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Snaps asset packs make it easy to bring your projects to life

, 八月 16, 2019

The Asset Store and Unity tools like ProBuilder are great time savers that allow you to speed up prototyping, but we want to streamline the workflow even more. Find out how Snaps can help you fast-track your game creation process and even help newcomers get started in 3D games.

Art creation is one of the most important aspects of making a great game. According to the Unity 2018 Game Studios Report, artists are the second most in-demand roles behind programmers. Speaking to the leads of 1,445 independent game studios, it was clear that production budgets are tight and leads look for every opportunity to save time and money.

Snaps packs simplify the production workflow for art assets by providing art assets to fit a variety of projects and budgets.

It can be challenging to find quality collections of assets that are visually consistent and compatible with your project specifications. So we designed Snaps asset packs to simplify your game development workflow – from prototype to production.


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Asset packs for every stage of creation

No matter what stage your project is in, the Snaps asset library can speed up the process. Use Snaps assets for prototyping or swap prototype assets with art assets to save time moving from prototype to production. You can even take your game to another level with AAA-quality assets that target high-performance platforms. All Snaps packs are designed to work with Unity 2018.4 today and will support newer versions.

To build these asset packs, we defined Snaps modularity guidelines and used Unity tools and technology, so you can expect perfect compatibility with Unity. Designed to “snap” together, you can put the assets to work right away without having to make any adjustments. But they’re fully customizable allowing you to adapt them for any style of project.

Snaps Prototype: Validate your game concept fast

Snaps Prototype packs aim to help you prototype and iterate fast. They’re a great way to start sketching your game levels. Beginners can create 3D worlds with ProBuilder and Snaps, without having to use additional 3D modeling tools. These assets easily snap together with ProGrids.

Snaps Prototype packs feature modular real-world scale assets that are untextured and lightweight, making them useful in the blocking out phase and without distracting from core gameplay mechanics.

Designing a Sci-Fi level using Snaps Prototype | Buried Memories Volume 2: Serekh

You can round-trip the models into Maya or other digital content creation (DCC) tools to add fidelity and re-import the assets to your project or modify them directly with ProBuilder using the ProBuilderize tool. The UV is mapped and unwrapped, ready for textures and lightmapping.

How to use ProBuilder to customize prototyping assets and make the game-ready

Snaps Art: Game-ready modular assets

When you’re ready to implement textures, you can give your world a consistent look and feel with Snaps Art packs. The assets are 3D models, tileable out of the box so that you can create variations easily.

They include physically based rendering (PBR) Unity standard materials, so you can use them to enrich your greyboxing prototypes. Alternatively, use them for production – these assets are light but with plenty of detail, suitable for any target platform.

Snaps assets are designed in a realistic art style, but you can adjust them to suit your project. They are fully customizable enabling you to create anything from faceted low-poly settings to highly stylized fantasy worlds. 

Snaps Prototype | Sci-fi / Industrial assets and the Snaps Art version by Manufactura K4

Snaps Art HD: A graphic edge

Snaps Art HD assets bring your project to life with high-fidelity detail. These 3D assets are made by veteran game artists, giving everyone access to AAA-quality production.

The materials, textures and additional content in the pack’s leverage Unity’s High-Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP).  Creators can get valuable insight into how high-end visuals are produced and learn how to customize assets to take their games to the next level.

Overview of some of the existing Snaps Art HD packs

These assets follow Snaps modularity guidelines making it easy for you to swap assets in your project to go from prototype to production.

A growing library for everyone

The Asset Store team is committed to making the Snaps library a comprehensive gaming resource during the next coming year. We want assets to be accessible to everyone – beginners, hobbyists, and professional studios.

If Snaps assets don’t work within your project, we’ll be happy to help you make them work or give you a refund.

We plan to release Snaps packs covering the most popular game themes and genres spanning the development workflow. This allows you to use Snaps from prototyping through production. Note that asset packs previously labeled Asset Store Originals and Unity Icon Collective (like the Buried Memories worlds) are now part of the Snaps ecosystem.

Convert the proxy assets in your prototype to production-ready art assets for any platform, or to HDRP assets if you’re targeting high-end platforms with AAA assets.

Stay tuned for information on how you can contribute art assets to our Snaps library.


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Learn more about the various Snaps packs and their specifications. You can get started on the Asset Store today.

5 replies on “Snaps asset packs make it easy to bring your projects to life”

Nice, this is especially useful for smaller project. One thing to be aware of is large studios generally can not touch ANYTHING from the asset store unless it goes through legal. In my experience this is a long and painful process stealing the benefit of using ready to use assets. Even Unity Collaborate is not permitted since it stores offsite, just to give you an idea

Assets from asset store, can be used in commercial purposes once you pay for them, they are legalized already and paid for its license. Am I wrong here? I mean some assets may require for team license or per seat license I guess. But that’s about it.

I think he meant to say the legal department of the company/studio has to approve the use of the assets first. Their “legality: for commercial use is not the issue, it’s the bureaucracy…

Maybe I’m wrong, but the licence says it’s per person (not per project), so let’s say that you are a programmer in a 15 person project, even if you don’t even touch the models, they are in your project, should you also buy the licence ?
It’s great if you are a solo developer, but working with bigger teams, the line is much blurrier.

It depends on the product/service. Per seat license usually means that, every individual user that uses that service or work with it has to buy a license (sometimes means per computer too, so 10 user can use a service at same computer but different times) but lets say you have sound engineer in your team, who never even touches models for example, or community manager or sales department etc. They will not require a per seat license. Probably gameplay coders and 3d modellers etc. needs it.

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