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Unity Connect Discussion Channels: A new way to connect with Unity creators

, 八月 16, 2017

Since its launch Unity Connect has grown rapidly to over 54,000 developers and 1,900 companies. That’s why we’ve made it even easier to chat and collaborate with our community of passionate Unity creators.

As the Unity Connect community has grown, we’ve heard a common thread of feedback — showcasing work and finding job opportunities is valuable for users but they also wanted to be able to easily chat with other creators in a public space. With Unity Connect Messenger we brought real-time, chat capabilities to our community. And today we’re excited to announce the launch of Unity Connect Discussion Channels which are dedicated channels for users to find work opportunities, meet collaborators, and discuss game development with other Unity creators.

Topic-based, real-time discussion channels

Unity Connect Discussion Channels provide a quick, easy way to connect with other Unity creators. Simply jump into the channels you find most relevant, read up on the channel guidelines, and start chatting.

Whether you are a Unity beginner looking to meet potential collaborators for your first project or an industry veteran looking to find a talented VR developer, finding help is as easy as jumping into a channel.

We’ve launched nine discussion channels with more on the way. The current channels are designed to complement existing discussion happening on existing forum channels including:  Announcements, Introductions, General Discussion, Commercial: Job Seeking, Commercial: Job Hiring, Getting Started, Work in Progress, and Non Commercial Collaboration.

Looking to find collaborators for a non-commercial or revenue share project?

Lastly we’re excited to announce that Unity Connect has a new update that will enable you to post tasks and jobs for either non-paid or revenue share projects. If you are looking for team members to collaborate with on non-commercial projects make sure to take advantage of this feature when posting new tasks and jobs. Once you’ve created a new job or task sure to to share them on the Non-Commercial Collaboration discussion channel.

Ready to join the discussion?

Joining Unity Connect Discussion Channels is easy! Just sign in with your Unity ID and Start chatting with other Unity creators and finding new work opportunities.

Join Unity Connect Discussion Channels

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Yall need to take a look a Zach Smiths right hand man Paul Donahue Jr. Making money off pro series Drag Racing and doesnt even own it. Bashing peoples families in there inboxes on Facebook Messenger and charging people 5 dollars a person to race on a page on Facebook. The pages are called Pro Series Drag Racing VIP and Pro Series Drag Racing. Zach will not respond to anybody when they complain about the guy. We pay memberships to play the game and he absolutely is hurting the game itself. Which is gonna hurt yall i would think

Can anyone help…I have been trying to find Scottish unity developers for a project i am scoping out for a museum in Glasgow .

I cannot get any yes any response from Unity to help me find someone.
Can any one help??

> If you use external source control — git, hg, perforce, etc. — I strongly recommend adding the version of Unity you use. Ideally, every branch of your game contains the project folder and, next to it, the version of Unity used to work on that project. As your team grows this will streamline onboarding, ease the Unity upgrade process, and make me very happy if you ever end up working with the Spotlight Team.

Can you explain what you mean by “adding the version of Unity you use” in this context? Do you mean next to the project folder, create a text file that just indicates the version of Unity or did you mean something else entirely?

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