciate this move. I also appreciate your answers to the technical question in the comment.

    I hope this works out well for you, with Linux becoming a bigger gaming platform, and the big community of devs on Linux.

  112. I have waited and prayed for this for years. Finally, I can be completely free of the Windows cancer. Unity 3D was the only Windows program I’ve had to keep using, everything else I use is linux software like Blender, Gimp, gEdit, etc.

  113. Working great on Debian Stretch, zero installation issues (.deb).

  114. Like some have said, this was my last step to moving to linux! There will be times where I need windows though. :) At least Windows 10 looks promising enough to warrant me investing for it.

    As for me testing this, will do when I find a spare PC to drop linux on! :)

  115. Thanks for supporting Linux.

  116. It’s interesting:

    Especially if we look at Technology and Desktop Operating System. Over 20% for Linux among developers.

  117. So I got it installed and running but the assets folder is completely empty…

  118. Dude. I hate to break it to you but Unity has been on Linux for like ever. It’s the default DE of Ubuntu for like years.

    1. LOL, I was about to post the same. Good one.

  119. Perhaps I am mistaken, but does this mean I need a 64bit machine? I am stuck in the dark ages with my old 32bit donated PC. Any love for the plebs?

    1. Seriously? If it’s a 32 bit machine, how do you expect to develop anything modern on that? Your comment doesn’t sound serious…

    2. 32-bit platform makes no sense for me in 3D developing. It’s ridiculous. I’m surprised Unity 3D still maintain 32-bit versions of Unity Editor. The efforts should be focused on the 64-bit Linux editor instead. I see three equivalent 64-bit Unity Editors: Windows, Mac and Linux. It seems clear and reasonable.

      1. Definitely not trolling but I might be confused. I don’t plan to develop, only play. specifically smaller games my machine can handle. For example a game called Vega Conflict is browser baser and runs unity however it doesn’t run on my machine, even after trying pipelight I am confused by the whole debacle. I’m hoping that some amount of linux specific integration would help this issue but I’m definitely not at the level to say yes or no here.

        1. Tomasz Gałkowski

          九月 30, 2015 5:13 下午

          Well, you are clearly not understanding the difference between Unity Player and Unity Editor. Games built on top of Unity engine can be ported to any platform that has Unity Player compatibility. But to actually develop and create games you need the Editor. The Editor is what was released recently, Player has been on Linux for some time now. Thanks to it’s presence we can play Kerbal Space Program for example.

          Now you can DEVELOP and create games on Linux. Not only for Linux.

  120. AWESOOOOMEOO!! Please keep going with this! I am always forced to use Windows for work for many years now! And I hate windows! I hate it so much… It is for sure the source of all evil.. (besides Apple of course)

    1. I think OS X is pretty nice overall. And being UNIX at the foundation it’s not that far from Linux.

  121. THANK YOU!!!

  122. Finally! Thank you! This was a really good decision. Linux is the ultimate platform for all the good devs.
    Keep up the good work.

  123. You’re awesome! I was thinking to switch to unreal engine because of that problem, but now I will wait to see if my favorite soft will be available on Debian ;)

  124. Thanks! I was waiting for this since ever!
    Realy, thank you!
    Please, continue working for this!

  125. Thank you!

    finally, linux users has been heard

  126. Thank you Unity! Been looking forward to this for a while and was not expecting to happen.

    Now installing Unity3d in Ubuntu!

  127. Thank you very very much! : )

  128. This installer must be run as root.
    WTF ?!!?!?!?!??!
    Never ever

    1. Yes, due to CEF / chrome sandbox.

    2. You can just extract the tar file contained in the installation script and copy the files yourself like it’s done here (If you use Arch, you can just use the AUR build. Obviously.) As you can see, the script is not being executed. “ARCHIVE=$(awk ‘/^__ARCHIVE_BEGINS_HERE__/ {print NR + 1; exit 0; }’ $pkgname-installer-$” gets the line numer where the tar begins, and “tail -n+$ARCHIVE $pkgname-installer-$ | tar xj” simply outputs the archive to stdout where tar can read it over stdin.

    3. Erm, but of course! You have to install it as admin in GNU/Linux systems… This are not windows or apples… sudo it and don’t complain with basics…

  129. wow!!!! Big THX ))))))))

  130. Marc Jeffrey Driftmeyer

    八月 26, 2015 9:03 下午

    What is with the 32bit requirement? Can’t you build Unity for Linux as 64bit only? I sure as hell am not installing a 2GB editor and an additional 500MB of 32bit subsystem that blows up GNOME 3.16 on Debian just to try this out.

    1. Some parts of Unity (like the shader compiler) are 32-bit — on all platforms.

  131. Marc Jeffrey Driftmeyer

    八月 26, 2015 9:03 下午

    What is with the 32bit requirement? Can’t you build Unity for Linux as 64bit only? I sure as hell am not installing a 2GB editor and an addtional 500MB of 32bit subsystem that blows up GNOME 3.16 on Debian just to try this out.

  132. What a great timing! Just after buying Playmaker and making Unity work good out of wine (not so good timing, hahah). Sadly I’m getting a failed download all the time :(

  133. Congratulations on this release. Way to go. Really Linux is a great development platform. Hopefully more tools are ported to Linux.

  134. Wooooohoooooooooo!!!

  135. Thank you so, so much for the Linux release. This was the only thing keeping me from developing KSP mods, and my own strategy game. So, thank you!!

  136. Awesome! Been waiting a while for this, super happy that you guys went ahead with it.

  137. So much happiness and so much love. Natasha, you and your team deserve a trophy and some pizza. No really, very impressed, and very joyful!!

    1. Not just a trophy and pizza. A Pizza Trophy!

  138. You guys are the best, really
    Now we can say goodbye to Microsoft

    1. GOODBYE M$!!! :D

  139. Na’Tosha, Levi and team… thank you very much for all your hard work! It is almost downloaded am about to give it a try!

  140. I love you!!!!!

  141. YES! This is something that I’ve been hoping for. Thank you very much. I’m going to download it and try it out.

  142. Installs and runs on Gentoo. Cool!

  143. Marcius Oliveira

    八月 26, 2015 6:59 下午

    Starting the test :D thanks a lot Unity \o/ I ll pay with my feedback

  144. Wow, awesome!
    Download is running. I will give feedback as soon I tried it out.

  145. Juan Sebastian Munnoz

    八月 26, 2015 6:28 下午

    Natosha, Levi <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :D, oh, and more <3 <3 !

  146. Finally… I have been trying to migrate entirely from Windows for my development PC and unity is the last thing i need to complete my migration. A dream come true

  147. This is really awesome news.
    Very fast installation, no bugs seen so far.
    Now I can finally use Unity properly in my much prefered development enviroment.

  148. Awesome news!

  149. Great deal!!!! Thanx!!!

  150. Could you show the comments in chronological order? It’s impossible to make sense of them currently. Thanks.

  151. Works extremely well for an experimental build! Huge congratulations to the Unity team!

    For those who have used Unity in Wine before, in comparison this native build is very performant and stable. Props to the Wine team for their efforts and being a good standby until this development.

    Ubuntu MATE 15.04.

  152. From Russia with Love! :D

    八月 26, 2015 5:24 下午


    Please make some good testing under KDE (Kubuntu 14.04 LTS). :)

  153. Na’tosha Bard, 2 years ago I visited the Unity offices in Copenhagen and I have a faint memory of possibly spotting you there. If I would had known what you were doing (or were going to do) for the Linux community I would had shook your hand and thanked you in person. But instead this internet message will have to do. Thank you so very much! I am extremely grateful!

  154. Rizkie Yudha Pratama

    八月 26, 2015 5:16 下午

    Finally after the long wait, going to test it as soon as possible.

    Thank You Unity Technology!

    One step closer to finally throw my Windows instalation away.

  155. That is very good news!

    How about licensing Pro.

    I have one license on a Mac and one on a windows machine.
    Do I have to return one license so I can license the pro version?

  156. Awesome. This was the only piece of software that kept me on windows!

  157. Running it right now on Fedora 22 ! Awesome ! :)
    Just make sure not to install it in your downloads folder, otherwise it won’t work

  158. Can I install this through Docker I wonder?

  159. Please share to Open Suse.

    1. The unofficial platform-agnostic installer worked for me on OpenSuse 13.1.

      1. Finally! OpenSUSE is my favourite distro too and having any software I like on it has been aways my dream. We need the stable and fully-fledged Unity Editor and f*ck Windows.

  160. Wow, thanks ! I was waiting for this to develop my future games on Unity

  161. Zauber Paracelsus

    八月 26, 2015 4:08 下午

    Where do we report bugs? Because I tried running it and it’s stuck on “Connecting” and is eating up 100% CPU on one of my cores.

    1. Zauber Paracelsus

      八月 26, 2015 4:09 下午

      Hold up: after force-killing it and then restarting, the issue went away. May have been a fluke.

        1. Zauber Paracelsus

          八月 26, 2015 4:11 下午


      1. Zauber Paracelsus

        八月 26, 2015 4:11 下午

        Okay, showstopper issue: I can’t type anything in the editor.

        1. Popa Adrian Marius

          八月 26, 2015 4:56 下午

          If you start from command line /opt/Unity/Editor/Unity

          Seems that it works sometimes …

        2. I happened to have multiple inputs and ran into this problem. The way I found that fixed it was switching input to something else then back, then I could typed stuff in as normal.

  162. Yeah !! i’ve install it and working on my Laptop (ubuntu 14.04 64bit)

  163. This is awesome. Going to do some digging. Need to check out the licensing, but if it’s viable I’ll try to create an ebuild for this for Gentoo users like myself.

  164. I cannot type the symbol ‘@’ into the login details… Internacionalization issues?

  165. Finally I can learn Unity in my machine!!! Thanks

  166. Finally, we can soon move completely to Ubuntu, this was the only piece of software we were waiting for. Thanks Unity Technologies, continue developing it and support it for Linux :D

  167. Downloading… for Ubuntu 14.04

  168. NICE :)

    it would be cool if it could be bundled in the future with Visual Studio Code for Linux to support debugging and to get away from monodevelop

  169. Just moved our team to linux (web and game developers). So happy this came out!!!!!!!!!!!

  170. Cool! Love you guys!

  171. Unity on Unity :D
    (for those that don’t get the reference, Ubuntu’s default desktop environment is called Unity.)

    Great to see this happen.

    Finally i can fully switch to linux without missing anything important.

  173. Will it run on Chromebooks, like the Acer C720?

    1. Hardware-wise, I’d expect it to run, but maybe not as nicely as on a more powerful machine.
      I think you’ll need to be running a “normal Linux” instead of ChromeOS, though. (Maybe somebody will prove me wrong!)

    2. I doubt you would be able to run it on a chromebook running chromeos (although, in theory ,it’s probably possible), but if you are running Linux on it then you should be able to run it. I’ve at least managed to run the windows version of Unity5 through Wine on a Acer Chromebook c710 running Ubuntu 14.04. (although it was a bit too unstable)

      I can test this native version on my Acer C710 with Ubuntu 14.04 and get back to you if you want. :)

      1. LOL, you are the man! I’m running crouton on all of my chromebooks and have been able to get a fair amount of native ubuntu software running. The biggest challenge is the low amounts of memory on chromebooks, although I’ve heard that some people use SD cards to alleviate things. I think you should try to install unity on a chromebook and report back to all.

        1. HD space is not an issue on the C710 as it had a 320gb HDD. ;) Although I did replace it with a 60gb SSD. Note that my C710 also has maxed RAM (4GB)

          Note that I got regular Ubuntu 14.04 on this C710 with an open source bios (I think it was called Seabios) so that I am not running Ubuntu on top of chroot, nor with the chrubuntu script.

          I just tried installing Unity, and although I haven’t done any thorough testing it seems to be working quite fine. It was actually quicker at starting up than on my custom built i5 PC (with same distro) for some odd reasons.

          So yeah! All is good here! I might do some more thorough posts in the forum when I have more time.

  174. Daniel Branicki

    八月 26, 2015 2:01 下午

    Awesome news! Hopefully I’ll be able to test this soon.

  175. I got a “this package is of bad quality” error when trying to install with USC. I can continue with the install, but that’s not optimal

  176. Alright, so how exactly do I install this?

    1. If you’re on Ubuntu, just open the .deb in Ubuntu Software Center (and read the release notes post in the forum – some platforms, e.g. Android, have additional external dependencies, just like on other platforms)
      On other distributions, you’ll need to install your own dependencies (also discussed on the forum) and run the self-extracting installer script.

      1. Studio Junkyard

        八月 26, 2015 1:58 下午

        If your using Linux Mint 17.2, I right-clicked and selected “Open with GDebi Package Installer”, worked without issue.

        1. I tried this, but it says that the file may be corrupted or I dont have permisions, but I do have permissions as I am set as the owner…

  177. finally, a dream come true

  178. Studio Junkyard

    八月 26, 2015 1:14 下午

    Awesome, 951MB is a little on the large side though. I’ll be happy to give feedback once I have a bit of a play with it.
    Is there an official repository to report feedback and issue’s?

    1. Studio Junkyard

      八月 26, 2015 1:16 下午

      Ooops, sorry, I should have read more of article, I see you do have a place for feedback.

  179. At last. A competitor to UnrealEngine :D
    But the question remains:
    Will it ble… be open source ?

      1. Awesome!! I actually didn’t expect this much progress this soon. Well done team!

        I’m sure you guys have already thought of the amount of confusion this will create for Google search queries :) Just google “Unity Ubuntu”, you’ll see what I mean.

    1. We do have an initiative in place to open the source of parts of the engine where we can – for example, the UI system is (mostly) open source. You can expect to see more parts of what we develop joining it there in the future.

      Unfortunately, just dumping all the source code on a public server somewhere is not an option, not least because we integrate third party technologies and platform modules that are not ours to publish.

      1. doesn’t seem to be stopping the guys at epic…

        I think it probably has more to do with the fact that Unity wants to control the feature set so they can sell future licenses. How are you going to convince me to buy Unity 6 when I’ve already implemented the features that you’re trying to sell me?