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Creating high-fidelity immersive worlds for players requires massive attention to detail – and specific expertise that most of us don’t have. The team at NatureManufacture does, though, and they’ve created stellar wildlife and landscape content that’s lovingly crafted to reflect real-world environments. Whether you’re prototyping a concept or getting ready for release, NatureManufacture art tools and assets will elevate your project.

Bartłomiej Galas founded NatureManufacture in 2014, and the studio has since grown to include a team of experienced developers creating advanced systems and assets for Unity. NatureManufacture translates the team’s passion for the environment into detailed and realistic natural assets and professional tools to help you shape immersive outdoor landscapes and scenes for the built-in, URP and HDRP pipelines. 

We’re huge fans – so much so that we’re highlighting this team’s amazing work with a Publisher Sale. Save 50% on all NatureManufacture assets until January 22, and check out their mind-blowing lava creation package for free.


Get L.V.E. 2019 – Lava & Volcano Environment 2019 free

Curious to learn more about environment art assets before you buy? Check out NatureManufacture’s top-rated L.V.E 2019 – Lava & Volcano Environment 2019 for free with coupon code found here. Offer ends January 22.


Forest Environment – Dynamic Nature

Creating a dense, realistic forest is no small task – and this can be an insurmountable hurdle for devs looking to quickly prototype an idea or create a real-world feel for a project. Winner of the Unity Awards 2019 for best artistic content, the Forest Environment solves these challenges and does it well.

Packed with seemingly endless Prefabs, this package has everything you need to create believable wildlife landscapes and environments for your players. Use the demo scene to quickly prototype a concept, or add the trees, bushes, and other foliage to inject realism and variety into your existing scenes.



R.A.M 2019 – River Auto Material 2019

This long-supported pack for high-quality effects has been a world-building go-to since its launch, and it’s grown and been updated to include even more features since. R.A.M. lets you easily create advanced rivers and lakes with shaders that automatically generate waterfalls and cascading streams based on the terrain’s slope. Multiple shaders enable different types of water with distinctive looks, from squelchy swamps to bubbling brooks and raging rivers. You can even use it to create roads!



Meadow Environment – Dynamic Nature

Like the Forest Environment, this pack contains 100% carefully optimized photo-scanned assets, which makes it easy to use the demo scene as a ready-to-go level for prototyping in any render pipeline.

The environment includes a ton of model prefabs – cliffs, rocks, bushes, trees, flowers, fences, and much more, plus all the textures and customization options that you’d expect from a high-quality asset pack. Compatible with Vegetation Studio, Vegetation Studio Pro, and other popular environment tools, all custom shaders are supported out of the box to make this a one-stop prototyping shop.



PBR Graveyard and Nature Set 2.0

Updated in January 2021, this fan-favorite environment pack features over 2000 sculpted and photoscanned modular assets. While its theme centers around a cemetery, the pack also includes interiors and wildlife and terrain assets that can be used to create a fully realized natural world.

To populate your project, the package includes modular elements and props including candles, altars, trees, statues, coffins, and much, much more. The packages’ highly detailed assets have 2k and 4k textures and most feature detail (normal and albedo) maps.



If you’re planning to create detail-rich immersive environments for your games, then this limited-time NatureManufacture Publisher Sale is your time to go wild! Save 50% on all NatureManufacture assets until January 22, and don’t miss this limited-time opportunity to grab their top-rated L.V.E 2019 – Lava & Volcano Environment 2019 package for free.

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