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Community Component – 2019 in review and community creators to follow

, 一月 15, 2020

Last year had great highlights like, the longest uninterrupted streak of #UnityTips on Twitter, regular weekly episodes of Best of Made with Unity projects and the rise of a new wave of Unity centric content creators on YouTube. With so much awesomeness to keep track of we’re dedicating the first Community Component of 2020 to the incredible contributions made by our content creators in 2019!


Massive Milestones

Brackeys hits 900,000 subscribers

In 2019 one of Unity’s veteran YouTubers celebrated a new milestone with 900,000 subscribers. Congrats to Brackeys and his team on seven years of amazing successes, 430+ tutorials and having fun while at it! 


Freya celebrates 10 years with Unity

Freya Holmer, one of the creators behind Shader Forge and the amazing VR game Budget Cuts, recently celebrated 10 years of using Unity! What’s impressive is that she has been sharing her knowledge through livestreams on Twitch and YouTube for almost as long as she’s been using Unity. Tune in to Freya’s in-depth streams and see her do gorgeous math visualizations in Unity, procedural geometry, animation, shader magic and, of course, C#.


Sebastian Lague hits 300,000 subscribers

Seven years ago Sebastian Lague posted his first Unity tutorial on how to make Zelda-Style Healthbar and it was all uphill from there! Now he has over 300,000 subscribers and an impressive library of challenging and fun tutorials, including one of our personal favorites, the Coding Adventure. Sebastian’s channel is a great resource for advanced programming topics. Make sure to check out his videos and we guarantee he will give your brain a workout!


Newcomers on the block

While veteran Unity content creators continue to create fantastic tutorials, 2019 brought us a number of new and exciting creators that thanks to your support, went from zero to hero in no time at all! Let’s take a look at who they are and why you should keep your eye on them in 2020. 



Dani started 2019 with just several hundred subscribers, and gained over 280,000 subscribers by 2020! His easy to watch and humorous approach to complex topics like neural networks and evolutionary algorithms (for stick figures) have quickly made him a community favorite.  Check him out if you are looking for inspiration on how to build a game in one hour. Fun fact, that game reached the top of Google Play’s Trending chart at release! 


Kristin Stock

Kristin posted her first video in March of 2019 after teaching herself to program as a way to relax after stressful workdays. Her videos approach complex topics, breaking them down into bite-size pieces in her own unique and quirky way. Follow Kristin to learn more about procedural generation, physics and get inspired!


Game Dev Guide

Matt, the creator behind the Game Dev Guide, posted his first video in March of 2019. His channel consists of high quality tutorials, covering a range of topics that are often hard to find anywhere else on YouTube. If you are a game developer looking for useful tips on localization, post-processing stack, and scriptable objects this is the channel for you!  


VR with Andrew

Want to develop for VR and don’t know how to get started? Andrew has a range of tutorials that span multiple VR makes and models. Not only does he create amazing content, he can also be found in the comment section of his videos answering his subscriber’s questions. The mark of a devoted teacher!



A coder by trade Julia is currently making multiple 2D games while traveling across India. In 2019 she’s been sharing her watercolor character drawing sessions and the game dev process in a series of entertaining devlogs. We hope that watching Julia’s devlogs will not only give you a travel bug but also inspire you to take your art and turn it into a game or an experience in Unity! Tune in to watch her livestream on Twitch, or watch her tutorials and devlogs on YouTube.   


#unitytips Tuesday

Every Tuesday on Twitter, you’ll find a goldmine of tips shared by hundreds of Unity developers and creators. Give the hashtag a search and you will probably find a number of tips from the Binary Impact, a small German studio that was only 7 tips short of setting a 52/52 week record in 2019! They also create fantastic tutorials on YouTube.


Weekly Best of Made With Unity

Experiences made with Unity are created daily, so how do you find the latest and the coolest projects? The GameDevHQ YouTube channel searches the internet every day to then sum up the best of what they’ve seen that week so that you can find it all in one place. Maybe one day your very own project will be featured on their channel, so keep learning and creating! 


Unity Livestreams #YourFirstGameJam

Learning a new skill can be hard! This year, Unity’s team revamped the first-time Unity user experience and created easy to follow and fun to modify microgame templates. To help beginners learn we leveraged the power of learning together with amazing YouTubers like CodeMonkey, LixianTX, Kristin Stock, Couch Ferret as well as Unity’s own Sykoo Sam and Andre from Mix and Jam. All live! 

We hosted two livestreams in 2019, with more to come in 2020! If you missed the 2D Karting and the FPS livestreams check out the replays on our YouTube channel. 

We want to hear from you!

Thank you for joining us in first Unity Community Component of 2020, we hope that you enjoyed this info packed recap of 2019 with our community. Let us know what else you would like to see in future posts and share your thoughts if you were inspired by anything that you saw today.

We want to see your projects! Share them with us on Twitter, the Unity Forums or the official Unity Discord Server. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #madewithunity and #unitydev

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For micro indie companies or hobbyists it really doesn’t matter if the code isn’t expert quality as long as as the end product matches their ambitions, which usually is small scale. Anyone who works professionally with Unity will be learning from their peers and get better coding and workflows to scale up. Unity cares by supporting hobbyists and being encouraging. Can’t say the same for your comment.

Great content as always. I think unity is going to beat every big venture in the future . Really waiting for that time

All that is good but most of those content creators just add to the harm. most of them are mostly noobish newbies small demos that creates really bad coding/workflow practice. No wonder people says Unity can’t scale. Obviously it cannot scale to larger projects with such amount of wannabees encouraging really awfull coding and workflow practices. They do more harm to Unity than good. Oh I forgot! Unity doesn’t give a sh3t anyways.

i want ask something about program can any one answer me
my unity editor dosent open any script dont lunch visual studio

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