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Battletoads hits 1 million players – check out our all-new Creator Spotlight with the dev team

, 十一月 12, 2020

Hear the exclusive interview with Dlala, the developers of Battletoads, as they reach a major milestone.

Hop into the action with Dlala Studios for all things Battletoads. In our latest Creator Spotlight, we give you a warts-and-all look at how Rare and Dlala Studios revived the classic beat ‘em up for a whole new generation of players. 26 years after their last outing Battletoads brings Rash, Zitz, and Pimple smashing back into the spotlight for an all-new, action-packed amphibian adventure. With a unique animated style and a multitude of gameplay styles, we dive deep into the frenzied side scroller where players should expect the unexpected. 


As part of this Creator Spotlight, the Dlala team announces hitting its 1M-player milestone today!


Behind the Game: Battletoads

Mike Geig and Dlala Studios talk Battletoads, the reboot of the classic side-scrolling that stomped its way onto the Xbox One this summer. Learn how Dlala Studios got to work on this beloved franchise, the unique animated art that preserves the spirit of its 8-bit roots, and the challenges of bringing back a beloved game for a whole new generation of players.


Tech Talk: Technical Trials of Making 11 Game Modes 

Developing any game will have its problems: the more gameplay, the more potential there is for issues. Join Senior Programmer Chris Rickett as he explores the challenges of making a  game with multiple gameplay genres, trying to mitigate potential problems early, and how the team at Dlala handled issues that arose later in development.


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