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Apple has recently announced a new generation of Apple TV devices and a new operating system for them: tvOS. This new operating system opens up opportunities to bring your great games to Apple TV devices. And we are happy to announce that we are already working to bring Unity runtime and all your games made with Unity to this new platform. Actually, we have already helped some chickens to cross roads at the Apple announcement event ;).

While tvOS is built on iOS heritage, it went under heavy cleanup process: numerous of frameworks are absent on tvOS and some new requirements are in place. TV in general is quite different in terms of how content is presented, consumed and interacted, which makes it more accurate to treat it as a separate platform rather than extension of the iOS platform.

CrossyRoad AppleTV

Currently, we are working with a closed focus group to iterate, improve and polish Apple TV support. If you’re getting an Apple TV devkit, don’t hesitate to ping us, we would be happy to add you to that group. When we feel it is ready, we will open it up for public beta testing. We don’t have any dates to share yet; although we expect this to happen later this fall.

Apple tvOS deployment will be available to Pro developers as a part of the iOS Pro add-on license.  If you use Unity’s Personal Edition, you can also deploy to tvOS.

Preparing your game for Apple TV

There is no need to wait until the new generation of devices ship. It’s possible to begin preparing your game content for tvOS already now. You can get pretty close to the tvOS experience by connecting an iPhone6+ to an external TV via HDMI cable and pairing it with a wireless MFi certified Game Controller. Here is a quick checklist of what your game should pass to be ready for tvOS:

  • Make sure your game runs fine on the latest Unity 5.x version. Apple TV support will be based on the latest Unity 5 version available at release time.
  • You should be able to control your game with just the Apple TV remote alone. However, we think the best way to prepare in its absence is to make it work with Game Controllers first. Make sure all of your in-game UI responds to Game Controller inputs. It should be playable without ever touching the screen. Later, you can easily improve on that by using the new remote touch gestures and gyroscope or accelerometer input.
  • Apple TV devices will have virtually no persistent store for your games, so moving your game saves to Cloud becomes a necessity.
  • Apple TV is a streamed content device and your games are expected to be streamed if they take more than 200 MB of disk space. Here comes On Demand Resource support to the rescue. You can learn more about it in our forum post.
  • Most of the plugins will need to be recompiled specifically for this new platform, some of their functionality might even be unavailable on this platform. Please review all the plugins you are using inside your game and contact their providers for Apple TV support.

Don’t forget to try brave new ideas on how to make your game benefit from the new experience of a big TV screen and the whole family watching and playing your game together. The tvOS store is unique and promises lots of fun times ahead! Enjoy!

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Hi there – my partner and I have several Unity Apps to port and we have the new Apple TV. Can we please get access to the beta test group please?


Hi there – my partner and I have several Unity Apps to port and we have the new Apple TV. Can we please get access to the beta test group please?


With hardware now available at retail, should/can we still ask for tvOS beta access or are we waiting closer to 5.3…. or something else?

I have the AppleTV Dev Kit, can I please get access to the beta test group please?
I have a Unity 5 Pro license.

I’m receive an apple tv devkit and i have unity pro and ios license of unity … Could you add me to the alpha testing list?


We are registered developer and having UNITY 5 IOS Pro license.

We are willing to port our existing games for Apple TV OS and wanted to know how we can do so

Abhishek Vyas

Great article. For those who live outside US like me, you can access Netflix, Hulu and similar media stations on your Apple TV by using UnoTelly or similar tools.

Just received my AppleTV dev kit today and am interested in bringing one of my iOS games to AppleTV – would love to join the relative Unity beta.

We got an Apple TV devkit as well. Can you add us to the beta group..
We have Unity5 pro license with iOS Pro. Thank you!
Be Studios Montreal


I have also just received Apple TV dev kit, can you please add me too to the beta?

Thanking you in advance,

Have ATV development kit and am hoping that Unity3d will provide the necessary integration for this new platform…please add me to the Beta team!

I have the Apple Development Kit. Been playing around in Xcode. Please add me to the Focus Group. Apple TV and Unity is exactly why I became a Unity developer, interactive Tv!

I have an AppleTV Dev Kit but only a personal edition account for unity 5, will I be able to gain access to Unity with tvOS compatiblity whilst in development testing or will I have to wait for a stable personal edition?

My AppleTV DevKit is in the post (part to the due to overwhelming demand batch!).
Please could you add me to the test group.

Hello! I have an Apple TV dev kit and would like to be added to the Unity beta w/ Apple TV support.


This maybe a dumb question, but would you need a OS X computer to develop for the new Apple TV? Also, are you able to make a highly detailed guide to develop for Android TV? I have an ADT-1, and I’d like to learn as much as possible.

Awesome news! Dropped an email, I really hope we can be part of this as it seems really exciting xD

We’ve emailed a couple of Unity contacts but would love to be on the list and get access to this ASAP. We have the kit and ready to start testing

Hey Unity Team ! We’ve just received our Dev Kit and are eager to start tinkering with it. Any chance to get an invite ? (We have Unity 5 iOS Pro of course !).
Thanks !

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Hello I have the AppleTV Dev Kit, can I please get access to the beta test group please? I have a Unity 5 Pro license.

Is there an ETA of when a beta will be available for Unity Personal users as well? I have been selected for receiving a devkit and I would like to start developing for it. I think everyone getting a devkit can be useful for helping to find bugs, and obviously we would be happy to do it. :)

Great, is there a form somewhere to apply for the alpha test group? We have the dev kit coming within the next 2 days. Also we’ve got a Unity 5 pro licenses and iOS add-on. So i guess we meet the requirements :)

I will be receiving a dev kit within the next week. I’d really like to be part of your closed group. I have Unity Pro iOS 4.x, but have not put the money into 5 yet. Can I use this with 5 Community edition?
Thanks, I look forward to it.

I have desktop unity pro, but no iOS pro. However, I have a suggestion. Call me crazy, but wouldn’t it be better to widen the ‘alpha’ testing to TVos to people who ARENT ios pro with one condition? That condition is – prove via invoice or some method to prove you have the kit. Then open it to those people.

There are lots of people who have the kit now, and realized they cannot test it because they have to wait. I would think this would make the testing better, more suggestions and bugs being fixed faster or at least revealed quicker. Sure you’ll open it up once it’s released but that doesn’t help the now does it?

Feels like a missed opportunity, and I personally I’m pretty mad about it myself. I’m not saying everyone gets ‘in’ I’m talking about those who truly have the kit and are ready to test.

Make it a requirement for feedback, and whatever. Do something!!


P.S. CMON!!!!

[…] Unity has announced that it’s working with focus groups to ensure that other developers can easily bring their […]

[…] Unity has announced that it’s working with focus groups to ensure that other developers can easily bring their […]

Hi Mantas,

Dropped you an email regarding getting an early build for TVOS – any idea on how long before we’re added. We’re working on our title now so keen to make sure we can still work with Unity

We have an iOS pro add on license too

Many Thanks


Bit unclear what this means “Apple tvOS deployment will be available to Pro developers as a part of the iOS Pro add-on license. If you use Unity’s Personal Edition, you can also deploy to tvOS.”

So you will be able to deploy with Unity’s free personal edition, without any add-ons ?

Great to hear it’s official. I think some people don’t realize how huge this platform is going to be once thousands of developers are producing new apps and games for it. It would be nice if we could get some more detailed specs about the capabilities of the hardware? A8 chip? how many cores? memory? performance?

As to player prefs – might Unity create some kind of cloud-based prefs storage of their own to make this easy?

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Congratulations. It is good to know that Unity is working in partnership with great players of all kinds of platforms.
It is showing that is a good thing to stay with Unity.

Good to see that Unity supports Apple TV. However I rather see development going in some serious features like, SSRR or new terrain system which is open for about 2 years now, then Apple TV which actually hardly anyone uses for gaming. Why would you start gaming on a TV while you have a console, pc, tablet or phone? Since interactive TV devices have been released, I have never ever met someone in real life gaming on his TV with something else then a gaming console, defiantly not Apple TV. Maybe it’s hot in the USA, but in EU I still need to meet someone that does so. I find it somehow a waste in development resources, unless it was already 1 button touch action to make it possible, then fine to me. For me Apple TV feature is something like adding a pink bunny on the top right corner of the interface, makes no sense at all. So far I haven’t seen any proof that Apple TV adds even a little something to the gaming / serious gaming industry. It’s just a feature of: look it’s possible, but will anyone use it? …. nah not many.

Apple Watch is… Not an iOS device. It’s EXTREMLY limited in what it can do thanks to the tiny form factor having very little room for battery power. Were Apple to add a 3D graphics library to it the battery would probably die in seconds.

Oh wow.. Ok — I’m getting a DevKit, but my current iOS game is Unity 4.6 only. Will take a bunch of work to make it 5 compatible I think. Also, I’ll need to change the saving structure entirely.

I’d like to be a part of that group, though! Maybe all of this would be easier than I think :)

I also got my email this morning from Apple letting me know that I’d won the lotto, my AppleTV should be here later this week- I’d love to be added to the group of pre-pre-Unity testers for TVos.

Just received the confirmation email and would love to help out.

My licenses are:
– Unity 5 Pro but no iOS pro.
– Unity 4 Pro, iOS Pro, Android Pro.

Should I go ahead and begin with Unity 5 or Unity 4?

Great news all around

Thanks guys!

Our company just got the email from Apple that our AppleTV Dev Kit is on its way. How do we get into the group so we can start porting our games to it?

“Apple tvOS deployment will be available to Pro developers as a part of the iOS Pro add-on license. If you use Unity’s Personal Edition, you can also deploy to tvOS.”

Is this just an odd way of saying all users can publish for tvOS but Personal Edition users will have the Unity splash screen like all other platforms?

So far, I like everything I see about the new Apple TV – except one. It has no web browser. This is a serious flaw, and I will hold out until they bring a web browser to this incredible device.

I don’t really see how it’s clear they won’t put a browser on Apple TV but again they put the App Store on it so a browser from someone is inevitable.

CHeck out Kulestar’s PowerUI addon — it’s looks like it’s fast becoming a CSS+JS capable browser that’s written in C#, so might run on many of Unity’s platforms.

They could easily put a browser on it, I mean, an iPhone has one on a tiny screen. A tv screen is far bigger and easier to read. Plus it has an internet connection. Not exactly a huge leap to add a browser, although I’m not sure if that would redefine what apple tv is all about?

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