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Power up your development with big discounts throughout the Unity Asset Store. Looking for spectacular particle explosions? Need a specialty environment like a volcanic planet? Want to speed up your workflows?

Now’s the time to make it happen. Through midnight PST (GMT -8) May 15, we’re making it easy for you to ramp up your projects with powerful – and fun – assets:

Daily special – 70% off

On each day during the sale – from midnight to midnight PST (GMT -8) – pick up a hot new asset for a fraction of its usual price.

Today only (May 1) get Buried Memories: Yggdrasil, a world-class fantasy pack that includes character models, animations, an environment, music, sound, cinematic camera and timeline, source files, a trailer, and concept art. Learn more.

From May 1 through May 15, check in daily to find great deals that will help take your projects to the next level.


Individual assets – 50% off

From Cinematic Anti-Aliasing and Vehicle Physics to Playmaker, Gaia, and the Amplify Shader Editor, this is your chance to step up your Unity game with 350+ assets on sale, including the Asset Store’s most-desired resources.

Bundles – 55% off

Exclusive packs curated by the Asset Store team and top publishers, these complementary asset packages will spark your creativity and increase your productivity.

  • New to Unity game development? The Beginner Bundle makes learning fun with art, terrain, and locomotion assets that improve your games as well as your skills.

  • Create advanced, vibrant landscapes – from deserts to verdant jungles – using the Vegetation Studio bundle. It includes Vegetation Studio and asset packs hand-picked by Awesome Technologies.

  • Ramp up your productivity with tools that include Bolt visual scripting, the Ferr2D Terrain tool, and much more – all in the Platformer bundle pack, curated by Corgi Engine publisher More Mountains.

Don’t wait, stock up your asset toolbox now.

Learn more about the May Madness Sale and future offers – follow the Unity Asset Store on Facebook.


4 replies on “Unity Asset Store: The May Madness Sale is on!”

Sales are great but not when you just dropped $100s the week prior, mostly on assets that are now on sale. Some advanced notice for new users would be nice. I would have spent just as much but I would have more assets to show for it.

No, I can’t.

I know when Steam sales are going to happen, I know when Amazon Black Friday sale is, and I know when Boxing Day sales are. Even this Unity sale is known ahead of time by people who have used Unity for a while. That’s why it has a name: The May Madness Sale.

I just feel disadvantaged because I’m a new user and didn’t have the advanced notice that other users had. What’s worse is that I stocked up on assets I will need for an upcoming project and haven’t even used them yet.

1. You only have a vague idea of when Steam sales start, and when you know ahead of time it’s usually because of a leak.
2. They have only had a May Madness sale once before.
3. Black Friday and Boxing Day sales are designed almost entirely around store stock balance and has nothing to do with digital sales.

Flash sales like this only work when they aren’t known factors. If they are known factors, they drive store sales down across the board.

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