NinjaCamp III: Spline Roads

三月 29, 201137

Yet another video showing a cool project that was worked on during last week's Ninja Camp, Spline based mesh extrusion!   阅读更多

NinjaCamp III: LOD Groups

三月 28, 201127

Despite NinjaCamp concluding last friday (25/03/11) We still have plenty of projects that were worked on during the week that we'd like to s... 阅读更多

Union and RIM Bringing Games to PlayBook!

三月 25, 20114

Happy Friday, folks!  With all the excitement from this week's Ninja Camp, we have even more exiting news to share on the Union front... ... 阅读更多

NinjaCamp III: Quick Prefabs

三月 25, 201121

Lucas has added a really nice, simple improvement, check out the video to see how it works:   阅读更多

NinjaCamp III: Foxes and Penguins Unite!

三月 24, 201142

The Ninjas have assembled and we've all been hard at work this week.  We're surprisingly tired at this point, but all sorts of cool things a... 阅读更多

NinjaCamp III: Asset Store Game

三月 24, 20116

For NinjaCamp, Chris and Rob decided to see if two guys could make an adventure game for under $1000 using only Asset Store assets. Accordin... 阅读更多

NinjaCamp III: Vertex Awesome

三月 24, 201127

Joe Robins spent a few minutes checking out the coolness Shawn and Jens have been busy with over the last few days. Vertex Color Painting! ... 阅读更多

NinjaCamp III: What references your assets?

三月 24, 201121

NinjaCamp ninjas are busy working on small, large and almost impossible projects. This one is tiny in comparison, but should be pretty usefu... 阅读更多

NinjaCamp III: New Script Dialog

三月 23, 201129

Update: The Create Script Dialog is now on the Asset Store As our NinjaCamp project Bas and I decided on a cause a bit humbler than many ... 阅读更多

The Ninja Have Assembled

三月 22, 201144

The Copenhagen office is packed with developers who have gathered for NinjaCamp III. As the name implies, we have done two of these experime... 阅读更多

Light probes

三月 9, 201146

Hello everyone. I wanted to show you something I've been working on last couple of FAFFs. The purpose of this post is to interest some of th... 阅读更多

Kongregate Unity Game Contest Winners!

三月 9, 20112

The winners of the  Kongregate Unity Game Contest have been found! The Kongregate Unity Game Contest with prizes worth a total of $25.000... 阅读更多

Editor Extensions which will optimize your workflow!

三月 7, 20118

As you may know, the Unity editor environment is at its core incredibly extensible.  An over-arching part of the design philosophy is to all... 阅读更多