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Best Unite sessions of 2017: improving performance and storytelling

, 十二月 26, 2017

Unite conferences are a great place for us to get together as a community. But they’re also a great source of knowledge! And now is the perfect time to sit back and learn something new.

Looking at the videos from Unite Europe and Unite Austin 2017, it’s clear that there are two types of sessions that a lot of you find particularly useful and have been enjoying watching already — those sessions focused on raising performance and those aimed at refining storytelling. Some of the most popular talks dig into how you can improve the performance of your Unity projects, and what 2018.1 features, like the C# job system, will do to help you aim even higher. Other sessions that really stick out are those on Timeline, Cinemachine, and storytelling in games, films and other interactive experiences.

Watch the talks below and get ready to make some highly performant and deeply moving creative projects in 2018! We can’t wait to see you at the next Unite.

Raise Performance

Performance optimization for beginners

In this introductory talk, you’ll learn the basics of performance optimization and how to use Unity’s profiling tools to help get your game running quickly and smoothly. You’ll also learn some useful best practice optimization tips.

Squeezing Unity: Tips for raising performance

Mark and Ian from Unity’s Enterprise Support team run through performance best practices drawn from real-world problems. Learn the underlying architecture of Unity’s core systems to better understand how to push Unity to its absolute limits.

C# job system & compiler

This session takes you on a deep dive into the future of high performance computation in Unity with the C# job system and compiler.

Massive battle in the Spellsouls Universe

New and exciting technologies are coming to Unity in the form of Job System, C# Compute Compiler and a new Entity-Component System. Nordeus engineers provide a walkthrough of how they created the epic battle from the Unite Austin keynote and explore working with these new systems first hand.

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality postmortem

Hear Owlchemy Labs break down the successes, failures, and lessons learned during the development of ‘Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality’. Dive into the horrors of building portals, interacting with characters in room-scale, zone-based teleportation, and managing performance.

How to tell stories with Unity

See how Cinemachine can revolutionize your cameras

See how Cinemachine can revolutionize any project you have with 3D cameras. From in-game cameras to Cinematics and anywhere in-between, Cinemachines versatile toolset allows you to create sophisticated camera behaviors without writing code.

Cinemachine for Games and Interactive 2D, 1st/3rd Person, and Beyond

Get a peak of the new POV camera, 2D features, camera mixer and collision systems plus improvements and examples of free-look orbit, linking cameras to animations, state machine setups with trigger volumes and more.  See how code-free, instant iteration cameras can elevate your project.

Use Timeline and Cinemachine to mix gameplay & cutscenes

Learn how to create and activate Timelines; how you add GameObjects (anim, audio, video, etc); and how to sequence tracks using Unity Timeline and Cinemachine, with step-by-step demonstration of creating different scenarios from scratch, with limited coding.

Bridging gameplay and storytelling in an RTS game

This session showcases a few practical use cases of scripting the Timeline in an RTS game to make it interact with gameplay, creating useful tools that other roles in the team can use.

Behind the scenes with Oats Studio’s ADAM: The Mirror

Join Neill Blomkamp and the Oats Studios team as they take a deep dive into the different techniques they used when creating ADAM: The Mirror.

Hop on over to our YouTube channel for more videos from Unite Austin and Unite Europe 2017.

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Ian Dundore is a great speaker and his talks deliver excellent information as well. I really wish to see more talks by Ian in the coming years.

Kudos to Ian!

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