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The makers of Skeleton Crew reveal details of upcoming beta in exclusive Creator Spotlight session

, 十月 13, 2020

Watch the behind-the-scenes interview with Cinder Cone, creators of Skeleton Crew. Beta kicking off October 29 and we have keys for you! 

Today Unity is thrilled to premiere our Creator Spotlight series with an in-depth conversation with  Cinder Cone, the studio behind the highly anticipated upcoming gothic platformer Skeleton Crew. Set against the backdrop of a gothic hellscape, Skeleton Crew is a platform brawler that allows players to use everything (and everyone) to smash their way to victory. Players can line up trick shots and give a good hard kick to launch anything, including enemies, and up to four of their friends in co-op to wreak havoc on the environment and inflict carnage on their enemies. 

As part of this Creator Spotlight, we’re thrilled to share that the Beta for Skeleton Crew will go live for playtesting on October 29 and will finish on November 2nd. Additionally, starting on October 30, Unity will be giving out limited Beta Keys to users via Twitter – so be sure to keep an eye on @Unity3d

Behind the Game: Skeleton Crew

Host Mike Geig goes behind the scenes of Skeleton Crew with director/lead artist Tancred Dyke-Wells and technical director Lawrence Bishop. They talk about their inspiration for the game, designing for multiplayer, and the central pinball mechanic that literally kicks butt.


Tech Talk: Empowering Designers with Modular Game Design 

While creating Skeleton Crew, a modular approach to components, scriptable objects, and Unity events was key. In this session, Cinder Cone’s technical director Lawrence Bishop offers a detailed look  into how this modular approach empowered designers and facilitated co-op multiplayer integration.


Stay tuned for more!

This is the first of several Creator Spotlights that will be released between October 13 and November 26. You can find the full lineup along with the rest of the schedule on Unite Now here, and fill out this form to join the Unite Now mailing list and receive the latest updates. You can also follow Unity on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, where we’ll be sharing updates and highlights about Unite Now. 

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