Putting the power of Unity in the hands of every mobile developer

五月 21, 2013262

Our simply big idea has always been to make game development accessible to more people with better tools. To help developers fulfil their cr... 阅读更多

A good workflow to smoothly import 2D content into Unity, Part I: authoring and exporting

五月 17, 201330

Unity has been used to develop numerous high quality 2D games over the years. This article, which is based on a talk I gave at three of our ... 阅读更多

Lvov Game Hackathon – the view from inside

五月 16, 20135

Hi everyone! I want to share with all of you the news on Game Hackathon that took part in Lvov, Ukraine last weekend. Unity Technologies ... 阅读更多

Broaden your reach with multiplatform publishing

五月 15, 20135

Designing content for multiple platforms becomes far easier if you think a few things through before you start. If you get your processes ri... 阅读更多

Unity Training

五月 14, 201311

Hello! Just over a year ago I joined Unity as a Trainer and Consultant. In this role, I've been travelling to customers around the world ... 阅读更多

How four indies conquered Kickstarter Part II

五月 12, 2013

Last Friday we published Part I of our story on how four indie customers successfully funded their games with Kickstarter. Part I focused ma... 阅读更多

Unity QA status for 4.2

五月 9, 201325

Our next upcoming release is Unity 4.2. Without actually going into what it's going to contain in terms of features, let's take a look at th... 阅读更多

Web Player runtime update alert

五月 8, 20132

Unity 4.0 added the new release channels function to the Unity Web Player plugin; this function gives us more fine-grained control over runt... 阅读更多

2013 Unity Awards Open Nominations is umm… Open

五月 7, 20133

It’s that time of year again! With Unite 2013 fast approaching in Vancouver, it’s time to start thinking about the 2013 Unity Awards as well... 阅读更多

How four indie teams got funded with Kickstarter: Part I

五月 3, 20134

The current Kickstarter landscape is crowded with spectacular successes and a fair share of dashed hopes. Launching your own funding project... 阅读更多

Report from Korea: the rapid rise of Unity’s star in mobile development

五月 2, 20139

Let’s start with some numbers—big numbers. It’s forecasted that in 2013 the market will increase by 470%, from 231.8M USD in 2012 to 1090.9M... 阅读更多

Vitalise your game development at Unite Nordic

四月 29, 20137

This May 21 – 22, we’re throwing the first Unite Nordic, a regional Unity developers’ conference in Malmo, Sweden. It’s an event we’re parti... 阅读更多

Sunsetting Flash

四月 23, 2013139

As of today, we will stop selling Flash deployment licenses.  We will continue to support our existing Flash customers throughout the 4.x cy... 阅读更多