Shader Compilation for Multiple Platforms

十月 20, 20106

Unity 3 launched recently, and with Surface Shaders we made it much easier to handle lighting, shadowing & rendering paths pieces of shaders... 阅读更多

Unity 3 “pre order” rebate extended by 24 hours!

九月 27, 201033

Dear developers, customers, friends. As you can see, we released Unity 3 to the world today. It's a an incredibly awesome release: both i... 阅读更多

Unity 3 Feature Video – Occlusion Culling with Umbra

九月 22, 201042

After much anticipation we finally have the Occlusion Culling video ready! Senior QA Specialist Samantha Kalman and the Demo Team have pu... 阅读更多

Unity 3 Release Real Soon Now ™

九月 20, 201039

Hey guys and gals. Super-happy news here from Unity HQ: Unity 3 is nearly ready - the beta testers and preview customers got their hands ... 阅读更多

Unity and iOS (solved!)

九月 10, 201058

Dear community! It's been 5 months since Apple announced the new iOS 4.0 Terms of Service which seemed like they might block out Unity (a... 阅读更多

Unity 3 Feature Preview – Deferred Rendering

九月 9, 201020

After a bit of radio silence we're back with another Unity 3 feature preview. In this short video Will Goldstone shows some of the benefi... 阅读更多

Announcing the 2010 Unity Awards

九月 8, 20103

Come get the fame and fortune that's rightly yours at the annual awards ceremony to be held at Unite 2010. The Unity Awards is our way of... 阅读更多

Introducing The Fabricator Contest!

九月 1, 201022 & Unity Technologies are teaming up for a new bi-monthly Unity "Prefab" based contest called The Fabricator Contest! The c... 阅读更多

Unity 3 – What Feature is The Dev Team Most Proud Of?

八月 23, 201051

Unity 3 is looking to be our biggest release to date — bringing with it source-level debugging, deferred rendering, best-in-class lightmappi... 阅读更多

New Online Learning Resources

八月 23, 20107

As a follow-up to my Getting Started with Unity blog post, I wanted to bring your attention to three recent tutorial sites: First up ... 阅读更多

Unity SF Summer Party

八月 19, 201015

We're having a great Summer: We passed the 200,000 user mark, we passed the 30 million webplayer mark, we won the Develop Grand Prix, and we... 阅读更多

Unity’s New SF Hood

八月 8, 201026

Last weekend the staff of Unity's SF office were setting desks up in our new office. We're now in the historic Jackson Square neighborhood n... 阅读更多

Unity 3 Preview – “Unity Bootcamp” Demo

七月 29, 201067

Aquiris has been hard at work finishing up the new demo for Unity 3. Recently they posted a video of one of the playable levels of the demo ... 阅读更多