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Last month we kicked off Unite Now, a digital programming series that includes inspiring talks, demos, Q&As, and stories from Unity experts and creators. Not sure where to start? Here are some of the most popular sessions to help you create, operate, and monetize your project.

Whether you are looking for tips and new tools to bring your project to life or inspiration from fellow creators, Unite Now is for you. With more interactive sessions, on-demand videos, and podcasts dropping each week, you can up-level your Unity skills at your leisure.


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Take your project to the next level

First, we are highlighting some of the videos that we think will boost both your creativity and productivity. In these sessions, Unity experts provide time-saving tips and best practices that will improve the production process.

Speeding up your workflow for mobile apps

In this session, you’ll learn how to dramatically reduce iteration time and boost productivity when developing for mobile. We’ll walk you through the steps for prototyping, building, and polishing a mobile app using Unity features, including our new Device Simulator, that are purpose-built to streamline each development phase.

Meet the Devs: Input system

One of our favorite parts about in-person events is interacting with creators like you. This is what has inspired the Meet the Devs Unite Now video series. Each of these sessions starts with an informal talk from a Unity team and ends with live Q&A. You can ask questions in advance on Twitter or the Unity forum, or in live chat during the webinar.

In this video, our devs show how easy it is to get started with the new Input System. In a demo project, Evangelist Andy Touch creates simple connections, quickly do rebinding, set up a local multiplayer and more.

Better artist workflows in Unity

This one is for all the artists out there! Learn how to enhance workflows for a faster and more efficient production pipeline. In this video, we show how easy it is to import your art from popular 3D content-creation tools, and take a look at some of the powerful artist and designer-friendly features for updating your work directly in Unity.

Create landscapes and terrain faster

Creating landscapes for interactive experiences can be difficult. But our new Terrain tools help make that process a lot easier and faster. In this video, we showcase some of these tools, like brand new brushes, how to create custom brushes for sculpting terrain, material painting, and even a highly requested feature – terrain holes!

Maximize player enjoyment and engagement

Delivering a great player experience is key to the success of your game. These sessions provide a close look at some of the tools and services that can help you maximize player enjoyment and engagement.

UA tips & tricks: A view from the inside with Gram Games, Uken, and Small Giant

Acquiring the right players and leveraging different channels and partners can be challenging. Paivi Putsepp-Seufert, Unity’s Head of Performance Marketing, shares her best tips for user acquisition (UA) based on insight from advertisers. Paivi is joined by UA leaders from Gram Grams, Uken, and Small Giant, who all share their tips for success.

Learn the real costs of hosting your game

Concerned about the cost of hosting your game? Get the key insights you need to take control of your costs, with the game server hosting experts: Multiplay. In this video, Multiplay’s Paul Manuel and Larry Rye run through five of the main factors you need to consider to control your costs and maintain a healthy bottom line.

Key takeaways from the 2020 Mobile Game Monetization Report

Unity’s Ad Operations team aggregated and anonymized all its 2019 monetization data and summarized it in the insightful 2020 Mobile Game Monetization Report. Give this one a watch to learn how you can monetize your games better – and keep up with the latest trends.

Go behind the game

Our new podcast series, Unity: Behind the Game, explores some of the spectacular games made with Unity and the talented humans behind them. In each episode, creators dive into their inspiration and creative process, while revealing the technologies and tools used to build their game.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker

In this podcast, Blackbird Interactive creators Trey Smith and Richard Harrison take us behind the scenes of their latest game, where players salvage junk spaceships. Find out how to use new Unity features and DOTS to generate thousands of objects as players cut and destroy for profit. This is a fun one, don’t miss it!

What’s coming next?

Stay tuned and mark your calendar: We’re releasing new Unite Now talks, Q&As, and podcasts each week. Join your peers on the Unity forum to ask questions and chat with Unity experts. And stay on top of the latest #UniteNow2020 updates and news by following Unity on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!

As always – we want to hear from you. Let us know what talks you are enjoying in the comments below.

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We are very lucky to be able to live in an age of technology like this.
At this time I began to ask about my existence which might be replaced by AI

I personally still do not believe the development of the Unity application, which originally made the GooBall game now as advanced as this 💘💘💘

I just wanted to know that if I can use Unity for making graphic architecture and character modeling for PS5 too? So far my experience with Unity is going phenomenal and I have really enjoyed working with it, so far so, that I am documenting my journey on my own publication too. Moreover, I would just like to know if there’s any Unity PS5 related course coming out officially?

I have been using Unity since version 3.0 and I think Unite Now is a really great service, especially to be able to interact with the speakers by asking questions in real-time.

I hope we also start to see more technical blogs posts like we used to have before, but Unite Now is a great and needed start.

I participated in a course and really enjoyed. My feedback would be to provide a more detailed description of what will be taught/discussed as many of us were confused on the breadth and depth of the course topics.

Knowing which Unity version will be used in the course is also helpful so we have it ready beforehand.

Is there any place we can make suggestions on what courses we would like to see in the future?


“Is there any place we can make suggestions on what courses we would like to see in the future?”

You can totally leave us a message on any of our community/social channels, we’re always keeping an eye out and we’re happy to send suggestions over!

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