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Unity Analytics Update: Editor Integration, Heatmaps and Unity IAP Beta

, 十月 9, 2015

Unity Analytics is Unity’s official analytics solution. No SDK to implement and it’s free! We have been hard at work expanding our analytics product and we are excited to announce the following new features now available: Native Engine Integration, Heatmaps, and Unity IAP Closed Beta Program.

Given the extremely competitive game landscape, analytics is important. However, in the real world there are also trade-offs, especially when it comes to development resources. Do you spend time:

  • integrating analytics or [designing a new dungeon level]?
  • integrating analytics or [improving your tutorial]?
  • integrating analytics or [building a new boss encounter]?

It’s about trade-offs and we understand that. Integrating an analytics solution takes away precious game development time. However, making these game design tweaks without understanding the impact and quantifying the effect is basically flying in the dark.

At Unity Analytics, we are focused on making sure developers don’t have to make this trade-off.  We built core analytics data tracking directly into the engine. As a result, harnessing the power of your players’ data now requires zero development resources! With a flip of a switch (ok, the Services Window) analytics is now instantly available!


Not only do we provide readily available graphs and charts for your analysis, we’re excited to share with you another tool to visualize your data Heatmaps! Take your raw event data and convert your data into easily understood three-dimensional information that you can view right inside your game level. Heatmaps help you to understand your data in the context of your game. Visually answer questions such as where your player is dying in your game or which road is most travelled. Read our forum post to get started. 


At Unite Boston we announced Unity In App Purchase (IAP) – an extensible cross platform API built into the Engine. Unity IAP makes it easy to implement In App Purchases into your application across the most popular App stores. Early next year, we’re rolling out universal reporting, receipt validation, and hosted inventory management. We’re happy to share that we’re looking for Closed Beta testers! Sign up here (in the Unity IAP section).

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We have added many of these features in direct response to feedback from the community, so thank you! Please let us know what you think and also which features you would like to see us offer next. Share your feature requests in the feedback tracker. To get started with Unity Analytics – Sign up now. The beta is free to all Unity developers!

16 replies on “Unity Analytics Update: Editor Integration, Heatmaps and Unity IAP Beta”

Wow … really looking forward to native IAP. I’d also love native components like advertising for the big advertising companies, apple game centre, google play logins and so on.

Look, it is all great and all, but I’ve been working on unity project for few months, and we were hitting multiple difficulties in core systems, and keep experiencing poor support and lack of help from the community. We’re using free version, but the whole unity situation is depressing and feels like I’m on sinking ship trying to get rid of the incoming water with a teaspoon.

For example, last 5.2.1 update introduced a critical bug into animator system that keeps firing extra events from animator controllers. If blend tree is involved, it will fire all events. That one broke all our animation systems (double fireballs) and I had to downgrade to 5.1.3 till somebody fixes that mess.

Said update broke handling of 2d text in 3d space, now 1 point of font size apparently correspond to 1 meter regardless of canvas side.

We hit LIGHTING glitches that result in noticeable differently-tinted patches of lit object in any level composed from modules. Lighting, which is one of the selling points of the engine.

That’s not to mention minor stuff like unity’s utter inability to mix transparent obejcts and shadows together, even when lighting is baking, or lightmap baking taking eternity, lack of built-in nested prefab, lack of built-in brush-based building tools, inability of navsystem to mix differently sized actors, inability of mecanim to retarget non-humanoid bones.

The whole situation is utterly depressing. After working with that, unity’s beautiful blacksmith demo looks like advertising trick. Yeah, it looks pretty, but let’s face it – it displays two, maybe five objects as main focus of the demo, and they have predetermined animation, without need for all the extra features. It is lot of artistic work, and little else.

I wish you guys got your act together. Past experience with the engine gives impression that the project is either slowly dying or is severly understaffed and can’t handle the tsunami of incoming problems. At least your asset store is useful, at least when it comes to modeling assets.

Hey there V,

Just wanted to say, depending where you live there may well be a Unity User Group nearby, which is always full of helpful people. There’s nothing worse than feeling you’re alone and ‘sinking’ but honestly if you ask I bet helpful people will be around to help.

Try the live channels too, such as mIRC or Colloquy sometimes there’s a lot of people who are online listening, working but they keep an eye on the channels too. (bottom right).

Also Unity 5.x is a huge release and judging from the Unite conference in Amsterdam (which I was lucky enough to attend) there was a huge undertaking from Unity to solve issues as quickly as possible (hence the patches) and the roadmaps for new stuff, but supporting 22 platforms even with 600+ has got to be a giant task.

I too have been pretty frustrated by certain things which seem to have just broken, when they were fine, but I’m not near to releasing yet so I’m lucky I guess.

I hope you find the answers to those issues, if not back up and drop back to an earlier version for now.

All the best


V, it sucks to have to say this, but I’ll say it anyways. Never implement the latest and greatest version of *anything* from *any* software product until you’ve tested and vetted it.

I’ve worked 10+ years in enterprise for a 30 y/o enterprise software company. People talk about how slow enterprise is, and yet the sector I work in is one of the most bleeding edge (for enterprise) and we have to tell our highly customized customers, “Backup your databases and test your customizations because we can’t catch everything.”

The same applies to Unity. I ran into bugs in the Unity 5.0 beta that blocked me. Did I let that stop me? No. I did my main work in Unity 4.x and/or downgraded until I saw the fix come in. Never ever trust the latest and greatest.

Friends of mine work in IT (and I used to work as a sysadmin). Always wait for “Service Pack 1” and test it. Some people are so gun-shy that they wait until “Service Pack 2” or later. That is how you run a business and release stable software. You don’t run on bleeding edge and you make informed decisions when you make the jump to the next version.

My own father in law has run SolidWorks half a dozen versions old because it is stable.

Upgrade when it is safe, when you have tested for your own situations, and when there is an actual reason to upgrade. Never upgrade “just because.” This is good and proper IT practices.

Sorry Unity, but I had to say the above. I’m not sure if you’re running split teams (bug teams and feature teams), but in my time in enterprise software I can say that this generally doesn’t work well in the long run. At least not for us. Commits need to be truly stable before merging. Death by a thousand cuts of technical debt are not fun. That’s why I only upgrade after I’ve tested and am hoping to stay away from anything that affects my own projects.

Be nice to see these on PS4 and other platforms as it’s always important to see where users are having difficulty, so that’s indirect monetization by way of tuning the game for more to enjoy.

Great on IAP side! Please bring social networking feature and end the Prime31(bad documentation, worse support ever) tyranny for all. I’m sure Unity will support their products like before.

I hope all this stuff will be an optional module.

I don’t ever want something like that (mostly IAP, but Analytics/Telemetry, too, beyond the beta testing phase) in my own games, so I hope that I can avoid having a lot of dead code and its dependencies in my footprint.

IAP & Analytics is integrated as a module.

Thus on all IL2CPP platforms, we do deadcode stripping against the module when it is not enabled. Usage of those two features is of course optional.

As an asset developer, I’m most than interested in Analytics be able to monitor my assets usage inside Unity Editor (not at runtime). Would that be possible someday?

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