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Interview with Michael Orkisz of Manufactura K4 (Michael O.)

七月 18, 2013

You’ve no doubt taken notice of the amazing environment assets created by Michael Orkisz. He’s created a wide range of environments, from sc... 阅读更多

Brian Fargo: inXile asset crowdsourcing experiment a “resounding success”

二月 18, 2013

Here’s what Brian Fargo has to say about about the joint asset crowd-sourcing project between his studio, inXile, and the Asset Store for hi... 阅读更多

Mixamo’s animation store plug-in now supports Mecanim!

一月 18, 201311

At the core of our company philosophy is the belief that nothing should get in the way of the creative process.  Game development has tradit... 阅读更多

Interviews with the winners of our first Asset Store Contest

十二月 27, 2012

This fall, the Asset Store ran its first asset contest in Korea. The contest sought out bipedal 3D model characters which fell into either t... 阅读更多

Experience the Asset Store from your browser!

十二月 18, 201226

We're so pleased to announce the release of the Unity Asset Store's new browser-based interface!  For the first time, you can now browse the... 阅读更多

Unity Launches the Unlimited Mixamo Animation Store

十月 16, 201224

Unity and Mixamo have been long time partners, and I'm happy to say that today our collaboration goes one step further: Starting October 16t... 阅读更多

An introduction to the basics of Antares Universe

八月 21, 2012

This post was written by Andrey Paramonox of NeoPax, developer of the Antares Universe (VIZIO) visual environment, available on the Asset St... 阅读更多

Interview with Bjarne Rene of Vostopia

八月 7, 2012

 Vostopia provides customizable 3D avatars for mobile, desktop and Web games. Founded in Norway in 2009 by industry veterans Bjarne Rene, Mi... 阅读更多

Learning Resources on the Unity Asset Store

八月 6, 2012

The Unity Asset Store now offers nearly 4,000 packages to help accelerate your game development. However you’ll also find many which acceler... 阅读更多

uniSWF MMO GUI Tutorial from Flaming Pumpkin – Part 1

八月 6, 2012

uniSWF is an easy to use AdobeFlash®-to-Unity UI solution. Simply publish assets from Adobe Flash and they seamlessly appear in the Unity ed... 阅读更多

Interview with Will Shaw of Black Horizon Studios

八月 6, 2012

Will Shaw's passion is the weather. His first Unity project was a system for producing volumetric light effects. This inspired him to create... 阅读更多

Interview with Steve Finney of Arteria3D

六月 21, 2012

Arteria3D, aka Steve Finney, is an Asset Store success story with several top-selling high-quality 3D models. His catalog includes environme... 阅读更多

Tutorial: Sprite Optimizations using 2D Toolkit.

五月 22, 2012

Installation Once you download 2D Toolkit from the Asset Store and import it into your project, you should be ready to go. You can upgrade ... 阅读更多