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一月 12, 20101

In my other recent blog post I described the webplayer regression rig which we are building.  When we find regressions it is extremely helpf... 阅读更多

On Web Player Regression Testing

一月 12, 20104

One of the unwritten commitments we make to our customers is that our webplayer will play back their content identically in all versions we ... 阅读更多

Four years ago today…

一月 4, 201012

...I took a plane to Copenhagen. Well ok, it all started a bit before: (更多…) 阅读更多

Top 5 Game Company 2009

十二月 23, 20093

What a wonderful Christmas present! So, 2009 has been an amazing year. I won't list out all our achievements, but they've been many, and ... 阅读更多

Unity Asset Server 2.0 Released!

十二月 23, 20095

The Unity Asset Server can now be hosted on Windows! (in addition to Mac OS X and Linux as before) The Unity Asset Server can now be hoste... 阅读更多

Getting Started With Unity

十二月 17, 20092

There's a lot to learn about Unity, much of which can be accessed through our support page, but it can be a little daunting to know where to... 阅读更多 now supports Unity content!

十二月 16, 200912

The news, the great news, just keeps on coming! Recently the folks at announced their new Konduit Platform and one of the coo... 阅读更多

Happy Holidays from Unity Technologies!

十二月 12, 20094

Hey folks, the end of another incredible year is rapidly coming to a close and the holiday season is fast upon us, and we here at Unity Tech... 阅读更多

iTunes Rewind 2009 Recognizes Unity Games!

十二月 11, 20094

Apple recently put out their iTunes Rewind 2009, it's Apple's way of recognizing the best music, TV, movies and of course iPhone application... 阅读更多

Unity Technologies UK office

十二月 6, 200913

  The UK Office Hello everyone! My first blog post is to announce that our UK office is open and rocking already. There are n... 阅读更多

Rock, Paper, Shotgunity

十二月 4, 2009

The fun guys over at PC gaming enthusiast site Rock, Paper, Shotgun are making a RPS themed game, with the help of their community, and deta... 阅读更多

Unity 2.6.1 Released!

十二月 2, 20093

Hey everyone, We've just shipped Unity 2.6.1 out to the world. This release includes a Webplayer that is compatible with 64-bit Safari on... 阅读更多

Toronto + Unity: First User Group Meeting

十一月 25, 20097

Tony Garcia, Director of Business Development, and I went to Toronto recently for a whirlwind Unity tour like the one Tom Higgins did not to... 阅读更多