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Adam Demo executable and assets released

十一月 1, 201644

We showed a short version of our Adam demo at GDC 2016, and this summer attendees at our Unite Europe conference were able to view the full ... 阅读更多

Adam – Animation for the real-time short film

八月 31, 201616

I am Krasimir Nechevski, and I am the animation director in Unity’s demo team. Even though I have a degree as a software engineer, I have be... 阅读更多

ADAM – Assets creation for the real time short film

八月 9, 201615

My name is Plamen (Paco) Tamnev and I was responsible for a lot of the assets used in our demo Adam. I previously worked as a character arti... 阅读更多

ADAM – Production design for the real-time short film

七月 7, 201632

We are launching a series of articles about the making of our latest demo, ADAM. Over the course of the next several weeks, we will cover va... 阅读更多