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Today, it’s our pleasure to announce that Unity 5.5 beta is available for all users. We encourage you to download it and try out the many new and improved features on your project. Don’t forget to backup your projects first though – it’s a beta!

This wide release of Unity 5.5 beta continues the release pattern introduced with the release of Unity 5.4 beta in March. Meaning, that once we have sufficient feedback on real life usage of the Unity 5.5 beta, it will get promoted to stable release. Until then, those of you looking for our current stable release should grab Unity 5.4.x. We are committed to always providing you with a stable and dependable development platform. 

Without further ado, here are a few of the highlights in Unity 5.5 beta:

Improvements to Line Rendering and the Particle System

Unity 5.5 beta also offers a major improvement to how Unity renders lines and trails: The LineRenderer, which renders a line between a specified set of points, and the TrailRenderer, which renders a trail behind a moving object, have both been upgraded to use an improved line drawing algorithm. The resulting difference in rendered output is evident:

55vs54lines copy

Additionally, the particle system has received a number of new updates in Unity 5.5 beta. We’ve added new options enabling you to get creative and customize visual effects using the particle system, for example:

A new Lights Module allows you to attach real-time lights to a percentage of your particles, and lights to inherit properties from the particles they are attached to. Now it’s simple to make your particle effects cast light onto their surrounding environment:

Examples of a number of the settings available in the Lights Module:

The new Noise Module enables you to apply noise to particle movement, with quality settings provided that allow you to choose between cheap and efficient noise or smooth high quality noise:

An example of the Noise Module being put to good use:

Easily add ribbonized trails to a particle system with the new Trails Module that takes full advantage of the improved line/trail rendering capabilities in the Unity 5.5 beta:

The Trails Module features a range of useful settings to achieve various effects:

We have also made the Color Gradient system more flexible, allowing you greater control over your particle colors. Use it to select an explicit list of colors, each with their own weighting:




It’s now possible to send custom data into your particle shaders, such as their size, rotation and velocity. You can also finally send tangents to your shaders, allowing for normal mapping. Plus, if you want to attach your own custom data to particles from script, that is also possible. Here are a few of the custom effects we created during testing of this feature:

For those of you who demand even more control and customization options, all properties in the main particle settings have now been exposed to script. And if you are comfortable writing your own shaders, we’ve added support for sending custom data to particle system vertex shaders.

Finally, we’ve also lifted the restrictions on how many Sub-Emitters you can add to your effects. It’s now possible to create as many Sub-Emitters as you need, and they can also inherit properties from their parent particles, such as color, size, rotation and velocity.

We can’t wait to see the amazing visual effects you create with these updated tools!

But wait, there’s more..

Of course, that’s not the full story about Unity 5.5 beta, we also have a number of other new features and improvements for you to try:

  • The Mono C# compiler has been upgraded to Mono 4.4, and now provides better performance and many bug fixes. Note that for now, this is only an upgrade of the C# compiler, not the full Mono runtime, but we feel that it represents an important step on the journey towards modernizing and improving Unity’s .NET experience.
  • WebGL 2.0 is now enabled by default in new projects, enabling improved rendering and visual quality in browsers that support the standard, on par with OpenGL ES 3.0. Although browser support is still experimental, we expect browser vendors to start supporting the upgraded standard in stable releases soon.
  • New 2D Physics improvements, including additional collision detection options and new properties for the Rigidbody2D physics component.
  • Unity’s Texture importer has been improved, with additional options to decouple texture format from compression, texture shape from texture type, and much more. For HDR textures, Unity now supports the FP16 format and BC6H compression to offset the increased memory cost.

For an exhaustive list of features in Unity 5.5 beta, check out the full release notes. Please keep in mind that the full list of features that will be available in Unity 5.5 is still subject to change, pending feedback received during the beta cycle.

New Splash Screen Tools

The new splash screen tools will be available in a subsequent 5.5 beta, coming soon. We know you’re all excited to check this out, but as we’re moving away from holding features back for big releases, we didn’t want to hold back the other 5.5 beta features that are currently ready.

Enjoy the Unity 5.5 Beta!

We hope that your project can benefit from one of the many improvements in Unity 5.5 beta already today, and look forward to delivering increasingly polished releases of the editor throughout this coming beta cycle.

If you experience issues with Unity 5.5 beta, we encourage you to file a bug report using the Unity Bug Reporter accessible through the Help menu, and post in the Beta Forums.

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  1. What about Retina support for Unity Standalone games? The editor is now retina ready but standalone games/apps still not…

  2. For years I worked on different projects with different engine.
    Unity is very different.
    Unity gives a great opportunity to developers.
    Projects with Unity:
    Learning Unity is the speed of light
    Unity projects are fast.
    Unity in support of the miracle.

    I am working years with Unity.
    Migration to other engine is impossible.
    Because Unity is available here.
    You download the Unity
    Enjoy this engine.

    Thanks A Lot Unity Guys and Girls
    You’re amazing 8-)

  3. Does the 5.5.0b3 version has got Microsoft Hololens support?

  4. Would love for an update on Network Rendering for light maps.

  5. THANK YOU for the TrailRenderer improvements! ?

  6. any plans for better shadows? better as in more accurate, softer and higher (or custom) resolution.

    1. How about SVG shadows? They’re super smooth.

  7. These are some nice additions to the toolset, especially the use of true HDR maps for things like skies… I had an issue with setting these up and it became a pain to light my scene risking extreme overexposure.

    Are there new shaders for Sky boxes that utilize the Full HDR range? And what is the status of the Lightmapping tools that is so hotly sought after? Will we ever seen them? And will mixed mode finally get fixed?

  8. Would Unity 5.5 beta have also have all the latest bug fixes applied in the latest patch release? (5.4.0p4)

  9. larry kirschner

    九月 7, 2016 8:37 下午

    Just downloaded it and loaded up my project. Every time I try to run, I’m blocked by this error:

    All compiler errors have to be fixed before you can enter playmode!

    …the only thing is there are no errors in the console. Does this sound like any known issue?

  10. Please work hard on this and make it easy to use.
    Thank you.

  11. Diogo Rodrigues Roessler

    九月 6, 2016 9:46 上午

    Hello Unity, I would like to know if at any time you wish to make a Unity free? is a special version of Unity.

    Or if it really is always and always Unity Pro with 500 R$ per month.

    I’m from Brazil and a minimum wage here in Brazil is 620 R$. I have 3 Projects completed from 2012 to 2015. And really, I don’t want to stay a lifetime paying Unity Pro. being that I don’t make a game every month. And with the Unity Plus really after $ 3,000 I have to buy Unity Pro!

    Of course that’s the point of me a lot. I love you Unity Tech, I hope to continue doing a great job with the Unity. But you have to appreciate the Indie community too. Thanks for the space.

    1. Kristyna Paskova

      九月 6, 2016 4:45 下午

      You can always use the free version of Unity unless you make $100k/year in revenue or funding:

  12. I’ve been waiting these particle changes for a long time, the trail renderer was so bad and buggy and all the replacements in the asset store were just as bad you just couldn’t use it, now you fixed it AND you made it compatible with particle systems? Im addicted to particle systems and more options is just great, and making sub-emitter able to inherit specific properties from parent (if that’s what you meant) is mmmmm so good.

  13. Nice to see particles being improved, but I would like to see all the features from the legacy system implemented before that is removed. I’m thinking of Systematic in particular, as I use that a lot.

    1. Could you head over to the forum thread and tell us more about the things you think are missing?

  14. Three things that i’d love in this update

    – Particle system
    – JSON upgrade
    – Selection wireframe changes

    keep doing these updates!

  15. In any way I will not understand!
    Into this beta enter 2D experimental possibilities from 5.5 alpha or not?!?

  16. In any way I will not understand!
    Into this beta enter 2D experimental possibilities from 5.5.0.a6 or not?!?

  17. This article has so much particle porn, it’s beautiful

  18. A question: it’s possible to control a single particle via script? eg: the particle system fires particles, and at some precise time a user-made script controls one or more of them and move to a precise position.

  19. Any idea when we’ll have the next beta released? The current editor is quite slow. Any road-map for that?

  20. And we finally have the ‘DrawMeshInstanced’ API. Very very useful. But the beta is quite unusable, a lot of lag in it (that’s for my open-world project, I don’t know about others). So I guess I’ll have to wait for the second beta.

    Any ideas/notes on the timeline of the second release? One, two, three weeks, months?

  21. Nice update, but please fix point light shadows, they’re too pixelated.

  22. Thanks guys! New compiler is super cool, but we need new runtime too:

  23. I made some tutorials for unity 5.5. I hope they help.
    Unity 5.5 – Particle –
    Unity 5.5 – Particle Trails –
    Unity 5.5 – Random Color Particle –
    Unity 5.5 – Particle Light –
    Unity 5.5 – Particle Noise –

    1. Thanks a lot. ;)

  24. Can’t wait to give this a try! I’ve been hacking together some of my FX by making custom meshes/shaders with ShaderForge and custom C# scripts, but I’d love to be able to mitigate some of the heavy lifting using these new features.

    I’d love to see copy/paste in editor and a way to find dependencies in my scenes in future versions. All too often do I delete an asset and find a big hot pink mesh/”missing prefab” note somewhere screaming at me simply because I deleted something in cleanup.

  25. This article appear with a Chinese title and no content on my mobile…

  26. I’d rather have copy-paste in the inspector, a shortcut manager, or assets dependency finder, rather than more features.

  27. Do you plan to include an option to disable billboard on trail and line renderer? This would be useful in some cases.

  28. I tried the particle trail module a bit. When the turn of the trail is perpendicular to the camera, it looks rather awful even with zero min vertex distance. ( Is there anyway to smooth it?

  29. ¿Is there an option to draw non stripped lines? (so each segment is always compossed of two points, right now it use the last point of a segment as the start point of the next one). I want to be able to draw several non connected segments using the same LineRenderer.

  30. Particals ans rendereres are great . But there is Nested Prefabs ???

  31. Particals ans trails are great . But there is Nested Prefabs ???

  32. Awesome work, guys! Congratulations! :) Keep it up!

  33. “UNITY 5.5 测试版现已发布!” nice work guys, you wiped the article…

  34. I made a suggestion of inherit size for particle subemitter before which seems to be available in 5.5 (, but I wonder if my suggestion of changing the distance emission rate conversely has been taken into consideration.

  35. Martin Rodriguez

    八月 31, 2016 5:35 上午

    Greetings team unity, have plans to particle system can be used in the system UI? :)

  36. better particle and better line , yes! (too bad i lose an asset idea)

  37. the new particles look great :)

  38. Hi! Thanks for the good news.
    In the Roadmap section there is the following note concerning Line/Trail Renderer: Fully exposed to script. Is it done? I haven’t found any information about this in the release notes.
    What I’d really expect is that “colors” property is exposed to script. This would allow making rich effects like smooth fading of the Trail instead of clumsy solution via modifying “material.color”.

      1. Ah, thanks mate!

  39. Abouts when can we expect the new Navmesh API ?? my project wants it !! :)

    1. Stefan Schubert

      八月 31, 2016 1:26 下午

      It is not yet in a state to make it to beta yet so it will most likely not be in 5.5. Sorry.

  40. mistake random particle render… after Texture Sheet Animation Checked.

  41. Wow. Waiting for the tutorials about the new particle\trail system. Thanks a lot guys. ;)

  42. When will C# 7 (sic!) be available?

    1. Stefan Schubert

      八月 31, 2016 1:32 下午

      There is no timeline for this yet. The compiler upgrade is the first step for us to get there.
      See for more details about the compiler upgrade.

  43. Beautiful particles! Please make a tutorial for noobies how you make complex ones. Especially The Trails Module examples! :)) Great job! <3

  44. Hello, i was so waiting update for line rendering, but it works as before…when i try to draw line with low angle, line rotates… and how larger is screen more u can notice rotation of line.

    1. I recommend to use the forum to ask question how to use the new feature(s). The 5.5 beta forum is probably a good place to ask about 5.5 specific features:

      The forum is an easier place to have a discussion than here.

      If you think you found an issue, I suggest to submit a bug-report. If Unity is having a bug-report in their system, along with a (example) project to reproduce the error and test their fix against, changes to receive an actual fix are a gazillion times better than posting a comment here.

      See the following link to understand how Unity wants us to submit bug-reports.

  45. Release the particle examples please!

  46. What about the BC4 / BC5 texture formats mentioned on the Roadmap?
    BC6 / 7 is nice, but 4/5 would be really useful for us.

    1. There was an error in our release notes script, this was missing:

      – Graphics: Added support for BC4/BC5 texture formats on PC and consoles. The new formats are available in texture import format override options (they are not used by default), or when creating textures from scripts.

      Fixed the release notes accordingly.

      1. Great, that’s good news!

  47. Heavy VFX update, wow!
    Really looking forward to this, thx Unity! :)

  48. any possibility for an Event when a GameObject’s transform changes, so we can glue our collision/navigation proxies together without checking for position/velocity changes every frame?

  49. What does the new Mono 4.4 compiler mean in terms of new C# syntax support?

    I know at least some of the new syntax doesn’t require a new Mono runtime.

    1. Stefan Schubert

      八月 31, 2016 1:34 下午

      The compiler upgrade is still targeting the same C# version and .Net runtime.
      See for more details.

  50. Time for celebration!!!!!

  51. Are those particles random or do we still need to set seed value?

  52. time to update with better line renderer..great patch ..looking forward for tile map sooner though. :)

  53. Does the Mono 4.4 Compiler mean C# 6.0 support in Unity? If so, that would certainly be great.

    1. No, we’re not supporting C# 6 yet. This compiler upgrade just provides performance improvements and corrects compiler bugs. We’ll enable C# 6 support later when the .NET runtime and class libraries are updated. Have a look a this forum post for more details.

    2. Per release notes: “The new compiler still targets C# 4 and .Net 3.5”

      Unity: This is the first and only comment I’ve posted but your WP script says, “You’re posting comments too quickly, slow down.” (Maybe clicking “Reply” followed by “Post Comment”?)

  54. Line renderer nice! Another step for C# 6 :) Do you plan to include summaries for .Net Class Libraries?

    1. Note that we’re not changing the .NET class libraries or the C# language version yet. Have a look a this forum post for more details.

      Those improvements are under active development though, so they will be coming soon.

  55. Are you going to release a particles example project with things like the embers and trails with lights etc (basically the stuff we see here)?

  56. Finally… FINALLY a proper improvement towards the particles, especially the LineRenderer! I’m excited to try out the beta!

  57. Do we still have memory leaks with foreach when compiling with mono 4.4?

    1. Even the current C# compiler shipped with Unity doesn’t have memory leaks, but it does allocate unnecessarily during foreach loops. This new compiler fixes that issue. Checkout this forum thread for more information.

      1. Wow, amazing then.. Can’t wait to study the new IL emits and update my understanding of the issue. :)

    2. Most likely, as the leak comes from how the .NET runtime accesses the enumerator via a boxed interface instead of a struct.

      You can compile with any compiler you want – e.g. try out to compile with MS’ cl.exe and you will still leak in Unity.

      The other way around, you can execute the IL compiled by mono on a windows .NET platform and you won’t leak on foreach.

  58. Sweet, I can play this particles all day long! :)

  59. Those particles. :O <3