Unity at GDC 2013

三月 19, 20137

Of course, things weren’t always like this here at Unity. We’ve come a long way since we first exhibited 7 years ago. Back in 2007, we had a... 阅读更多

4.1 Graphics Features

三月 15, 201317

Hi people, I just thought I would take a few minutes to explain some of the new graphics features they we have going into Unity 4.1 so th... 阅读更多

Introducing the new Memory Profiler

三月 14, 201327

The new Unity 4.1 release features an updated and vastly more powerful Memory Profiler tool that provides more specific and more accurate in... 阅读更多

Short Cycle Development

三月 8, 201319

The Problem In the previous 2 releases, 4.0 and 3.5, we had a very, very long release cycle. 4.0 work was started in January 2012 for some ... 阅读更多

Unity 4 Early Access for Windows Store apps

三月 7, 201333

It is an honor for me to announce the Windows Store apps early access program. Starting with Unity 4.2 you will be able to develop games for... 阅读更多

Unity’s Serious Business With Serious Games

三月 5, 201314

  Unity may mostly be known for the focus on “fun and games.” But over the years the use of the platform has truly matured in th... 阅读更多

Exploratory Testing at Unity

二月 28, 20133

Hello everybody, my name is Claus Petersen and I am a fairly recent addition to the Unity family. I am in charge of leading the Software Tes... 阅读更多

Time to Move on to Something Else…

二月 21, 2013108

Dear friends, I've spent 10 years of my life on Unity – from writing the first version of ShaderLab (our shader compiler – yeah, you can ... 阅读更多

Unity games sweep App Store awards

二月 19, 201317

Right now, Unity is the world’s No.1 engine when it comes to mobile games. According to a 2012 Game Developer survey, Unity is far and away ... 阅读更多

Brian Fargo: inXile asset crowdsourcing experiment a “resounding success”

二月 18, 2013

Here’s what Brian Fargo has to say about about the joint asset crowd-sourcing project between his studio, inXile, and the Asset Store for hi... 阅读更多

Learn Unity Update #3 : Phase 1 and Lab Testing

二月 11, 201340

Here at Unity, since last August we've been pushing ahead with our plan to create a totally new learning area on the site, and as a larger c... 阅读更多

Automatic Setup of a Humanoid

二月 7, 201324

The humanoid animation option in Unity 4 makes it possible to retarget the same animations to different characters. The characters can have ... 阅读更多

DirectX 11 Competition Winner and Showcase!

二月 1, 201323

Last month we threw out the challenge to create something intensely-crazy-amazing in Unity 4 with DirectX 11. We put forward $10,000 and a t... 阅读更多