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The creators of Humankind announce pre-order details in an all-new trailer going live today!

, 十月 21, 2020

Amplitude Studios breaks down how they managed 100,000 individual game assets while keeping build times down and frame rates high.

Unity’s Creator Spotlight series continues with Amplitude, the studio behind the upcoming historical turn-based strategy game Humankind. In the game (which will be published by SEGA) players lead their civilization across six major eras of human history while directing how the civilization should expand, develop and interact with other civilizations. Within each of the eras, players can select one of ten civilization types based on historical societies, ultimately creating the potential for one million different civilization patterns that players can develop.

As part of this Creator Spotlight, we’re excited to announce that Humankind is available for preorder TODAY (October 21) for PC, Mac and Stadia! You can also get early access of the game via the OpenDev Beta on Stadia. Check out their new game trailer below and read more about today’s announcement here.

Behind the Game: Humankind

Tim Raulin and Romain de Waubert from Amplitude Studios chat with host Mike Geig about Humankind, how their community helped shape the game and what it takes to build a game where the course of civilization is in your hands.

Tech Talk: How to Achieve High Frame Rates and Low Build Times

Creating Humankind posed unique challenges; how can a development team keep things running fast while managing the assets required to build an entire empire? In this talk, Tim Raulin explains how Unity’s extensibility allowed Amplitude to manage more than 100,000 individual game assets while keeping build times down and frame rates high. 

Stay tuned for more!

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Yes… dealing with a lot of assets is an issue.
Would be better if we had tools to build a shared material library, texture folder and model files (linked to material library) which would be cross-platform (no compiled shaders, material descriptions), importable at runtime.

Haha ok, so you’re basically highlighting that a small game studio had to hack themselves a way to make Unity work properly with a big file count instead of solving it in your product. Pretty shameful, isn’t it? This looks like a standard use case of Unity. There a visually much more demanding projects. How about Unity would offer an integrated way to selectively not actually load assets and replace them with dummy content to work with it faster? How about importing content in the background, while the UI is still usable? Just that and it would be much less painful.

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