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2 replies on “Quality Week 2019”

I hope you guys had some fun and now that you mentioned about pain points, how about having “removing the pain-points” campaign?

There are so many little stuff that you can easily fix but it’s left there more than 10 years and really bothers me.
It really makes me believe that there is no quality control at Unity, if not, you guys are not doing your job or some else is horribly wrong. Please prove it that I’m wrong.

Here is one thing as an example of what I’m talking about the small stuff.

I often have 2 or 3 editors open and to switch to the editor, sometimes I use the toolbar icons but the titles are all the same. It should have the project name first. Look at how other applications are designed. I often make mistake switching to the wrong editor. I have to rely on the image but images are small and often it’s hard to tell from it.

I won’t even go to the Editor workflow. It’s really horrible to say it nicely. There are many 3d application, some opensource, that does a much better job than Unity when it comes to Editor workflow. Unity Editor workflow just didn’t change over the past 10 years it needs a major workflow overhaul. I hope I’m not only one who feels this way and I hope you guys feel that I’m speaking for Unity’s own benefit.


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