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Unity programmers rise above the competition with professional certifications for every stage of their career.

“Unity is one of the most in-demand tech skills and has one of the highest forecasted growth rates, at over 35% over the next two years.” —Burning Glass job market analytics

A new Unity Certification for the global community of Unity programmers

As more industries recognize the value of real-time 3D applications, Unity Programmer has become one of the most in-demand new job categories. Unity has responded to the changing needs of hiring managers and job seekers with a new standard for validating industry-readiness: Unity Certified Programmer.

Whether you’re applying for your first Unity job or looking to propel your career to the next level, Unity Certified Programmer helps entry- to mid-level programmers across all industries validate their abilities and demonstrate their commitment to professional standards. Learn more and see what’s covered on the exam: Unity Certified Programmer.

Take the exam anytime, anywhere

As with Unity’s Expert Certifications, the Unity Certified Programmer exam is now available through the Pearson VUE network of more than 5,200 testing centers around the world, and can also be taken online.

Sign in at our Pearson VUE page to schedule the Unity Certified Programmer exam or any of our Expert-level Certification exams.

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Expert Gameplay Programmer: Test-prep courseware now available on Coursera

The wait is over! You can now sign up for learning materials created specifically to prepare you to take the Unity Expert Gameplay Programmer certification. In partnership with Coursera, the leading platform for online education, Unity has created a series of courses designed to help advanced Unity programmers practice and prepare for the certification exam. These courses together provide over 9 hours of video instruction and dozens of realistic game programming challenges to tackle, but you can also drill down to just the topics where you need the most review.

Enroll in the Unity Certified Expert Gameplay Programmer Specialization.

This will be the first of Unity’s new Certification courseware offerings on Coursera; look for courses covering the Unity Certified Programmer and Unity Certified 3D Artist exams soon.

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  1. antonio rodrigues

    七月 25, 2018 11:53 下午

    which languages ​​is it possible to take the Unity Certified Programmer?

    1. Hi Antonio,

      The Unity Certified Programmer exam is available in English. But other languages such as Japanese, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Korean, Latin American Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese are all following up soon.


  2. When is the training for Certified programmer available via Courcewire?

    1. Hi Shikha,

      The courseware will be available soon for the Unity Certified Programmer certification. The timeline is now changed to August.


  3. Netgear Powerline support

    六月 8, 2018 1:41 上午

    good programming language

  4. Hi, whats’s the difference between this certification and the Expert Gameplay Programmer (

    1. Hello there, Thanks for your question. I would suggest that you check the exam objectives documents for these exams to see the difference between the exams. In short, Expert Gameplay Programmer certification is an Expert exam for professionals who have 4+ years of experience and have had some experience working in the industry. Unity Certified Programmer is for Entry/Mid-level career professionals who have 1-2 years of experience working with Unity. I hope this helps.

  5. Hello, I was wondering if this certification and the test-prep are using Object-Oriented Programming or if it includes the new Data-Oriented Design that has been announced as the future of Unity ? (like ECS or the already there C# Job System)

    1. Hello there,

      Thanks for your question. We are not testing your Data oriented design skills in this certification. If we are testing Data Oriented Design, we will explicitly mention it in our exam objectives document. Things may change in the future as Unity evolves. Please make sure to check the exam objectives to see what skills are tested.

  6. Anthony Rosenbaum

    五月 29, 2018 9:25 下午

    How long is the cert for?

    1. Hi Anthony, Thanks for your question. The certification is valid for 2 years once you pass the certification exam. I hope this helps.

  7. Experience and past portfolio work will always beat a certification, so although courses can be a great way to learn, if you’re a self-starter / indie developer you’re better off putting the time and money into making your projects

  8. Based on a Unity Certification registration policy, this exam is not currently available via online proctored in your country of residence :(

    1. Sorry Zhang :( at least it tells you before you start.

      1. Thanks Colinisok!

        Hello Zhang,
        We are trying our best to have the online proctoring option available worldwide. But there are some countries where this is not feasible because of language and/or other infrastructure related barriers. There is always the option to go to a center nearby and take the certification exam.