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Unity Analytics released the second edition of the “Games by the Numbers” report, which employs data to reveal game install trends across different platforms, devices and regions. The infographic below summarizes the findings. Enjoy!

You can also download the full report here.


21 replies on “Mobile Gaming Industry Trends – 2016 Q1”

Well! Yet another outstanding report on Gaming Trends.
I think this is a very fertile period for developers to engage into this growing industry.
There is this one prospect that seems really intriguing to me… The Internet Of Things
I see it as a game changer that can change fate of developers and companies behind them.
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Thanks and a Good Work, Unity!

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Do you have some statistics about x86 devices? (and other architecture statistics)
And what about windows phone? (is it “other”?)

Provides a lot of data for developers developing for the global market, just a bit sad I didn’t see Canada there :(

I dont like the fact that in the image above, Taiwan and China has the same color, which implies the two are the same country, which is not. ROC and PRC is not the same thing, if your statistic does not include Taiwan please just paint it white, thank you =]

Genuinely very interesting, however your map blatantly has the Republic of Ireland(ROI) as part of the United Kingdom(UK). This is lazy and disrespectful. Please refrain from doing this in future. Ireland is not some insignificant region to be simply and lazily lumped in with another nation, it is an independent country that has contributed much to music, arts, film, sport and technology (given the size of population).

Also the above is statistically unclear, when reporting UK numbers to these actually include ROI? Or is the map just wrong? I note that you do list Ireland as a separate country on you list of EU nations.

Using regions is fine, i.e. UK & ROI or EU, but the world map above is not acceptable.

I suspect that’s included in “Other”. As much as I would like to see WP succeed, it is nearly negligible in light of Android and iOS. Getting UWP installs for non-mobile gaming would be interesting data to see though.

Unity, care to comment?

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